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  1. Oh yeaa! https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-lg-kelechi-osemele-to-sam-darnold-i-m-your-new-bodyguard Jets LG Kelechi Osemele to Sam Darnold: I’m Your New Bodyguard When the Jets traded for left guard Kelechi Osemele, Sam Darnold was one of the first people who reached out to the two-time Pro Bowler. “He was really excited on Instagram,” Osemele said of his new quarterback. “I hit him up and told him I’m his new bodyguard here. I’m really excited about that.” Osemele, who spent the last three seasons with the Raiders, said he had just wrapped up at church when he received the phone call that he was going cross country to trade silver and black for green and white. Shock quickly became excitement and he turned to Twitter to say his goodbyes and hellos. Now, he’s eager to bring leadership and experience to the Jets, but most of all, physicality. “That’s what I pride myself in and what I enjoy doing,” he said. “I have fun with it and I’ve heard Mr. Winters is going to be a guy I’m going to like a lot, so I really can’t wait to play with that guy. I feel like I have a certain presence. I think I bring that, a certain professionalism for the younger guys to look up to and I keep my nose clean, I stay out of trouble, so that’s good. I think there’s a few qualities that I bring to the team.” While Osemele hasn’t met right guard Brian Winters yet, he’s familiar with his neighbor up front in left tackle Kelvin Beachum, who was in the same workout group as Osemele at the 2012 Combine. “We actually have a few similar friends. He comes down the Bay Area every now and then,” said Osemele, who’s in the best shape of his life. “I’ve heard a lot of really good things about him. I’m excited to learn from him on and off the field and likewise for [Beachum], so that’ll be a good experience.” Another familiar face to the former Super Bowl champion is both former and current teammate C.J. Mosley, who Osemele likened to the defensive version of new Jets running back Le’Veon Bell. “He’s a ballplayer. He’s a ballhawk,” Osemele said of Mosley. “He’s like literally Le’Veon but in a linebacker’s body. He’s sideline to sideline, just as good ball instincts as any wide receiver out there, has a high football IQ. He has a swagger and a presence about him. He’s just a ballplayer.” When asked if he’s excited to block for Bell, the 6’5” mauler smiled and said, “Hell, yeah. How could you not be excited? He’s a baller, man. He always finds a way when it looks like there’s no holes there. Obviously we’re going to do our jobs and open up big holes for him and he’s going to make us look good as well. I’m really excited about that. He’s a playmaker and I think he’s going to be a game changer for us.”
  2. stugotz81

    What are we doing at WR this offseason

    Find a way to draft in DK Metcalf!! Future stud #1 WR
  3. IF Mac does pull off the above and we make playoffs next season, all but a few guys on this board will be on the Mac wagon.
  4. Who would of thought Manning had Chris Johnson on speed dial Peyton Manning pushed Adam Gase to Jets finish line https://nypost.com/2019/01/10/peyton-manning-wanted-jets-to-hire-adam-gase/ It helps to have references when applying for a job. Adam Gase had an influential one. Legendary quarterback Peyton Manning called Jets CEO Christopher Johnson on Tuesday night to recommend Gase for the team’s head-coaching opening. A day later, the Jets hired him. Manning spent three seasons with Gase from 2012 to 2014 with the Broncos. Gase was the quarterbacks coach in the first season and the offensive coordinator in the final two years. The two were part of a record-setting offense in 2013 that got all the way to the Super Bowl before a loss to the Seahawks at MetLife Stadium. Manning and the Jets have a complicated history. He chose to stay in college at Tennessee in 1997 rather than enter the NFL draft when the Jets had the No. 1 overall pick. He also rebuffed advances from the Jets in 2012 when he became a free agent, ultimately landing with the Broncos. Manning handed the Jets a painful loss in the AFC title game after the 2009 season, but the Jets beat his Colts a year later in the playoffs.
  5. Forgot to post link for those who may care: https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/steve-mariucci-jets-qb-sam-darnold-is-going-to-be-dynamite
  6. Mooch knows! Steve Mariucci: Jets QB Sam Darnold Is Going to Be 'Dynamite' Quarterback Sam Darnold was a different player after returning from the right foot sprain he suffered in Week 9 against the Dolphins. He exhibited the ability to make plays in and out of the pocket and used quick decision-making to get the ball to receivers in small windows. He helped the offense better convert on third downs and increased the red zone success. But while Darnold has been unquestionably good, NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci thinks he will only get better with time. “The sky is the limit for the kid, he’s going to have a bright future,” Mariucci said on a recent visit to the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. “It’s not easy to start Day 1 as an NFL quarterback rookie. But boy, he’s got it. And as they grow the supporting cast around here, I think he’s going to be a dynamite quarterback.” Darnold posted three of his best performances in Weeks 14-16, completing 66% of his passes with six touchdowns and just one interception against the Bills, the Texans and the Packers. Mariucci believes missing more than a month of game action was a blessing in disguise for the rookie signal caller. “It was unfortunate that he got hurt and missed some games, but you know what, in talking to him that was beneficial in many ways,” said Mariucci of Darnold’s absence from the lineup. “For him to sit back, watch the old vet do his thing and prepare, I think it helped Sam kind of just be more patient with his version of the West Coast offense.” Mariucci, who spent a considerable amount of time in his career coaching and mentoring young quarterbacks in the NFL, had Darnold rated his top quarterback coming out of the 2018 Draft. “When the season is over, these young quarterbacks will just chill for a minute, and just say ‘Hey, I can reflect on what I did and freshen up mentally, freshen up physically, and then get back to work when it’s time with minicamps, OTAs and that sort of thing,” said Mariucci, who served as Green Bay’s quarterback coach and aided a young Brett Favre’s development from 1992-95. “And they typically will take a huge jump and Sam will do that. But it’s a good start, so many positives that he has right now.” In Week 16 against the Packers, Darnold threw for three touchdowns for a second time, connected on 69% of his attempts and totaled a career-high 341 yards through the air. He has experienced plenty of lows and highs as rookie, but Mariucci thinks the best is yet to come. ”You know what, every time you do something you learn from it. And this is all going to pay dividends for the future and he’s just in the right lane right now,” said Mariucci. “I just think this fan base ought to be excited about this kid.”
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    Why I love Jamal

