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  1. In other words, it performs well for what you want to do with it.

    Which we all know is impossible because global sales numbers and stuff.

    It gets the job done with no problems along the way which is all I ask for in a phone.


    Sorry,....I'm not following, whats impossible? The phone performing well?

  2. I have a blackberry Q10.  Love it in general but especially love it for the business aspect of it......the ease of of navigating through multiple email accounts, the native blackberry travel app, physical keyboard, battery last almost 1.5 days sometimes, etc. Doesnt measure up against droid and apple with apps obviously, but I am not in need of many apps so it suits me well. Also have an ipad so that fills any void that i may be missing from my phone.


    If I was going to separate from BB i would definitely go to a droid galaxy. 

  3. Is my pregnant wife secretly renaming this thread? These changes feel very hormonal.

    That, or it was the guy who made this thread looking for help bc he admitly didn't know jack sht when it came to carb cycling, but then all of a sudden he acted like he knew everything.  Clearly, it only took 2-3 post to confirm he was absolutely clueless. Typical behavior of a douccchee.


     We shall not forget...

    MyLittlePony aka Arsis, on 10 May 2014 - 8:57 PM, said:snapback.png

    I was thinking of carb cycling to get down to single digits. Except I have no idea what I am doing. I am used to just eating and gaining mass. Anyone have any success with carb cycling?

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  4. You are eating fruit and staying in Ketosis? Are you testing yourself?

    Yes. I have tested myself tons of times in the past so I have a good idea of my max with the raspberries and blackberries.  I would eat them every morn (and still do) and test on ketostix. I just dont need to test it on the ketostix anymore.  Most other fruit I tried to fit into the diet knocked me out of ketosis. 


    Oh so you can eat raspberries and blackberries? Wasn't aware of that.

    Yes...at least for me I have no probs.....some are more sensitive than others to fruit.  I eat about a handful of each everyday. 

  5. At the end of the day all successful diets focus on eliminating processed foods like white grains, sugars and typical mass produced junk (high fructose corn syrup). That is common to all of them.


    So that's where you start. 


    I personally believe Paleo is the way to go, as i think low carb is too calorically dense and nutritionally deficient while something like Fuhrman is too restrictive and too anti meat

    I get a lot of nutrients every week as I completely chill in ketosis.  Between all the broccoli, squash, rasperberries, blackberries, almonds, seeds....i feel like i cover most bases.  


    Ive done Paleo type diets from time to time over the years when i want to take a break from keto for awhile....my only beef with the diet is the no dairy...i love cheese.  

  6. Most days would got like this:



    3 eggs scrambled with about 2 cups of cooked veggies mixed in, omelet style basically. I'm a big fan of mushrooms, onions, peppers and broccoli in my eggs.

    Sometimes, if my stomach didn't fair well with that much stuff first thing in the morning, I'd eat a slice of bread. The bread I buy is all whole foods, like 4 ingredients, no sh*t in it.


    Or I'd eat like a 1/2 cup of oatmeal with peanut butter or walnuts, maybe a little bit of honey for taste (less than a teaspoon), with that I'd eat fruit, like an apple.



    Salad, tons of veggies raw, extra virgin olive oil, squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper. I'd add protein like beans, egg and/or grilled chicken, probably about 3-4 ounces. Sometimes I ate tofu, but rarely, good tofu is hard to find - the cheap sh*t from what I'm told is as bad as eating hormone filled meat and processed foods. I didn't measure anything on this diet, I ate my face off, I just made sure most of it was veggies. It was really a lifestyle change - not a diet.

    Again, if my stomach bothered me, a piece of high quality bread. Nothing on it, just nommed it to settle my volatile gut.



    Nuts, sometimes granola or bars with very few ingredients, raw veggies and fruit, sometimes cold grilled chicken



    Usually a big plate of cooked veggies, cooked grains like brown rice, and a bit of meat. At this point I'd try and work in omega-3's if I hadn't had any earlier in day.


