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  1. No farkin way. Send him to New England that's where all the a-holes go
  2. Why? He had a good day? So he looked good against a bunch of guys who will be looking for work in a month. Take off the Geno blinders pal and brush up on your comebacks they are as lame as Geno's game.
  3. Geno Friggin Smith has not been Money, has never been Money and never will be Money. He is the walking personification of what is wrong with some of today's players. He has a ton of talent, a cannon of an arm, and not one damned bit of a football IQ. Nor does he show any inkling of developing one.
  4. I gotta say I am feeling pretty good about our QB situation so far. I know its early but even Geno Friggin Smith looked good as hard as that is to believe! I hope Petty wins the back-up job and Smith is finally gone.
  5. Hey you must be rubbing off. Anyway nice bantering with ya. I promise to show up at least one more time before you hit those 500 posts by next week. Peace.
  6. Oh no. Next thing you know I will be drinking beers and making sense! Horror of horrors!
  7. Yes I know. Third generation myself and yet I will let him make up his own mind. As long as he is not a Giants fan I'm cool.
  8. Actually that's my pride and joy. I will let him decide at the proper time if he wants to join the boards though. You know so He can be exposed to such great thinker's such as yourself. No biggie I'm just messin with ya......and padding my post total.
  9. Wow a multi-tasker you are. When I grow up I wanna be just like you.
  10. LOL So you have like 28,000 posts on these boards? Holy Crap. You must be retired over there in the big "D". Tell me do you actually get NFL games in real time or do you just make it up as you go along?
  11. Wow it must be tough going back and forth between both accounts you have. Don't screw up and post the wrong response under the wrong user name.
  12. Your funny. You have over 13,000 posts and claim to be above it all. Me thinks thou need's to examine thine own self.
  13. HaHaHa. Good one. Calling friggin Geno Smith a starting NFL caliber QB should have you wondering why your posting in a QB thread. Just sayin.
  14. Hmmmm. Or the definition of someone with not a lot of time on their hand's. Or someone with a life. Thanks for the input.
  15. Why would that be stupid? Oh I see your saying friggin Geno Smith is not even qualified to flip burgers. My bad.
  16. That's stretching it a bit don't you think? Anyway at least he will be able to feed his kid's this year. Hell He may have another one to make it 7 I think? Maybe that should be the over/under on the amount of INT's he throw's in the next do or die game he plays.
  17. Well until they release him. Then his new line will be you want fries with that?
  18. The best thing about it is that its a one year deal. Anything is better than friggin Geno Smith starting. Let's hope Fitzchokerick can do something he has never done in his career. Put together back to back seasons of productive play.
  19. Agreed. Although I would have rather had Foles I'm glad its only a one year deal. Who knows? Maybe Fitzchokerick will be able to string 2 decent seasons together for the 1st time in his career. Stranger things have happened. Better than friggin Geno Smith starting anyway.
  20. At last something We can agree on!!!
  21. My thoughts exactly. If Fitzchokerick does not come to the table I say seeya and get Foles. Hell I would rather have Richard Todd back at his current age than friggin Geno Smith.
  22. You can't be serious? Geno Smith is not the answer, never was the answer, and never will be the answer. He is an immature jerk-off with a big arm and no OTHER skills. What would Geno have done? Probably crapped the bed as the QB of a 6-10 team. The bright side would have been a higher draft pick and another season of starting over. I say no way they should give Fitzchokerick a big deal but He would be light years better than friggin Geno"glass jaw" Smith. The bad thing is he knows it.
  23. Number one I am no "FITZNATION" guy. You right He did choke away a playoff berth with 2 bad losses to the Bills. Hell if He beats them in the last game of the season they are a playoff team. You seriously cannot believe Friggin Geno would be better? Especially with the beast of a schedule We have? A veteran guy who knows the offense or a immature a-hole who does not have the teams respect? Now who's nuts?
  24. At least talk to Foles. Give Fitz something to think about. I'M not looking forward to seeing friggin Geno under center for any length of time. If he beats out Foles so be it but unless Geno has matured in a hurry we are screwed without Fitz and He knows it.
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