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  1. QB's are only a silver bullet if you have the proper people around him in place. GM, coaches, line, skill players...we are Raiders east.

    Raiders East is about the most accurate comparison to this team 

  2. There is no future with Vick.  He is an overpaid back up. Give Geno another game and if were still looking at the same garbage qb then we should put in Simms.  


    Its not like Vick is gonna come in and save the season and be our starter next year so i really dont see the point in bringing him in for Geno. Let the kid Simms have a shot...what do we really have to lose? 

  3. Then why bother signing Vick for 5M?  Why not just go with Simms?  Fact is by signing Vick, you are saying we want to be covered due to injury or incompetence.  We have the latter. If you don't play Vick now you wasted money.


    As for giving Geno 4 more games....  and if we're 2-6, it's over it won't matter.  Why not try now when you can save things?  If it fails miserably, you go back to Smith.  Remember, John Elway was benched after being a starter, and he turned out OK.

    I have no idea why Idzik signed Vick for 5M and I have been saying since last year I'd prefer Simms.  


    What do you really think Vick is gonna do? Bring us to the bowl? You let the year ride out with Geno so this way come the end of our 5-11 season we can completely scrap these QBs and go seek out someone more legit.  Or at best, Geno turns out to be Elway....win win. 

  4. We should get him.....if the value they want for him isnt extreme then idzik should trade for him absolutely.  Let AA go back to safety where we can benefit more from his solid tackling skills and let him fill in as CB as needed.  


    But Idzik doesnt do sht like this so this whole thread unfortunately is a waste of everyone's time.

  5. If Idzik and Woody would have just brought back Revis, we win tonight.  The game wouldn't have even came down to the refs screwing us in the 4th quarter.  


    Revis shadowing Nelson the whole game would have prevented him completely raping our secondary.



  6. The time out is bad. But do you think with 3 min left we would stop them. ? Prob. Not

    Agree here.....what would even make anyone think that we were going to stop Rodgers with that much time left. Still wish the refs would have given us the chance to try and stop him though, but I'm far from confident we would have. 

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