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  1. Okay come on Jets pick the best player on the board.
  2. True enough. Same thing with the RB I like Joe Randle.
  3. You would have to think Keenan Allen is the pick here if available. A true #1 WR.
  4. A 12hr drive to Floral Park to exact swift revenge?
  5. What team do you work for Genius? Your going to listen to the scouts and teams that did not draft Mr Plug and Play in the 1st round? Maybe He will go in the 2nd or 3rd? Looks like opinion is swinging my way on this issue. Hey maybe Teo will be available when the Jets pick tomorrow and he can play special teams for Rex and Co.
  6. Sorry I disagree. Teo was exposed in the National Championship Game and mark my words he will not be an impact player in this league. A special teamer or 3rd stringer at best.
  7. Teo. This would cause me to have to go out and buy a new TV
  8. This made me spit my Diest Pepsi all over the place!! Good one My friend. I did hear that as well and yes Tavon the Jets do have a plan for you: To use their imagined interest to get some team desperate to have you trade to get in front of them so they dont have to explain why they didnt take you.
  9. Well at least Rex has heard of the concept of clock management. Herm did not know what a timeout was. How many times did I stand up and holler at the damn screen "CALL TIMEOUT, CALL TIMEOUT,YOU JACKASS". I know I was not the only one.
  10. I know. Is it not music to your ear's? It's going to be fun to see those guys look like horses' asses for a change.
  11. This. Thank Christ that they finally shut up and plugged the media leaks.
  12. You guys obiviously know the value of picks judging by what I'm reading here and I just read something very interesting. The Chargers are looking to move into the the top 10 if the OT they want is available. They do have the 11th overall pick and a deal of say the 9th overall for the 11th and maybe their 3rd rd pick(76)? I think the stockpiling of picks should be Idziks prime focus in this draft. It looks like a good draft to build some depth.
  13. Week One Scenario: 1st and 10 Ny Jets on their own 20. Someone goes back to pass(insert whatever thrower we got) He's got Holmes in the flat, Holmes immediately goes down and gives up ball.....but the defender is down also. Revis is holding his knee. Holmes is holding his foot. Holmes tells Revis "Shoulda got that guarantee Dawg". Jets proceed to win the next 14 in a row, get to the first cold weather Super Bowl fittingly against the NY Giants, which they lose in a nail biter 6-3 in an amazing snowstorm that allows the game only to be televised in New England. The Jets are then disbanded
  14. Its called sarcasm son. Look it up. They can draft that caliber of player now with these two 1st round picks. Jeez you would think 10 team's wanted Revis and they took the crappiest offer. No way the Jets get any value after the season started. This was the best out there no matter how much you bitch and moan. Be glad they got what they did you whiny bitches.
  15. Relax Ladies. Its better than getting nothing for him. Plus now Idzick can turn the 9th and 13 picks into some more conditional picks. You know for all you Negative Nellies to fret over. Get over it. Friggin Jets been pissing me off for effin decades.
  16. How can it hurt? Add another guy to the mix.
  17. That is just priceless!!! Bravo Sir!!!! Jets will be lucky to go 6-10 with that schedule. I think 2-7 at the buy week is reasonable. Seriously thinking of giving up Sunday ticket this season.
  18. This. Nobody has put the Woodhead news better.
  19. Well if thats the case then you should not mind a little piling on.
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