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  1. Well if you feel so "disrespected" do something about it! Don't just run your mouth. Give us a glimpse of the player you think you are. Otherwise your talk is just that talk. Or as my Granny used to say "All that tough talk is worth Doodley-Squat".
  2. I just had to weigh in on this one. In my youth I was a guard at Yankee home games. Yes I was one of Steinbrenner's Goons. Being a Metfan I have to tell you the pleasure I got from throwing skankee fans out while showing them my Met t-shirt under my uniform was immeasurable. I loved pummeling Skankee fan's because they were self-righteous pompous jerk-offs. They would say things like "Its okay I'm a season ticker holder". I would say"that don't mean sh*t". Point being that someone who brags about being a season ticket holder is usually part of the problem. Just because you buy a ticket or have
  3. LOL. Now that made me spit my Diet Pepsi all over the place. Nice.
  4. Living in Michigan and being a Jet Fan I have been to Chicago, Green Bay, Detroit, Minnesota, Cleveland, Nashville, Cincy, Pittsburg, Kansas City,and St Louis, not to mention having season tix for years at Shea and then at The Meadowlands. The worst fans I have ever encountered? Had to be a road game at the friggin Meadowlands against the Giants. Giant fans are the worst scum on the planet. They even lost the game and still talked stuff. We even got into a brawl in the parking lot. All around bunch of wussies. I sat in the Dawg Pound in a driving snowstorm and watched 2 putrid teams play
  5. Oh and another thing. Look on the bright side. At least they didn't give Fitz a multi-year deal like he wanted. Maybe management knows what their doing. Kinda.
  6. Kaepernick? Jesus Christ just shoot me now.
  7. While I am not a "geno guy" I do not hate him personally. That would be irrational. Yeah Yeah I know a rational Jet Fan who woulda thunk it? I hate his terrible decision making, his lack of football smarts, his immaturity, and most of all I hate his complete and utter inability to learn. Granted he probably should have been holding a clipboard in year 1 but I doubt it would have made a difference knowing what we know now. I have said it before and I will say it again. Geno Friggin Smith is not the answer, has never been the answer, and never will be the answer.
  8. Jets always beat Cincy. No running game and no TE makes for a long day for Dalton & Co. Jets 27 Cincy 10.
  9. Ya gotta root for the underdog. The kid has heart. If he cracks the rotation it doesn't necessarily mean its because of an injury. Have a little faith maybe its time things went this team's way for a change.
  10. After reading this article I like this kid a lot. If he can stay healthy I see good things for him. He sound's like he has heart and determination. Someone to root for. I hope he takes this team by storm.
  11. I think Petty getting hurt messed up their plans. Who knows though? I agree about the TE though. They need to sign or trade for one but pickings seem slim.
  12. I would have. Without a doubt. Oh wait that means Geno Friggin Smith would have been our starter. On the bright side the Jets would probably have had 2 picks in the top ten if they did that deal. Hell one of them might have been the #1 with Geno Friggin Smith as the starter!
  13. Take my back-up QB please!!!! Hey Geno asked the Jets to take him somewhere he has never been.....the Jets said how about the end zone? Our back-up QB...I'LL tell ya.........He's so bad his own dog won't play with him unless he has pork cops tied around his neck......Geno Smith what a guy....he loves to play the game......just not well. Thank You you have been a lovely audience. Good night.
  14. I'm torn on showcasing Geno. On one hand He looks good and they get a pick for him maybe. The other hand he gets hurt and they are stuck with him. Just get rid of him and get what you can.
  15. You whine like a woman. Whats the matter? Cramps? Maybe you need to put as much energy into your so-called life as you do into these message boards. I bet you would be a lot happier and a lot less easier to provoke. Too bad your such a wanker. Now say something witty as you stroke yourself for being so smart. Putz.
  16. I love this!!!!!! So much on the mark its not funny!!!! Get this clown out of town!!!!!!
  17. If Jets Management can get ANYTHING for Geno Friggin Smith they should be given executive of the year. This guy is nothing but an immature punk who has no football smarts. All the talent in the world but nothing will penetrate that big old gourd he calls a head. He is his own worst enemy. Time to cut ties with another mistake from the Ryan era. Bye Bye Geno. Don't let the door hit you in the vagina on the way out.
  18. Save the picks. It looks like the Jets strength is going to be catching the ball out of the backfield so I'm with you on bringing in another RB but I would rather wait for more roster cuts to come down. See who falls through the cracks.
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