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  1. The fact that the Jets are still in this game only shows how bad Miami really is.
  2. I dont want Fitz to be bad and I want the Jets to win but I am tired of terrible QB play for I don't know how many years.
  3. Nice Grab Kid!!!!!! Give us a break on this call were gonna need it!!!
  4. Wow put a brace on his other leg!!! Maybe he completes another one!!
  5. Geez Tannehill sucks as well. That's what I get for starting Stills on a bad bye week for me.
  6. First points of the Petty era are....a field goal. Who coulda guessed?
  7. Petty looks kinda deranged in that pic they just showed. Those Eyes
  8. Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.......that just sounds like pervert joke waiting to happen.
  9. Two Penalties!!!!! Bowles wants to take them both. Wants to know why he can't?
  10. People used People used to say: "he was Wally Pipped" now they say: 'you were Trent Greened".
  11. Hey anyone hear Fitzpatrick's wife is pregnant with their 6th kid? At least He is good at something.
  12. Actually I was giving them the benefit of the doubt......Fitz Int as I type this....Guess I am slow. LOL.
  13. Dolphins have some hot Cheerleaders. Went to a Lions game and they have cheerleaders for the first time. They were as bad as the Lions though....
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