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  1. Yeah, I'm always lifting. I don't take more than a week or so off at any given time unless I'm injured or something. I'm kind of a bro about it lol.

    I see what you're saying though; I don't remember offhand how many carbs I was taking in during a typical day (it wasn't super low or anything), but I'd imagine I could stand to up it on training days. There's probably a magic number for me somewhere that would fill me out a little better without kicking me out of ketosis. I'd just have to experiment with it and see what happens. And pee on a lot of sticks. That part's always fun.

    do you take amino acid supplements? Arginine?....that sht keeps you pumped. I havent taken them in years but i recall the "pumped" feeling it would always give my muscles.  The only supplement i take today is BCAA's however.


    are you or were you doing ketosis 7 days a week or were you carbing up on one or two days? If your hitting the weights all week, like do i, i would suggest having at least a day n half of carbs preferably around your tougher workout days i.e, squats or deadlifts.  

  2. Feeling a lot better today... a lot... don't feel right now like eating a box of krispy kremes like I did at this time yesterday...still hungry and a little off upstairs but, def better. Oh and she's making fajitas tonight...this shouldn't be too painful

    yea that ketosis really curbs your appetite....Im basically eating two LARGE meals a day with small snacks in between when needed.  Dont really have appetite to eat more.  But its funny, on carb up days, I stay constantly hungry all day and cant stop eating...eventually i end up on the couch at night in some sort of diabetic coma from the friggen insulin shock from all those carbs.  

  3. Reading all this talk on ketosis makes me want to try it again. It certainly does have its advantages over other diets.

    I've toyed with ketosis before for a couple months at a time here and there and got pretty good results but I always found that it made my muscles look flat (which I would assume is from depleted glycogen), which was frustrating. I didn't have weekly carb-up days either, though, so that might be a potential fix to that issue. Maybe I'll try that at some point this year. I'm always toying with my diet/training to see what types of results I can get from different things. It's been interesting.


    I'll throw this out there, too: When I was doing ketosis or low-carb stuff, one thing I would do when craving bread is make protein pancakes. It's basically just protein powder mixed up with water and cooked like pancake batter. It's surprisingly palatable, especially when you're desperate. There are a ton of different recipes out there if you're interested.

    Were you lifting weights during those keto times too and still looking flat?

  4. Alcohol 1: converts to sugar in the body and 2: increases the production of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which attacks muscle and retains fat to the body around the major organs as a form of self preservation. It does this when you stress out, deplete yourself of carbohydrates, don't get enough sleep, and drink booze. The major organs obviously are situated around your chest and gut. This is why consistent drinking in combination with poor diet and exercise will create a beer gut and bitch t!ts.

    here the link from those huge diagrams I just posted lol.  http://carbsanity.blogspot.com/2013/06/why-fructose-is-not-like-alcohol.html


    Sorry, meant to quote JerryK here

  5. Ok to clarify on the coffee....it's not like you're drinking a latte or something...but I think it's on par, a touch thicker, than your normal half and half only coffee. What I may do, I learned from my mother and it's an individual preference but It's good, is when you put the grinds in your coffee maker, you put .75 or so equal squirts of cinnamon from the little plastic container, to scoops of coffee. I could see that being a nice counterbalance to the extra butter. 

    Awesome insight.  Now the real question is, how do I ask starbucks to make this for me lol


    This isn't related to weights, but can I ask a alcohol/nutrition question?  
    My question is about alcohol itself.  C2H60 for the chemists among us.  It is *Not* about all the bad carbs and syrups that we know are in beer and spirits.
    1. Fats and Sugars are flammable because they contain chemical energy.  The body converts that energy to its own fat stores.
    2. Alcohol is also flammable.  So it contains *lots* of chemical energy right?
    Question:  Why isn't alcohol itself (C2H60) considered more fattening than pure vegetable oil?  Whenever I read about dieting and alcohol, nutritionists mention the carbs from beer and syrups in spirits, and not the chemical itself.   
    -- Does the body not metabolize C2H60 to fat just like oils and sugars?


