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  1. Two birds with one stone today. Walked for 35 minutes before work with her pooch. I would've preferred a jog but I couldn't look her in the face and not bring her along. If I do this daily, I think I've got something that'll make a difference. Also I don't think I had any meaningful meat fat yesterday. All veggie. Well except one tablespoon of butter, and just three fried eggs.

    yeah thats awesome....there is plenty of ways to get your days fat intake without the need of animal fat everyday....almonds, nuts, dairy, seeds, avocados, eggs, oils, etc.


    Like integrity mentioned, I am sure years and years of heavy red meat consumption probably led to his father in law getting colon cancer.  High fat intake itself is OK....but you have to choose your fats wisely....and luckily you have many sources of fat to choose from outside of red meat and processed meats.  


    This is a good article by Harvard School of Public Health.  Really gives a good breakdown of fats, the different types of fats, and how they may affect your body.  They even have one study where they followed 350K people for 23 years and analyzed there fat intake in relationship to heart disease---the result---no evidence dietary saturated fats are related to coronary heart disease, stroke, or cardiovascular disease. 



  2. I know you didn't suggest this, that said, there's a very valid point to Dom's post. The partial truth and partial bastardization of the Atkins philosophy and diet has people into thinking that a diet of red meat, bacon and dairy fat is "good" because it melts pounds off of them.


    I said earlier in the thread, this is what my wife swears gave her father colon cancer. 

    Good point and I would never suggest to anybody to eat red meat and bacon daily.  I manage to go 6 days a week, eating 25-40 carbs a day, and only consume red meat once per week on average.  When it comes to bacon, maybe I add some chopped bacon to a salad at most here n there. Still a far cry from the guy who orders a bacon egg and cheese sandwich everyday (and still receives little criticism).  Im a big fan of chicken, eggs, nuts, seeds, and dairy and build my diet around that and berries, broccoli, squash, and lettuce.  


    The problem with atkins, or low carb dieting is the average person assumes its now time to gorge on bacon, steaks, etc every single meal of the day......when i speak of doing a keto diet or eliminating carbs, I speak of eliminating breads, pasta, high sugar fruits/drinks, and any processed carb basically.  Never do i suggest someone should replace these carbs with red meat and bacon.  Thats just the mentality of the average guy who starts low carbing and didn't educate themselves first.  Or the mentality of someone who is just looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight and still wants to eat like sht so they eat steaks wrapped with bacon for dinner.  I'm sure that approach will lose someone weight but its by far a long term solution IMO.


    Once again, this is my lifestyle, not a diet.  When I started eating this way many years ago....it was hard for me to ignore how much more efficient my body ran on a day to day basis with the absence of carbs to not make it my lifestyle.  You can easily have a healthy diet low in carbs without the need of red meat and/or pork fat at every sitting.

  3. Until Sunday, I've been under 22 carbs a day and feeling great. Whatever I get, is via something natural. My wife unintentionally threw in a carb day on Sunday.Literally the worst day I think could've been possible, considering my bloodwork being done at 10:45 Monday morning. I had asked her not to use sugar in her salad dressing, what she and I didn't realize was that the Italian seasonings packet was 8g of sugar. Within 5 minutes I got this indescribable feeling in my head..kind of cloudy, a little imbalanced and a little spacy. I basically knew immediately what the culprit was. Anyway, I immediately look up what this all means in the scheme of things...you can carb up for 100g or less on one day and your body will stay in keto and throw the glucose in your liver and release evenly until it's empty. So I read up on how to speed this up for tomorrow morning....answers I found most were HIIT Training, and fasting. Perfect. But I couldn't do HIIT because it would possibly skew my glucose in either direction. So I just fasted for 14 hours. We'll see how the bloodwork goes tomorrow. The fasting, btw, felt great. I wasn't hungry up until noon when I left the DR. I may work in some intermittent fasting to my life. For instance, this morning all I had was my bullet coffee; I cut out the yogurt.

    Lol....I ate a bagel to start my carb up day on Sunday and fell asleep on the couch an hour later....my body just doesnt respond well to high carbs..... I tend to get very lethargic and lazy 


    I mainly eat twice a day while on keto.  Noon and at 8pm.  I do that bc I am simply not hungry in between meals and at the same time my energy levels still remain at their peak throughout the day. It is somewhat of a mixture of a intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet all in one.  


    After my carb up day on Sunday, I will fast from my last carb at 8pm Sunday night until my first meal at 7-8pm Monday night. I will also add a 2-3 mile interval run on Monday to help jump start me into ketosis. Usually by Tuesday afternoon I am in ketosis, per the ketostix.