    Weight melted off, I was eating an incredibly nutrient dense diet, eating a ton and didn't worry about carbs at all really - there was so few carbs or added fats in how I was eating, it was easy. The hard part was keeping the processed sh*t out of the house and NOT ordering the processed crap from take-out, which we've gotten back to doing since the wedding, move, pregnancy, move and baby arrival. Discipline has taken a back seat temporarily. We still make good, informed choices, but aren't as happy with how we eat as we were. 


    There was like NO dairy in my diet at all, except some occasional yogurt for probiotics.

    Thats a solid diet.  I give you credit with eating veggies at every meal.  

  7. It does, it pushes for nutrient density and minimizes added fats and sugars. I wasn't morbidly obese, so there wasn't any reason for me to follow it religiously. I think I had about a 60-70% commitment to eating "whole foods" and lost about 40 pounds. Felt the best I'd felt in years.


    I ate meat while doing it too. I had no interest in going vegan. I just changed the amount of meat and ration of meat to nutrient dense foods like veggies and legumes. 


    I get the same feelings when I'm stuck on the carb addiction loop. Plus I get fat, fast.


    Anyway, it's worth the read if you ever get around to it. CTM recommended it to me, changed my life.

    Im always open to learning so I will read for sure.....


    but just out of curiosity, and if you dont mind sharing, what would this book have you consume over your typical day? What did your diet look like when you were losing that 40lbs?


    I am always very intrigued in learning what people ate on a regular basis to lose any particular amount of weight...especially over 25lbs.

  8. That's because what we think are hunger pains are actually pains associated with withdrawal from carbs. True hunger is supposedly felt in the throat area, not the gut. If you are in ketosis, then you've been without carbs long enough to have passed through withdrawal. So, it's not surprising that you don't feel gut cramps or "hunger pains". 


    Read the book "Eat to Live". It's a much more sensible way to eat, that will help anyone lose weight just as effectively. You'll be better nourished and won't be completely reliant on ketosis for weight loss. 

    Yes, I heard of this book before....it promotes eating a lot of vegetables and cutting out a lot of meat if I'm not mistaken....not for me my friend....i dislike 85% of all vegetables. Thank you though for this suggestion.  


    And just to be clear on why I follow a ketogenic diet ...I do it because of the sustained energy I get all day....the anti inflammatory effects from the diet....it allows me to stay lean most importantly.  I am probably 10-11% body fat on average and have been as low as 7%.  I credit that all to keto of course.  So its more of a lifestyle for me than it is a diet.  And its not for everyone, i get that more than anybody.  But my body has never done well with handling carbs.  I eat carbs and then I bloat, I crash, I get sluggish, I get heartburn, I get body aches, etc etc.  So it was a choice I made years ago to follow this type of diet at least 80% of the time.  Its been working for me so far

  9. Thanks. Yesterday I did feel a little hungry for the majority of the day...I'm still running about 80/15/5. I think when I get to 2 weeks, I'll get the ratio more to 65/30/5. Pretty sure the protein is a lot to do with it. The lunch at the wedding was high protein and the difference in how I felt was pretty obvious. Today actually I worked in a half cup of Cabot 10% Milkfat, Greek Style yogurt. Man that was the thickest yogurt I've ever had. I think that protein really makes a difference. There are some natural sugars so I still did half, and not a whole cup. I left room for eggs, bacon and a second cup of coffee w/cream at the office... 


    btw weekend total loss was about -3 lbs (i'm weighing myself as soon as I wake up and piss for consistency lol)

    Is your plan to go straight keto or you going to be working in carb days? I feel like the ketogenic diet works best when you go 6 days on and 1 day off. Seems like it prevents you from plateauing when its done that way.....helps with your sanity too.  I find myself making a list throughout the week of all the things I am going to eat on that carb day lol.

  10. -10 lb


    went to a wedding yesterday, stayed totally keto...salmon, salad with ranch and bacon.......i wasnt even hungry when i got there, plenty of energy to dance,...it was an afternoon reception, i ate lunch at 2pm, just having my first meal since now and was NOT hungry until about 8am.  took the dog for an hour walk up and down hills yesterday around 8-9pm...this is unreal!!!

    awesome news.  

