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  1. Revis made a play! Take a picture cause that's a rarity.
  2. Okay. He shows no fear though. I kind of like seeing a guy just rear back and throw it. Better than those floaters sh*tz throws.
  3. He has to play. sh*tz has to be done. They almost have no choice. There is no rational explanation for starting sh*tz again. Oh wait....
  4. Now Petty has to be the starter for the final games. No more screwin' around with sh*tz. Time to see what We got in this guy.
  5. And sh*tzpatrick has left the building.
  6. Just a sh*tty performance by a team that has clearly given up. No pride. No BALLS. No Nothing.
  7. Yeah but only Jets Fans can do that. Anyone else better be careful.
  8. I lasted until the end of the 1st.
  9. Did you catch the sleeping plane guy at the break? Sums up this season quite well.
  10. And Fitzpatrick is still in the game!
  11. don't ya just love watching this team? Makes me feel all warm inside. Jack and coke warms ya right and makes everything all better!
  12. IS that what they call a first down?
  13. Focus your anger where it belongs. The bunch of clowns on the field.
  14. Neither are they. Quitters plain and simple.
  15. This team is DISGUSTINGLY bad. Way to show up on Monday Night Guys. Quitters.
  16. Okay gotta go watch the.......gulp 1st place Lions with my wife. Probably got a shot against the Saints. We will see.
  17. We need at least one of these thread's every day Geno is a Jet!
  18. I hope your way off the mark on that one. Geno can go where ever he likes. I wish him well. As long as its for another team. Glennon? No thanks.
  19. Well your replies are quite impressive. Articulate, well thought out, and quite witty. Perhaps you should take those well thought replies and cram them where the sun doesn't shine? Perhaps you should spout your impressions to a group that actually gives a damn about them? I respect what the Patriots have done...........but patriot fans? Lowest of the low. No respect for patriot fans. Just listen to one and you will understand.
  20. Yeah and he had to sell his soul to the Devil to get us a win. THAT'S IT!!! IT'S ALL JOE'S FAULT!!!
  21. sh*tz will be at home for a season enjoying that Twelve Mil the Jets gave him. Then he will discover a new career and become Zack Galifinianakis' stand-in. I wish you luck in your new endeavor sir.
  22. If that doesn't tell you the story of Geno's Jets Career nothing can. A picture is worth a thousand words!
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