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  1. Oh were definitely trading for OBJ now
  2. Better than Chick-fil-A? Be real with me Crusher
  3. Agree! I had when i was 16.....the worse 5-6 weeks of my life. Never felt so drained or tired before. I was forced to sit out my entire football season because of it too. Every mono case is different ....some people get it a lot worse than others. If he is a more severe case, I wouldnt be surprised if we didn't get him back until around week 6 or 7......He may feel better in a month but I believe the spleen stays enlarged for a bit longer. The doctors probably wont want to risk a ruptured spleen from him being hit. Tough break for the kid.
  4. Sam Darnold is fckn 22 years old! Fckn relax some of you...he shows plenty of hope at this point in his very young career.

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