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  1. That is why I do not want Romo. As I said in another thread the guy is so brittle that if someone in the huddle sneezes his fragile collarbone could break. NO TO ROMO. Gimme Cousins if the Redskins let him go. While I would love to build with young talent THIS TEAM IS NOT BUILT FOR THAT RIGHT NOW. So if you want to blow it all up and take devastating cap hits and wait for a new GM and head coach to start all over AGAIN then I suggest you wait for the 2021 season and quit your nonsense. To put a watchable product on the field the Jets almost have to bring in a veteran QB so those young draft pi
  2. I love this! Geno rehabbing like bull? More like BULLsh*t!
  3. NO TO ROMO. The guy is so brittle someone in the huddle could sneeze and his collarbone would break! Say no to Romo!
  4. I wish him luck with the team he becomes the head coach of. As for now He is not even a decent head coach. He looks lost out there and sometimes downright psychotic. Guy looks like he is in way over his head. His facial expression reminds me of Forrest Gump not a competent head coach.
  5. The schedule is not that bad. It depends who is under center. If they sign a guy(Kirk Cousins pleeeezzzzz) who can actually throw the football and Decker/ Marshall are our receivers I think this team can be competitive. I will not predict the record because of injuries etc. If Petty is the QB lets just say HOLY MOTHER ******* sh*t!!
  6. Correction We have an absurd amount of big named over hyped past their prime guys.
  7. My wife is a huge Lions fan so in football terms we are a match made in heaven from a shared angst viewpoint. I go to Lions games and only root against them when they play the Jets. I don't actively root for them but its not like I'm invested as emotionally as I am with this team. My biggest thing with the Lions is there is a team out there that's history is more pathetic than the Jets. So from that standpoint yeah I kinda like them. I guess.
  8. You still have to start Petty. Let him play the rest of the season. If and its a mighty big IF he makes positive strides it would go a long way towards giving the Jets at least a plan going into the draft. Assuming the Jets have any type of plan at all. That in and of itself is a big assumption.
  9. Based on the way this draft is shaping up my first thought is to stockpile picks. Trade down to the middle or back end of the 1st round and try for either another 2nd or 3rd. I have watched Jabril Peppers every game this season. I predict he will fall some in the 1st round as it is hard to say where he will play in the NFL. I would not take him at 5 and if the Jets trade down and he is available at say 15-20 I might be swayed. Tough call on which way to go at this point. If the Jets add Romo(which I don't want) then I would have to make OL a big priority.
  10. Cowher wouldn't change the formula? I doubt he takes the job but it would be like bringing in Parcells if he took it. An established Super Bowl coach that the vets would respect changes the formula IMHO. Who am I kidding? Its a pipe dream that Cowher would even consider this team.
  11. This. Keep them until the end of the season. The longer they stay the higher the draft pick. These guys just plain suck. Maybe they throw a boatload of money at Cowher and they get lucky. Otherwise who knows?
  12. They are all going at the end of the season so what does it matter? Let Bowles stay. The way he coaches we will have a higher pick the longer he stays. Too bad no good QB prospect will available. Say no to Romo or Cutler. Not another past his prime bum please. Gimme Kirk Cousins. That's if the Redskins let him go.
  13. We are already there. The very fact that sh*tz believes the staff has lost its belief in him speaks volume's about his belief in himself. The old saying is true. If you don't believe in yourself how can you expect others too? I believe sh*tz has lost confidence in his game and his teammates. He just looks lost out there since Decker got hurt and was showing signs of it before that. He looks like a shell of the guy from the first half of last season and now he looks like what he has been all his career. A journeyman #2 starting for a team going nowhere. He is done, can't you see the fork? Like
  14. Of course he is going to say that. Just what a smart coach should do..........uhhh I forgot We are talking about Bowles here. Nevermind.
  15. Gotta agree. Even though it kills me to say this sh*tz is probably going to start the rest of the season. Unless his knee is more banged up than their letting on.
  16. So they are rebuilding why start Fitz? Petty may not be any "good" but how do we know? Why start a journeyman QB on a rebuilding team when he most likely will not be resigned? Doesn't it make sense to see what the team has in any of the young QB's be it Petty or Hack? They have to see what they have in order to start laying the foundation for next season. The fact is this team has a lot of Vet's on Offense so I don't see the rebuilding angle you are talking about. They will probably sign a FA QB in the off-season because of the amount of veterans at skill positions on offense. If not they have
  17. Just say no to Glennon. If He was that good He would already be a starter. Some guys have it some don't. If Glennon had it He would be untouchable. He is a career back-up. Nothing more. We already have a second stringer making starter money. I see no need to continue that trend. Pass on Glennon.
  18. "There's a fine line between winning and losing." Upcoming quote in Todd Bowles presser.
  19. You really wanna be sick? Lions just beat Minnesota at home in OT. My wife the Lions fan is dancing around the room. So I yelled "Take it off"!
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