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  1. Guys like Al Toon, Curtis Martin, Marty Lyons, Freeman McNeil, Joe Klecko, Joe Namath, Don Maynard, Wesley Walker and Mark Gastineau are all Jets Ring of Honor members. Who's your candidate for the 2014 Jets Ring of Honor? 


    My picks: 


    Kevin Mawae

    Wayne Chrebet



    Aaron Glenn

    Shaun Ellis

    Chrebet: 1000000% yes

    Mawae: a verry good candidate too, but not before Chrebet


    Glenn: yes.....i liked him and Ray Mickens a lot while they were with us....both put in their time here

    Ellis: I would say 1000000% yes for him too but he played a year with the Pats so its just a  "yeah, i guess" .....till i get over that at least

  2. There are a million different things that can cause/cure shin splints, but try this... stretch your calves, like a toe raise.  I don't know what you call it.  It seems like it is just the back of you calf, but it helps me when a I had a shin splint issue. 


    You probably know what I mean, but...

    Appreciate the tip....I tried a stretch routine from the doctor once, I did it religiously for a few weeks but it had minimal effect.....he then suggested i go to a podiatrist and get fitted for orthotics....but they also did minimal


    i'll give this specific stretch a try though since your living proof it works lol....how many times a day did you do it?

  3. http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/story/_/id/11139553/former-new-york-jets-rb-mike-goodson-fails-show-court-appearance


    Mike Goodson is no-show at court
    Updated: June 26, 2014, 1:34 PM ET
    By Jane McManus | ESPNNewYork.com

    Goodson, who was released by the Jets last week with the designation "left squad," could be arrested if he fails to appear in court for a July 24 hearing before Judge Mary G. Whipple.

    Goodson's attorney was in court Thursday morning, as was Goodson's co-defendant, Garant Evans.

    According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Goodson's acting attorney, Alfred Gellene, said that Goodson was unable to secure a flight from Texas, where he has been since the end of the Jets' season. The reason for the difficulty was "financial issues" Gellene said, according to the report.

    Anthony Fusco, Goodson's attorney of record, had no further comment.

    Goodson was arrested in May 2013 after being found unresponsive in a vehicle found stopped in the left lane of Route 80. Police found an unregistered gun with a hollow-point bullet in the car, and in November both Goodson and Evans were indicted on possession charges.

    New Jersey has some of the strictest weapons laws in the country, and Goodson faces up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.

    The Jets signed Goodson to a three-year, $6.9 million contract in March 2013, but he played in only two games before he was released.

    The Jets had trouble this offseason getting in touch with Goodson, who did not check in with coach Rex Ryan or doctors despite rehabbing an MCL and ACL tear. When he didn't show up for the team's mandatory minicamp on June 17, the team cut him.

    Jets general manager John Idzik was asked if he took too much of a risk on Goodson, who had issues before coming to the Jets.

    "We're in the human business," Idzik said after releasing Goodson. "We certainly do our due diligence. You can do as much research as you can, but you're really not going to know for sure until you get that individual in your organization and try to acclimate them to what you want to do."

  4. Un fckn real.....I just lost my armrest on my way back from Atlanta....i had the window seat and had a pretty big girl sitting next to me in the left seat(it was just a small puddle jumper of a plane that had 2 rows of seats per aisle).......i was in my seat first so clearly I dropped my arm right on the armrest from the get go.....but when the big girl sat down next to me her right love handle practically pinched my forearm between her love handle and the arm rest...... i had no choice but to move my arm to in front of me, i was screwed....she proceeded to place her arm on the armrest....what bullsht!

  5. Max does this on the regular. This way he has a 50% shot at sitting next to a dude

    Well, 50% chance only if its certain that one of the 2 passengers will be a woman.


    So technically, its a 33.3% chance Max is sitting next to a dude...and a woman.  33.3% Max sits between 2 woman.  And 33.3% chance Max gets his ultimate wish and sits between 2 dudes. Jk Max.

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