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  1. whats the matter, you dont get enough attention at home? This thread is dumb af
  2. Oh were definitely trading for OBJ now
  3. Better than Chick-fil-A? Be real with me Crusher
  4. Agree! I had when i was 16.....the worse 5-6 weeks of my life. Never felt so drained or tired before. I was forced to sit out my entire football season because of it too. Every mono case is different ....some people get it a lot worse than others. If he is a more severe case, I wouldnt be surprised if we didn't get him back until around week 6 or 7......He may feel better in a month but I believe the spleen stays enlarged for a bit longer. The doctors probably wont want to risk a ruptured spleen from him being hit. Tough break for the kid.
  5. Sam Darnold is fckn 22 years old! Fckn relax some of you...he shows plenty of hope at this point in his very young career.
  6. Leon Washington. Not sure if he was underrated during his time by Jets fans, but definitely a player that gets lost in the mix of ex-Jets though. That dude was fun to watch when he had the ball. One of the most explosive players I have ever seen wearing a Jets uniform......So unfortunate he had that gruesome injury
  7. Philadelphia Eagles could lose Joe Douglas to the New York Jets Another year calls for another potential loss within the Philadelphia Eagles staff. This time, it’s somebody in the front office, though. When a team has a solid staff all across the board, there is always a price to pay. It’s hard to keep a band together in the NFL – especially if the so-called band is pretty successful. Teams that are trying to build a winning program always have to look towards established ones to try and poach some of their employees. And the Philadelphia Eagles found out about that last year. Bef
  8. New York Jets depth chart: Detailing and ranking specific roles still needed By Robby Sabo The New York Jets 53-man depth chart is still in need of specific positions. It’s critical to break it down in a way that fits each required role. Four tight ends are four tight ends. Right? Wrong. The No. 1 tight end is the man, the starter who can act as a vertical threat while also serving as an offensive line extension. The backup is most likely the next best receiving guy of the group. At least one of the four must bring a maniacal blocking attribute to the table
  9. My bad. Your title didnt have Burnetts name in it so I overlooked.
  10. Hopeful for this Burnett kid to have a good season. Davis Webb, Deontay Burnett, Jeremy Clark sign exclusive rights tenders The Jets have signed their exclusive rights tenders. The team announced Thursday that quarterback Davis Webb, wide receiver Deontay Burnett and defensive back Jeremy Clark all signed their exclusive rights tenders. Webb originally signed with the Jets’ practice squad right before the 2018 season after being waived by the Giants. He stayed on the practice squad until November when he was promoted to the active roster. Webb served as Josh McCown
  11. Strong pass on Quentin Williams for me as well. Give me Bosa or Allen! It’s critical the New York Jets don’t fully commit to the rigid big board By Robby Sabo - 03/28/2019 Year after year, NFL Draft results prove “best available player” is fiction. It’s why the New York Jets can’t commit to the rigid big board. Year after year, NFL Draft results prove “best available player” is fiction. It’s why the New York Jets can’t commit to the rigid big board. Robby Sabo The idea that Derwin James was a top-three selection one year ago today was a la
  12. Cool, I guess. How Peyton Manning Swayed Trevor Siemian to Sign with Jets Ethan Greenberg TEAM REPORTER Trevor Siemian Before the Jets hired Adam Gase to be their next head coach, future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning gave his endorsement of his former offensive coordinator. Two months later, Manning’s played a role in quarterback Trevor Siemian’s decision to sign with the Green & White. “I texted Peyton and just went back and forth with him, but he obviously thinks a lot of Coach Gase,” said Siemian, who was deciding to sign with either the Je
  13. Oh yeaaah!! Kentucky's Josh Allen to visit Jets next week By: Sam Neumann | 8 hours ago Josh Allen will visit the Jets next week, according to ESPN’s Rich Cimini. Allen, who will likely be a top three pick in next month’s draft, stuck with his combine testing results and just weighed/measured in on Friday at his pro day. Notably not in attendance was Mike Maccagnan, but that was probably because Allen is sticking with his combine results and meeting with the Jets in Florham Park next week. With the Jets
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