    I agree with you about not being hungry. When i'm in keto all I have an appetite for is about 2 meals a day....no hunger pains whatsoever between meals either.  Major upside to the diet for sure.  And once your body gets adapt to using ketones and not glucose as your primary energy source..... it will actually run more efficiently off ketones than glucose. Same goes with fueling the brain.

  11. Glysemic index? Does that exist? Glycogen stores in the muscle? Forget about it. Hey! I heard that carbohydrates can aid in muscle recovery after a workout.

    Nahh... It's evil and bad. I can't people talking about complicated topics with an elementary school knowledge of the body.

    Glycogen is a hydrated molecule, which can attract up to 4 grams of water per gram of glycogen.  So it would only makes sense that having more glycogen in the muscle would increase muscle size, right? But its simply just a side effect of fluid retention in the muscle....Let me put this in layman terms for you since weight lifting brain is so small...ITS ALL WATER WEIGHT.  ITS NOT MUSCLE HYPERTROPHY...all your doing is retaining water within your muscle. Your fckn clueless dude.


    And yes glyCemic index does exist...it measures how a carbohydrate-containing food raises blood glucose...whats your point?  

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  12. Yeah, it's almost like I know what I'm doing. Three weeks + hard work + a good diet = results. There are no shortcuts.

    Who would have thought... Nahh... It's this new magic diet! All you have to do is not eat carbs while sitting on your fat ass eating bacon and butter all day. Lmao

    But, you have no clue what your doing or saying.  And your are about as ignorant as they come on this board.  


    Nobody on here is claiming a ketogenic diet is a new magic diet and nobody mentioned eating bacon n butter and sitting on their fat ass all day either.  Your literally just talking out of your ass now and making more of a mockery of yourself with each post. 

  13. Speaking of back, my back has not felt this good in a longgggg time. Granted by losing weight in the mid-section I'm taking pressure off my lumbar, but it's more than that. From pretty much day 1, the pain's gone down a tone. Pretty confident that carbs are an inflammatory, and Stugotz said that earlier as well. On a prior 1-10 scale, my morning was around a 7.5 in pain, now it's probably 2.

    I had the same success with shin splints....when Im off carbs they barely flare up....when I am eating carbs the pain can be unbearable. 

  14. I'm not posting in this monstrosity of a thread anymore. There are no shortcuts and there are no panaceas in this world. I'm currently on a no carb diet and they're useful in the short term but not something you want to do long term. Vegetables have carbs and they're good for you. Fruits have carbs and are good for you. Don't listen to snake oil salesman selling a one size fits all bullsh*t plan online with even knowing if you have a health problems. There is a reason the Atkins diet isn't popular anymore.

    Plus, you can't build muscle without carbs so you'll lose all this weight and look like a woman.

    Yo after this statement right there you get absolutely no more credit whatsoever for having any type of bodybuilding sense or knowledge. 


    Fat: gives cells shape and structure


    Protein: The building blocks of muscle


    Carbs: Do nothing structurally and ultimately get converted in glucose.  Extra glucose not used by the body gets stored as body fat.  


    Do some research and educate yourself a little because you sound like a complete idiot.  

  15. Honestly, you come off like a used car salesman spouting half bullsh*t. I'm going to put you on ignore. You're that guy. You never want to be that guy.

    A used car salesman spouting half bullsh*t? yeaaaaaaah thats a good one....you probably look like a used car salesman dude lets be real.


    And I'm not here to sell anything, I gave my input on a ketogenic diet based off years experience and success with myself and when I was a trainer in my younger days.... L.K had some questions and I answered them. You got a problem with that...than go fck yourself.  Plus if I recall, your the one who started this thread claiming to be this so called powerlifter/strongman looking for advice on how to lean up bc you dont know sht....... And clearly, you dont know sht 

  16. Yeah, it's not because they're calorie dense or anything like that. Pesky fruit and vegetables being bad for you. There is something to carb manipulation/restrictions but don't ovetstate things or pretend that all carbs are inherently bad.

