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  1. McLaurin looks very good so far but not sure what that has to do with anything you (or anyone else) have said. Saying Robby is a #4 on some teams is just wrong. Let alone that you said “or worse.” But there is a long line of ignorant fans (Jets fans or otherwise) that think any player who isn’t elite is a player who is mediocre or sucks. Maybe that’s why you think a talented young player who has been held back by abysmal QB play wouldn’t even start on some teams. The truth lies somewhere in the middle; no he is not a world beater but he is a solid enough outside receiver who quite possibly is not even in his prime yet. Anyone who says he is a #1 is obviously wrong. But claiming he is a #4 or worse honestly might be even dumber than that.
  2. The problem with your argument is even if you are right or partially right about certain points, you are way off base on twice as much. He is a #3 or #4 on a Super Bowl contender? That is just completely ignorant. He is effective deep and he is effective on the comeback route if absolutely nothing else. However, he showed more route capability last year and I think he will continue to do so this year now that Darnold is back. He is a young player. No, he is not a #1. But to call him essentially a fringe starter just because he is not a #1 is just absolutely idiotic. I agree with other posters who say he would have a starting role on just about any team in the league. The level of ignorance I see on this board never ceases to amaze me. Adams is vilified because he is a “box safety” and we didn’t draft someone else who was available. Robby is a scrub because he isn’t a true #1. I get that this fan base is starved for wins and success but I swear some people here just love to be miserable about every player and every facet of the team.
  3. What is your basis for saying that? He practiced today, so this is entirely different than most injury situations where there is missed practice reps on top of injury. A QB is already supposed to be no contact in practice. So he is not missing anything by practicing today with “extra no contact” compared to normal. If he is cleared he will play, and the fact that he was not cleared as of today tells us nothing about what his status will be by end of week. I am not saying he is a lock to play. But if he was a lock not to play they would be giving the reps to Falk. JMO.

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