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  1. "They traded their 2014 first rounder for their 2012 third rounder" Classic.
  2. So...it's ALL up to Lee....lol

    I honestly think Powell is going to explode this season for us. I wont miss Marshall Gonna be a huge year for Petty, he will surprise all.
  3. At what point is enough, enough?

    What is Mac's plan here though? Was this a planned move? I guess with the idea of having an elite safety tandem for the next 5 years? Or was this just an impulse move possibly because some deal fell though etc? I would have thought offense all day with the 2nd pick so I am baffled.
  4. Offensive players easier to get

    If we get Cook with our next pick I will be souped!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Because it gives the team direction and a sense of stability. They can focus on building around him and let him to continue to develop in the off season.
  6. I think the best thing Coach Bowles could do is call Petty the starter for next year at the end of this season. The kid has done well enough (IMO) to get a full year under center with hopefully lots upgrades in the off season to surround him with. Build around Petty, Powell, and Anderson with some solid veterans and I think this offense would have TONS of potential. The defense needs to be gutted all over. Build around L. Williams and send Revis to safety.
  7. Darelle Revis will be cut next year

    your right, almost qualified.....runs as fast as them...who really cares tbh bc the dude had serious wheels and the Jets didnt prepare correctly.
  8. Darelle Revis will be cut next year

    Lets make Fluke the word of the day now! What do you call the Pats winning a superbowl without cheating? A fluke!!! Have a great day, a$$hole!
  9. Darelle Revis will be cut next year

    Revis said after the game he wasn't aware that he was an Olympic sprinter. They were also knocking on the jets scouting dept. this morning on the radio for not having scouted this guy and his big play threat and Olympic speed. By overlooking this guy they basically set Revis up for failure. After that play and for the rest of the game, Revis backed off and respected his speed. Revis was not going to get beat a 2nd time....and he didnt. If Revis was a sh*tty CB then he would of been abused all game by him and he wasn't. After that fluke play, Revis did his job for the rest of the game IMO.
  10. R-E-L-A-X

    Could not agree more. I dont think it will be long this season till we see Petty anyways. The way Fitz throws his body around out there its only a matter of time till he injuries himself...again. I know Petty will bring bad and good when he plays...but I think the good he brings will be really good and will be worth continuing on with him.