    When it comes to cardio, nothing seems to get me to ketosis quicker than running.....and I hate running so I only do it for the purpose of getting me into ketosis.  For the remainder of the week I mainly just lift weights.  

  4. I think its great! Everything is very clear and not a cluster fck to my eyes.  All that is important is a quick slide of the mouse away.  Good layout and clearly much more social media friendly too(if thats what you were going for)....


    But if I may make just one suggestion....I would say make the JetNation logo much more prominent....it seems a tad undersized compared to everything else on the homepage. Or maybe it seems that way bc there may be too much white space between the logo and the advertisement banner....idk hard to tell


    Thats just my 2 cents 

  5. Tell your friend Kyle that he would be better received by Jet fans if:

    1.) He knew where the ball was ... EVER 

    2.) He quits making Jack-ass gestures after ever play that infer he did something positive ... which he didn't.


    As neither of those 2 things has a remote chance of occurring ... tell him his only chance to be even marginally accepted by the Jet fan base it to wear a sign that says  "I suck and I know it"

    The humility factor in such an act should keep things from being thrown at him. 

    yea i could, but he can give two shts about you and your opinion so I'm not gonna bother.

  6. It's Lizard that has mentioned the bacon and the buttered coffee.  I'm sure he can lose weight on that diet, but it does not make it healthy.  Restricting fruits and vegetables does not seem sustainable long term.  I'm interested in your plans and how well they work,  but I'm going to eat what I like anyway.  

    I think your misunderstanding the diet then.  I eat berries daily and fit in vegetables where i can tolerate them.  That would be the case whether I was in keto or not, I simply dont like most vegetables. I also mostly follow CKD keto, which means I cycle periods of low carb, high protein, and high fat with periods of high carb, high protein, and low fat.  80-85% of the time its following low carb.   So in retrospect, I am really not depriving myself of much. 



    I'm not saying you will die or that fat is bad.  I am saying bacon is generally pretty damn bad.  Any diet that causes people to say "OMG, you ate berries!!"  is not for me.

    See comment above about berries.  

  7. Bacon is a health food now?  Give me a break.  You want to argue olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado okay, but this dude is eating bacon and putting butter in his coffee.  You may lose weight, but I don't think you are going to convince anybody it is a healthy diet.

    Never said bacon was a health food. Nor did I ever give the impression to eat a slab of bacon daily.


    I also have never added butter to my coffee.  I dont add sugar either. But fwiw,  I'm sure adding butter to your coffee would more beneficial then 4 packets of sugar on a day to day basis..


    I'm not here to convince anybody of anything.  I do what has worked for me for years and simply shared my experiences and opinion.

  8. Realizing you're an Ape and that sh*t flinging was inevitable, I asked you to aim somewhere else. With a baby on the way, the wife feels that a heart attack is almost certainly in  my future with a high fat diet. I hope to prove her wrong soon with bloodwork.

    Let your wife know that there is plenty of scientific evidence showing that a high sugar diet will lead you to hypertension and high triglycerides before a high fat diet.  


    Ive never understood how someone can be consuming a coffee in the morn with 4 or 5 sugars plus say a bagel with cream cheese and not even looked as if they are doing much harm to themselves while the guy sitting across from him eating some eggs n bacon is viewed as a walking heart attack.   

  9. My wife says my breath smells like my guts are rotting (nice) and that the diet leaves you susceptible to a lot of serious risks, such as hypocholesterolemia, osteoperosis (says it provokes it), pancreatitis, 

    yes, my wife will hold a gun to my head if I get to close during keto unless Ive been chewing some gum.  Sugarless gum that is.


    I just spoke to my Dr who said there should be no problem with Ketosis that annual checkups wouldn't catch. Regardless, headed over there in a week to get my blood drawn. Get to the bottom of this once and for all

    I go for yearly blood check ups as well......my cholesterol, my LDL's, my blood sugar, all have been in check and far from even a high risk of anything.  My blood pressure has been on the high side since my 20's due to genetics. However, when I am strictly following a keto diet, my BP stays well within normal range.  You have no choice but to avoid the highly processed foods with high sodium content in this diet.

  10. Start keto. Come to the light. Less stress? Check. Lower blood pressure? Check. Weight loss? Check. Dinner of Dinosaur BBQ smoked wings smothered in bleu cheese, half rack of smoked ribs and a bleu cheese iceberg salad? Check.



    I would keep my distance from BBQ sauce in keto.  They do have sugar free BBQ sauces out there, but I have never bothered with them.  Most hot wing sauces though....no problems. 

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