    Lizzie lost 6 pounds of water weight. It's not actually good/ healthy to lose 6lbs of actual body mass in a week.

    I wasnt aware that i was pretending that all carbs are bad for you lol.  Eat as much vegetables as one wants. Eating fruit is nothing but sugar....there is no pretending there. Yeah it has more nutrients than a pack of skittles, but when all is said n done with digestion, your body reacted the same way as if you just consumed table sugar. Some fruits are less sweet than others and are ok to eat when restricting carbs i.e raspberries, blackberries.  


    Losing 6lbs in your first week of dieting is completely normal...especially for someone who cut carbs.  And it also comes down to how overweight the person is too.  The bigger you are, the more you will drop in your first couple weeks.  After that, then yeah, you should average 2lbs a week loss.

    Lizzie mad no mention of starving himself so therefore I dont think he was doing himself any harm.  So what if a couple pounds out of the 6 were water weight....its still a positive response from his body.  


    Hope that wasn't overstating.

  17. I think you may have mentioned the inflammatory properties too... Yesterday I was pretty busy moving crap around the house, setting up the deck for the summer, it took about 4-5 hours.. The lifting I kinda felt weak at first and then it went away like something kicked in. It was kind of back and forth like that especially when lifting things. Had a pork salad bowl with guac, extra cheese, and sour cream for lunch.. Love the options. All my favorite stuff. Have to get keto stix. Haven't had a minute yet. Happy mdw!

    Get the ketostix from Walmart, they're like ~6 bucks.....otherwise your gonna pay 15+ elsewhere


    Happy MDW!

  18. I think I'm doing pretty good so far. What is tough so far is dinner. Now that I'm at my in-laws for the weekend they want to feed me, starting with shrimp scampi as soon as I got here.. Which was effin delicious... I ate a dozen of the fried shrimp in butter, oil and cheese.. Lightly breaded but i did my best to get most of the breading off. My day ended 2450 cal, 78/18/4 fat/protein/carb... But the carb number in grams was like 18. Meh

    I'm finding in really helpful to try and anticipate meals and do my calorie counter ahead of time so I can try and stay on track

    Mentally I felt between a little slow, physically a little tired, only a little hungry and I'm pretty sure I'm getting the ketone mouth. I haven't had good nights sleep since i started though so today will be a good test. Oh BTW... My lower back soreness is down like 80%.. Fantastic surprise... Nothing else in my life changed the last few days except carbs... I wonder if they are an inflammatory

    Anticipation is a great way to handle up coming meals.....carbs surprise u everywhere so its good to have your plan in place. And 18 carbs is pretty damn good.  Did you get the ketostix yet? You should start checking if your in ketosis after you have 2 good days under your belt.


    And as far as your back goes, yes....carbs cause a major inflammatory response in your body....i think i may have even mentioned that in a previous post.  Many people claim how good their body feels and how many aches go away after they cut carbs.......expect your back to only get better from here 


    Also to note, I get shin splints verrry bad when I run, the only time I wont get them is if I am practicing a ketogenic diet at the time.  Keto is money!

  19. I don't remember exactly what I was on when I was doing ketosis...it's been a while. Probably some sort of BCAA mixture and God knows what else. I know I've taken Arginine before; I can't recall specifically how I reacted to it though. A lot of supplements mess with my stomach anymore; I've been trying to figure out a good stack to use that won't give me too much difficulty and have trimmed way back on what I'm taking.

    And yeah when I was doing it I didn't have any carb-up days. I'll have to tinker with it again at some point and see if I can get better results by having a refeed day in there each week.

    I dont take anything besides BCAAs anymore.....Im convinced after working with these supplement companies in my career today, that all that sht is just a scam.  


    One carb up day week will make all the difference in the world to your pump and to your sanity lol.  And will prevent your body from plateauing on a ketogenic diet 

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