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  1. You're doing it again. Do you need a Tampon or a Taco?
  2. I like Jamal. I like the return he would bring in a trade even better.
  3. There is a reason why Robbie was a UDFA. He is fast but too skinny. If he bulks up he probably loses a step or 2. The thing is my attitude has changed towards him. The guy actually wants to be here. If he comes back at a decent price I would re-sign him. If he wants to cash in I tell him thanks and let him go. I doubt he gets a big guaranteed contact from any team.
  4. No. You polish his knob because you changed a post because it's what YOU thought I should have said. Remember? That is what you wrote right? Or did you change that as well to suit your needs? Doesn't matter. Chow down.
  5. What I should have said? Hahahahahahahahahahah Just because you polish Adams knob doesn't mean everyone should. I thought you knew that? Wait you think he can cover. Sorry for your mistake.
  6. You added that last line in the previous post. It would have worked to if New York Mick didn't quote it. I even added your bullsh*t for proof. Credibility taking a big hit there Sunshine.
  7. No. They would probably crash into each other. This is news? Anyone who really was seriously thinking about knew it was a foregone conclusion.
  8. Dude I'm at work so I'm shuttling back and forth. I thought you were talking the percentagethe player broke up. Easy error to make.
  9. You know Adams is going to holdout. Especially if he is not traded in this off-season. I could see him easily doing that.
  10. Uhhhh NO. He's average at best. Just ask the Dolphins.
  11. Well I think above 60 is entering the next level. 50? Not so much.
  12. Not bad? That sucks. I'm surprised you would even use that.
  13. Lol. Yeah there's a lot he can't do too. Like cover.
  14. They should pummel the Redskins but this is a classic letdown game. I'm hoping they show-up and play well enough to win. You never know with this team. I'm thinking they beat the Skins, Cincy and the Fish but anything can happen and this team can and will lay an egg at any given time.
  15. That's all I'm sayin'. Adams ain't won dick.
  16. Dude you're a braying jackass. I'm not your Dutch Uncle. You want the quotes I told you where they are. You won't do the work because you know your boy Adams will come out looking like the Jerk-off He truly is. You know this. It's why you keep persisting for a link. Hell T0m Shane even mentions it in this thread. Do the work or STFU.
  17. And I was pointing out that those are all individual awards. When someone says "they never won nothing (hate that)" they are usually talking about Championships not individual awards. Where are Jamal's Championships? The Prez has not won one has he? I mean he is so friggin Great that he must have won a ton of Championships by himself right? RIGHT? Guess not.
  18. SOJJ. Great at his position? When he feels like it I guess. I was merely pointing out that all of those were individual awards. No Championships among them. Kinda sums up Adams Me First attitude.
  19. Career backup forced into a starting role he wasn't equipped for by a GM who wasn't fit for the job.
  20. LMAO All individual honors. Not a team win in the bunch. Basically sums up Jamal Adams better than anyone ever has. And this from an Adams worshipper! Thank You.
  21. I was impressed with Shepherd but I'm hoping it was a case of him "getting it" and not a case of PED's kicking in. Just sayin'.
  22. What did you post? WHAT? That the Ravens were interested in him? Thats it. Nothing else. All you have posted so far is that you wanted a link for the Cowboys stuff. I NEVER SAID HE TRIED TO FACILITATE A TRADE TO THE PHUCKING RAVES DUDE. You said that I said it. All I ever said was about how he tried to facilitate a trade to the Cowboys. I never said the Ravens weren't interested in him just that Adams didn't try to make a backdoor deal to go there like he did with the Cowboys. Once again all the proof is in the trade deadline thread or the thread on Adams and his bullsh*t. Its all there. Links and Twitter posts. You can even ask other posters who posted in it. If you can't read or comprehend that than kiss my butt.
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