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  1. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about in the 2005 playoffs when we beat the Chargers and lost to the Steelers he didn't play in either playoff game because of his hurt knee. And he said something to the effect of he had to consider his future when he thought about if he was going to play in the game or not. That year was the year he was a free agent and I believe the Jets never even made him an offer when he signed with Atlanta. I have no doubt that he's had a lot of surgeries, I don't know how you know it is eight surgeries, but I was simply saying that I thought he held out of Jet playoff games in order to get his payday.

    I remember that like it was yesterday...and i remember taking it personal that he wouldnt play when we needed him to play these games.....i can even remember during the game thinking how bad i wish he was out there playing (which he could but didnt want to risk his future w further injury).  


    As a jets fan I take that personal.....and still do to this day


    As a normal person I can completely understand why he did that........and yes, most jets fans do not fall under the category of a "normal person"

  2. Whether the story is bullsh*t or not, Im sure Jerry Jones is asking his lawyers right now.....how much can I pay her to shutup and go away? 


    I doubt J.J is gonna wanna waste his time proving her accusations to be false.  I know thats what I will do once I become a millionaire-billionaire.

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  3. I would give Geno a B-. Geno #'s would have been much different if it weren't for ridiculous penalties bad play calling in the redzone. I agree with the coaches getting a D because outside of the Geno INT which was just a great play by Woodson more than just a terrible throw by Geno, the offensive play calls in the redzone was seriously botched. 

    I may even give Geno a B.  The kid held his composure all game...and even under pressure he did very well.  He has definitely improved from last year.

  4. They need to go to clubs and ball the fck out and let all the dime pieces flock to them.....screw this incognito sht........go ahead and do this dumb tinder sht when your retired from the NFL and none of these girls give a sht about you anymore.  Then see what girls are gonna want you for you and not for the little money you have left over from ballin the fck out all those years. 

  5. Lets look at the positive here....if this would have happened during the season we would be looking at a pretty disastrous turn out after just a week of practice to find these cornerback replacements.  


    At least there is time to try a bunch of guys out and develop some new schemes before we even play our first regular season game. Someone will step up 

  6. Bought this movie ( Drive-By Chronicles: Sidewayz) from some bootlegger in nyc ...(the cover intrigued me enough to buy for 5 dollars).....but to my surprise, it was better than most big budget type movies ive seen over the past year.....i think the movie is a few years old and has a cast that you probably never heard of....but no bullsht, this was a verrry good movie, very good!



  7. I would love to get into another series but haven't really found one I like over the past couple years.....all time favorite was sopranos...entourage was great.....love boardwalk empire, sadly this is the last season....homeland was awesome (is there any more seasons??).....just started ray donavon which is pretty damn good.....thought true detective was good but it dragged a little too much for me.


    any other strong recommendations?? 

  8. Well, my Que does not suck. As for the Mac-n-cheese, there is no roux or bechamel in there to muddy the cheese flavor. It is all cheese, a little milk, and a pinch of science to keep the sauce from breaking without having to resort to flour. I am working on cheese blends now to figure out my signature blend. I also add little chorizo meatballs to it as well.

    joebaby....your BBQ looks awesome.....hope to join your tailgate at a game this year and give it a try.  And to apologize in advance, I will be the guy with my face shoved in your mac n cheese.

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