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Star safety Jamal Adams blamed the New York Jets' 4-12 season on a lack of talent, not coaching, essentially challenging general manager Mike Maccagnan to upgrade the roster in the offseason. "We need more players and we need more dogs, simple as that," Adams said after Sunday's 38-3 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. ADVERTISEMENT Adams, who has become the team's vocal leader, defended coach Todd Bowles, who finished his fourth season with a 24-40 career mark and likely will be fired by Monday, per sources. Maccagnan, who was hired with Bowles in 2015, appears safe, sources said. The second-year safety came close to criticizing Maccagnan, the architect of the team. Asked if Bowles is being made the scapegoat for a talent-poor roster, Adams said, "Hey, man, I always support my coach. ... I've always said what I've said, and it's not his fault, if that answers your question." The Jets went 10-6 in 2015, but they won only 14 games over the past three seasons as they tried to rebuild the roster with young players. Adams was their only Pro Bowl player on offense or defense, and rookie Sam Darnold showed promise as a quarterback. Beyond them, the Jets lack any true stars. "You have to go get players, man," Adams said. "You have to get big-time players. It's simple. You look at the Saints. You look at the Rams. You look at the Chicago Bears. You look at all those teams. You have to go get players. "We have talent. We're just not all the way there," he continued. "You can't beat around the bush. That's why we've been losing. We've been beating around the bush. You can't beat around the bush. You have to get real with yourself." Adams correctly noted the Jets will have about $100 million in salary-cap space. He lobbied the front office to sign big-name free agents, even mentioning running back Le'Veon Bell by name. The Jets are expected to pursue the Steelers star, who sat out the season in a contract dispute. "It's something we hope Mr. Maccagnan can get done and just give us some help," said Adams, adding that he will be heavily involved in recruiting free agents. Free agency isn't always the answer, as the Jets learned with cornerback Trumaine Johnson, who signed a five-year, $72.5 million contract last offseason. His disappointing season ended on a bitter note, as he was made a healthy scratch for a disciplinary issue. A source told ESPN that Johnson was late for meetings and missed practice last Wednesday. Johnson admitted he overslept and showed up late. He told reporters Thursday that he still expected to play in the finale, but he was informed by Bowles at the stadium that he'd be inactive. "I was upset, but I couldn't do nothing about it," said Johnson, who apologized to teammates for his transgression. Bowles refused to give any specifics, calling it a coaches' decision and saying he wanted to give the younger players a chance to play. Bowles rarely benches players and has been criticized for being too soft. Bowles has been on the hot seat for several weeks. As he left the stadium on Sunday night, Bowles was hanging in limbo, awaiting his fate. He's expected to meet Monday morning with CEO Christopher Johnson, but his ouster could happen before then, sources said. "I don't talk about my job," Bowles said, commenting on whether he expects to be fired. An emotional Adams sounded resigned to a coaching change. His eyes welled up when Bowles' status was mentioned by a reporter. "Todd is my favorite coach since I've played this game," he said. "I hate to see him go down like that, which is probably happening."
  9. Trade back a few spots and grab DK Metcalf.
  10. Another headline read "INSAMITY"

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