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  1. There is no chance Harbaugh leaves Michigan. His Kid's are gonna graduate before he leaves that job. He's pretty revered in Ann Arbor and it would take a boat load of cash and control for Jim Harbaugh to leave Michigan. Don't see him giving that all up for the mess the Jets would most likely be.
  2. I could see Woody wanting Fischer. Jeff Fischer. You know he's thinking this probably as I type this. A high profile coach who has basically won nothing and is probably burnt out is just what the doctor ordered. I hope I'm wrong on this but its a Woody move.
  3. He showed flashes. He made a lot of mistakes that a better defensive team would have capitalized on. The Niners sucking so badly made it very tough to grade Petty. Wait and see is the word here guys. Not to impressed so far.
  4. I agree to certain extent but it all depends on if the team is competitive. Another major factor would be if Petty show's promise.. I could see them keep Bowles and Gailey around to keep the system in place if Petty looks good in the final games this year. A lot depends on Petty though. If Petty can produce then I agree Bowles and Co will get another chance. If Petty play's terribly then Bowles is a goner IMO. Maybe Mac as well.
  5. Seriously guys I see this as being an action packed, entertaining, game with no penalties and great game play. REALITY CHECK: I see a penalty laden low scoring affair with both teams living up to their record. Jets win 13-3 snooze fest.
  6. That's why they can't stop smiling on their Wedding Day.
  7. Bowles and Mac safe? Tough to call at this point. If Petty show's well and the team shows some life in these final games I may be open to thinking about retaining them. Judging by last Mondays debacle this team has quit. Q-U-I-T. That's on Bowles. You want to play your heart for a Coach if you believe in him. Bowles has lost this team and usually there is no going back from that point. So unless there is major Personnel turnover its going to be hard to get these guys to play for Bowles. Tough to call but I see Bowles gone at least and Mac on a short leash.
  8. I would trade down and get another 2nd or 3rd rounder then draft Dalvin Cook later in the 1st and then add a ton of OL talent in the subsequent rounds. I believe the Jets will bring a vet to either start or back-up Petty if he wins the job. Having a young prototypical RB to play with Petty can only help.
  9. Has all the earmarks of a blowout loss but I will still be watching it though. Let's hope they show up for this one. Who knows? They may surprise us and lose by like only two touchdowns or less.
  10. LOL. Another funny guy. So Glennon was so good they started a P.O.S. like McCown instead of him? And you write nice try? Tell me sir what was Glennon's record in those games he started? He had a rating of 83.3. The guy is 2nd string all the way. Stop the nonsense.
  11. Your a funny guy. A lot more would have to happen for the Jets to have been able to draft Winston or Marriota. Also your reasoning on why they sat Glennon is not fact. Just your opinion. For instance someone else could say "Glennon was so bad the Bucs would not even start him down the stretch to see what they had". It works both ways my friend. Glennon Sucks. Plain and Simple.
  12. Didn't believe in him at the time? Yeah because they gave him his shot and wound up with the #1 draft pick. In other words he led the team to the worst record in the league! That would shake the hell out of my belief! The lengths some guys will go too. Glennon is not the answer.
  13. Thank You Mr Decker. Thank You for your comments. Now back to rehab. See ya. Much ado about nothing.
  14. THIS. And it still works with do.
  15. The o-line on this team sucks. We haven't had a friggin TE in so long I can't remember the last decent all around guy that played here. You think that they will magically be able to fill all those slots in one off-season? So how does getting another unproven career back-up help this team? How? Especially on a team with so many holes an average team like the friggin Colts makes us look that bad on national tv? Either they tear it all down and start all over again or they trade for or sign a veteran and try to roll with what they have. Glennon is not that veteran and no matter how much you blust
  16. If Glennon is so great your set at QB so you have no need to draft Winston. Apparently TB did not think Glennon was their long term solution. If they did they would not have drafted Winston. Why can't you guys see that?
  17. Yeah he also said the Jets should re-sign Geno. There goes that opinion right out the friggin window!
  18. He likes Glennon as well. Tells ya all you need to know. Alright Petty! Kid's got some chops. Lets see what He looks like with a full weeks rep's with the first team before We feed him to the wolves.
  19. Petty is a kid playing with a bunch of guys that have basically quit. Sure you got the players out there as well but the amount of guys who have quit far outweighs the number of guys that haven't. Any success Petty has should be magnified by that. Look at this pathetic bunch of loser's. Looking like a pile of you know what on Monday Night Football.
  20. It gets better. They could go all the way to 2 maybe. Even better Mac might be making that pick. Yikes!
  21. The Dog-Azz Jets just playin' out the string.
  22. Tell the truth chuckie you started Doyle.
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