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  1. LOL Dude I just sprayed my monitor with Diet Pepsi reading that!!!! This has to be a post of the year nominee!! Just a friggin awesome post!!!!
  2. Guys no one is in a rush to give Fitz the starter money he wants. NO ONE. If he doesn't sign with the Jets I bet he winds up taking less just to catch on with another team. The Broncos passed at his price and so will all other QB needy teams. Do I love Fitz? No. He is a stopgap at best. He choked when it was all on the line and showed why he has been a journey man QB. If I'm the Jets I trade up for the 2nd pick and take the QB or trade for the pick and then trade it for a slew of picks if my guy isnt there. Would I sign Hoyer? Mmmmmm I don't really know. I would rather have an experienced QB b
  3. Well I'm not ecstatic with these cuts nor am I that upset either. I will just say I trust Mac and Coach B a lot more than I trusted Idjit and Rex.
  4. Too bad. Mccoy looked really good against the Lions. My wife and I were watching that game and I told her McCoy looked good but He always tried to get that extra yard instead of just going down. As We all know an injury waiting to happen in the NFL. You know listening to Rex makes Me laugh. When He was here I thought it was bravado. Now that He is in Buffalo I see just what assholery it really was. I'm glad He's gone. Now with this coaching staff here and when the last of Rex's fingerprints are off this team finally the Jets will get their creditibility back.
  5. Well maybe you should be glad to have a guy with NFL experience instead of say a not ready for prime-time player like Petty. Look at it this way. No matter how bad Fitz maybe He will at least be the equal or better than what Geno the Jag-off would have given us. He also keeps Petty on the bench with a clipboard in his hand. Where He belongs.
  6. Well being an irishman myself its really going to hurt me to say this. Flynn sucks. He made is name on a one game performance against the Lions when Suh knocked out Rodgers. Hopefully this guy is just an insurance policy(however bad he may be) and doesnt see game time. Please no .
  7. What else can you expect? Bondy has always been a Jag-Off since the first time He picked up a pen. This guy is simply full of bullspit. Moreso that any of his colleagues. I am so waiting for the day when these Jetsies make them eat those words.
  8. I agree once again. I like what Im hearing about Fitz in regards to his relationship with Petty. Maybe He can give him the veteran influence and role model He needs. Especially in this offense where Fitz's experience can only help.
  9. Your most likely right. Did anyone else get the feeling at the Geno Cold-Cocked Presser that Geno may NEVER play another down for this team? It seemed to me that Bowles was not that upset about losing Geno. Bowles' attitude was like He was pissed at the incident but did not seem to care about Geno being out.
  10. First Jet game was an awesome one. 10/18/70. Super Bowl rematch. I was 15. My dad took my brother and I along with my uncle. We were so psyched. Of course they did just enough to lose and my memory of the game is kinda fuzzy. I do remember B'way Joe threw something like 5 or 6 int's along with a pick six in the second half and they fell behind early and then lost by a touchdown. Had my first beer at that game with my older Bro, Dad and Uncle. An awesome time and a nice walk down memory lane.
  11. Well were learning some new terms here tonite folks. Stroke, Douche. Although Douche we had back in the day his real name was bruce coslett. I like the way Bowles just was like what are you gonna do? Makes Me believe He was not that upset to lose Geno. I am debating buying a Jersey with this kids name on it. He might have done more for this team than Geno might ever have. '
  12. This team just cant catch a break. This means Geno is out until week 5 at least. To some that maybe a good thing but I thought with real talent at WR He just might be good enough to get this team to the playoffs. Man this just pisses me off.
  13. To each his own pal. I remember differently. Maybe you should stick with old deceased fictional characters as that seem's to be your thing.
  14. This one is going to show my age. So far you call this offseason ''All The Right Moves". A decent flick. I really only went to see it because Lea Thompson was in it. Hey she was hot back in the day.
  15. Well my first wish was to trade for Peterson but that's probably not going to happen. The guy everyone is high on is Duke but My Favorite Spartan Jeremy Langford is the guy I would draft.
  16. If the Jets do take Mariotta(I think they will if he is there) he will not start the first year. That's why they probably traded for Fitz. Do not make the same mistake they made with Geno. If Mariotta is there for them at 6 and they take him his butt will be on the sidelines for year 1. It does make sense. Fitz's deal is up after the coming season and Mariotta on the sidelines watching him run the offense will benefit him greatly. Of course Geno is probably gone. I know alot of guys hate him and it is justified but I feel he got a bad deal. He was to immature and not ready to start. Rex and CO
  17. I would love this. Already got the jersey in the cart.
  18. Well they just traded the best or second best TE in the league to the Seahawks. Would Brees want to stay as they scramble to get under the cap? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/03/10/report-seahawks-trade-for-jimmy-graham/
  19. Come On. Can any married man with kids truthfully say their Wives have'nt at least thought about this?
  20. I have to say that I like this deal. I have been a Jet Fan for 40+ years and I was a season ticket holder for 20 of those years. I was there for ALL of it. I have seen all of the Circus that this team has become. When they hired this new regime I reserved judgement but due to the history and Woody's Ownership I was cynical to say the least. I am still cynical but a little less so now. Marshall is a #1 WR. Its a start. If the rumors are true and everything goes the Jets way in this draft(CUE THE CYNIC IN ME) and Mariotta is there and the Eagles bite with Foles and multiple picks I will probably
  21. Or maybe He is an immature kid who will learn what He does not know when He gets His butt whipped during 2-a-days
  22. Come on guys this Sanchez kid sound's like He could use a break................Start with his leg's
  23. Fine. As long as Geno Smith is on the sideline learning and holding a clipboard I dont care who is starting. Do not ruin this kid by throwing him into the fire right away.
  24. The O-line emphasis and that nasty FB. Time to get back to the fundamentals of what Jet Football under Rex is all about. I also like that the way the Jets drafted means that Sanchez is probably gone no matter what the Jets say in the papers. The ideal scenario would be for Sanchez and Tebow to be gone , Garrad starts for a good chunk of the season,and then the Geno Smith era begins!
  25. I'll take it. Fills a need and the best part has a nasty streak.
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