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  1. LOL. Its funny because if the Jets had lost to the Giants this very same article would have been written about Gase.
  2. LOL. You said that there was no evidence that Jamal Adams tried force a trade to either the Cowboys or Ravens. I said you mentioned the Ravens I never did. Never did I say the Ravens were not interested in Adams. I said Adams didn't try to facilitate a trade to them. BIG DIFFERENCE genius. As for the rest of your bullsh*t I again refer you to the huge thread on the subject. I refuse to comb through a huge thread to prove a point that has already been made over and over again. Ball is in your court my friend. Prove me wrong.
  3. I hate to jump in here and I'm not piling on but I feel this is Jamal Adams thoughts to a T. Yes he played great against the Giants but he has not played great in every game outside of the Miami Game. Against Dallas he was good but lets call it what it is......an Audition. IMO Adams is auditioning for the rest of the League against big name Teams to drive up his trade value because he wants out.
  4. Yep. Now he's putting it on the Teams. This way when no one shows up or he is not signed he can say "What else can we do? We tried Collin". It's simple. The old you can't blame us if no one wants you defense.
  5. I wanted Watson. I agree with you there but the other two points I disagree with. I would have a problem with him speaking out no matter what color he is. You're 2-7 and most of the talking was done while win less. Come on. Its like you're celebrating individual accomplishments instead of having a team goal. When you "celebrate" a 4th down stop and your team is down by 3 TD's that is not team play. Jamal is a good player who sometimes plays great. He will command a large contract that this team will not be able to afford. Not with all the holes it has on both sides of the ball. It
  6. Yes I remember him. Fun Fact: "Iron Eyes Cody" was not Native American. He was an Italian-American actor who played Native Americans in the movies.
  7. Couldn't have put it better myself. I've said it before and I will say it again: When your best player is a safety your Team sucks. Plus Jamal Adams is a luxury that a 2-7 team with the holes this one has will not be able to afford. Sucks but it's true.
  8. This is the reason why Adams should just keep his mouth shut. If they had lost that game I guarantee he would have posted the same sh*t. Its all about Jamal the rest of us need to tolerate it. I really wonder how well he is liked in that locker room?
  9. Well if he clears waivers and costs the League minimum I might not have a problem with it. The thing is do you want to add a guy like this if he is truly doggin' it?
  10. Sign Clowney.....Draft Young. Dream scenario but you would go from 0 to 60 in terms of a pass rush. My only fear with Clowney is that once he gets paid he might mail it in.
  11. You forgot: 6. Playing a team that's more pathetic than they are.
  12. No.. Its all there concerning the Cowboys. The only one mentioning the Ravens is you. I'm not going to go back and search that thread simply because you won't. The reason you won't is because you know your boy Adams is outed for the fake Dude he truly is in that thread. All the links and tweets are in there that prove this. Either go back there and get them or screw off. Either way I don't give a damn anymore. I can almost predict your response too. You will post some nonsense about a Link again and blah blah blah. Just another bunch of bullsh*t.
  13. Dude look in the thread that was like 20 pages. The whole thing is laid out in there. Or you already know this and realize it will blow your nonsense out of the water.
  14. LOL. Please. Its all there in black & white bro. No one is leaving anyone out. Your boy Adams tried the backdoor play and Douglas didn't cave then he went the "I was wronged route." Stop the bullsh*t.
  15. The link? Are phucking high? There was a 10 page thread on it not a week ago. You're so consistent but you didn't know or see that? Numerous tweets from Mehta and others. Stories posted with numerous links. Look it up Mr Consistency.
  16. Unless he runs naked through Times Square on a Saturday night Gase will be here in 2020. Of course half the people probably won't even know who he is. "Look at that bug-eyed sonovabitch go. He's really moving."
  17. Dude Im not putting them down just taking an objective viewpoint. You have a much harder schedule than Pittsburgh. I think 9-7 is your teams ceiling but 7-9 or 8-8 is more realistic. Just how I see it.
  18. When he feels like it. I knew this would happen. As soon as Adams had a good game against a loser team his worshipers would come out in force. The guy still went over his HC and GM heads to cry to the Owner and tried to backdoor the Jets into a trade with the Cowboys. THEN to top it all off he tried to make it look like he was wronged. That THEY apologized to him. Amazing.
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