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  1. Ah sarcasm, the last refuge of the Jet fan. I know thee well.
  2. Did you laugh out loud? Was it the post or were you looking at what you wrote? Glennon is such a great QB isn't he? I mean he is so good he must be playing and starting right? When was the last time this guy started a game? Well when? Come on impress us with your vast knowledge that is so great you know more than the coaches who DRAFTED another QB when having this stud on their team. You know what? You can't. Glennon may be highly sought after this off-season. As a back-up or a one year rental for a team that will draft an unworthy QB in the 1st round. That is it. Kindly remove your head from
  3. WOW. If by some miracle Cousins becomes available you have to make a play for the guy. He is LIGHT YEARS better than Glennon who some think is the second coming. Cousins is lighting it up and putting it all together on the field. He is going through his progressions, making smart decisions with the football, and making the Redskins relevant again. That in and of itself is why the Redskins should lock him up to a long term deal. Then again they are the Redskins so anything can happen. To all Glennon guys. Here's a news flash: IF GLENNON WAS SO GREAT WHY ISNT HE STARTING? WHY WOULD THEY DRA
  4. Hey he got paid, got his super bowl ring, and now wants out. I say screw him. Retire Revis. You proved this season that no man is an island. Go find a safe zone somewhere and have a cry in.
  5. True enough. My comment was more focused on Hoyer than sh*tz. I don't believe Hoyer would even equal sh*tz production(if you could call it that) this season. Also its easy to say this guy would have come to this team and played better etc. That's what I was talkin' bout willis.
  6. That doesn't make any sense. They knew what sh*tzpatrick was. A guy who was familiar with their system who may or may not be able to carry the load. Its why they were reluctant to give him more than one season or pay him more than he was worth. Your saying they both suck so bring in a guy who need's to learn on the fly and develop with the offense would have been better or the same? Makes no sense dude. Neither player is the answer but bringing in Hoyer would have been worse than keeping sh*tz.
  7. Im not defending sh*tz or Jets management here but Hoyer has been no better and Foles is so good he is on the bench once again. I know the QB position has left a lot to be desired to say the least but this fascination with career back-ups is just getting to be too much. Glennon, Foles, Hoyer, and the usual cast of characters are 2ND STRINGERS. If they were capable of starting THEY WOULD BE. sh*tzpatrick is a 2ND STRINGER. A career one and look where that has gotten us. Sure He had flashes last year but when it comes to carrying the load for a full season much less a career he cannot do it. Few
  8. If he keeps punching out kids like theater tickets his azz is in trouble.
  9. Maybe. There will be a lot of empty seats though. Losing money on beer sales alone.....WAIT A TIC! THATS IT! Woody keeps the team bad so the Jets lead the league in beer/liquor sales!!!! Its the Big Beverage Conspiracy!!!
  10. sh*tz has lost his confidence. Its plain to see. He is hesitant, makes bad decisions, and just has been flat out awful. I would love to see Petty play. IMHO they can go 3-13 just as easily with Petty as they can with sh*tz. So why not play Petty?
  11. The ratings will probably be lower than a Kapernick led 49er's team playing at West Point. I would bet the under on that ratings #. I'll still watch though. You know its bad when my wife the Lions fan can talk smack to me. It just never end's does it?
  12. If Dak were a Jet he would be 3rd string and not even playing. That's how bad this coaching staff is. Dont forget he would be playing behind the Jets O-line. That is light years away from the line Dallas has. Bowles would probably have him returning punts.
  13. Well the way sh*tz has been playing they will go 3-13 anyway. I think Woody gives Bowles another season just because that's his track record. I could see them bringing in a vet and giving it one more try with the cast of characters they have. I don't really agree with this but its the way this team thinks. That's why they suck.
  14. The line should have been and I quote "Because they are stoopid and they hate us you doodie-heads". Has a better ring to it yes? Seriously folks. With no clear cut can't miss labeled guy coming out I just don't see it. If a guy impresses at the combine and moves up the ladder he will be gone when the Jets pick. I would go RB and see who falls into the 2nd. If a QB is there who is worth a 1st rounder when they pick I would be surprised.
  15. Your wrong. The Jets do have an identity. They are the Dog-Ass Jets. Still waiting for the sun to shine on them.
  16. I could bitch but there's an old saying: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way over and over again and expecting a different result". This team defines that saying. God bless the Jet Fan. He knows a special kind of hell.
  17. Another bullspit post. Tell me bro where did you get your crystal ball? I could use one you see as the powerball is friggin huge tonight and I could use the cash. I'm not defending any draft choices here or any previous GM's or current GM's picks but come on. ALL draft picks are crap shoots and to say they missed out while true, is just having 20/20 hindsight. I understand this has been a tough season but posts like this one piss me off. Stop the bullspit friend we will all be better off.
  18. Well I'm 51 and I want the Jets to Friggin kill the patriots tomorrow. That being said I was living and dying with this team probably before this young whipper-snapper was born! I admire your enthusiasm Kevin and applaud it but the way this team has been playing optimism is not a word that applies to how I view this game. I will watch until the last second like I always do and ride the highs and lows like I always do. I don't need your bullspit on top of it though so with all due respect ****OFF Kevin. Thanks.
  19. Sorry. NO how NO way could I EVER root for the FRIGGIN patriots. Not even if ment the difference between a painful horrible death and going out in my sleep. Yeah they have done some things but I simply can't root for that bunch of lame-ass punks or their condescending coach. Nope. Sorry. Just can't do it. FRIG THE FRIGGIN patriots.
  20. He probably thinks if he beats New England he can save his job. Another illusion by a clueless head coach.
  21. The Ravens beat themselves? I thought only the Jets did that.
  22. So you want to give Garopolo a bunch of cash based on what? A few starts and a season ending injury to boot. Ask the Texans how happy they are signing a guy based on a small sample size. Not to mention that signing has turned one of the League's best young receivers(who excelled with no names throwing him the ball btw) into an after thought. I am so tried of hearing Glennon's name. Here's a news flash. If Glennon was any good he would be STARTING! They would not have drafted another QB if he could do the job! I don't understand why you can't see that. Don't give me that bull that he just
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