    Thats a good question actually but the body does not metabolize alcohol the same as sugars. See below







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  7. Ooh ok. I really wasn't sure about which sugars counted, but I get what you're saying. I have morning and lunch figured out.. I think the size of lunch was the problem yesterday. I'll be at 1640 calories by lunch and about 79/18/3 I'll try to see in advance what my buddy's wife is cooking for dinner lol

    Btw morning coffee was two scoops butter and a quarter cup half and half...29/2.6/1.8g fat/carb/protein :biggrin: tasted surprisingly good actually

    I wouldnt even avoid a good time at your buddys tonight by having to sacrifice a lot of good food or anything.....  Just eat whats there and be on track again tomorrow morning.  If you had to avoid one things, let it be sweets, i.e cake, cookies,soda.  That will set you back further than any carbs from bread, potatoes, or pasta etc.


    Im gonna have to try this fat coffee tomorrow morning.  Everyone says its good

  8. Nice... Appreciate the positivity. It will take a little adjusting, but I guess I didn't take a step back. I'll probably have to cheat tomorrow, friend is having us for dinner to house warm. Will do my best


    Edit: dude, NO sugar? I mean my 4 eggs have 1.5g, how the hell do you do it

    let me be more clear when i say no sugar.....i mean no refined sugar.....there is obviously certain naturally occurring sugars in foods that you cant avoid...i dont even count these sugars unless its from fruit.  The sugars in certain vegetables for example wont knock you out of ketosis....but sugar in watermelon will....does that make sense?


    i think what you did today was probably 200% of a step forward ....you seem to know what you need to do...its all willpower and dedication once you grasp the concept.....some may argue cutting carbs is harder than quitting smoking so by no means is this easy to follow day in and day out.  But if your consistent with it, 90% of the time, you will get nothing but results.  


    If you have to cheat, we all do, then just make sure your on track first thing the next day....worse thing you can do is let one cheat meal turn into 4 cheat days 

  9. I cracked when I got home.... 12oz of 85/15 beef, 1.75 cup cheddar, taco spice packet

    Dinner was 1660 cal, day was 3300...on the day i only had 17 carb..sugars were 5 on the dot

    If I could've just stuck with my first helping and walked away from the second...Freaking delicious though

    Maintained my ratio but that's got to be too much...


    Final for the day:

    270g Fat

    17 Carb (5 sugar)

    195 protein yikes...

    not bad for the first day.  If the sugar was 0 then it would be almost perfect lol. you just want to enter ketosis as soon as possible so you become a walking fat burning machine.  Once you are there its easier to deal with some extra carbs here n there....but getting there you have to be pretty dedicated for those first couple days.....i typically go as close to 5-10 carbs and 0 sugar a day, for 2 straight days, and I'll be in ketosis in 1.5-2 days.  Sometimes sooner if I exercise 

  10. Is this not the greatest, or what?


    And yeah I talked to my bro today, he did this last summer, swears by the trader joes natty peanut butter. Also said a salad with almond shaving and italian dressing was his go -to

    had a salad for lunch today. Chicken ceasar salad with extra dressing, hold the croutons and bread, and add chopped bacon........and a diet peach snapple...Boom

  11. Is this not the greatest, or what?


    And yeah I talked to my bro today, he did this last summer, swears by the trader joes natty peanut butter. Also said a salad with almond shaving and italian dressing was his go -to

    yes, its da sht!


    your bro knows whats good then.  And trade joes natty PB is on point!! that and skippy's natural PB are my favorites by far. 

  12. Awesome thanks dude... stomach's finally growling now...been light headed/foggy/lethargic since around 12. That blog says that this is how I know it's starting to work...can't wait to eat my ground beef and cheese dinner 

    yeah, all normal.  if your ever in a clutch and on the brink of caving....eat a couple table spoons of peanut butter.  usually helps for "i need a fckn carbohydrate now" times.  


    Also keep cheese sticks and pepperoni sticks handy as well. That and raw almonds are good for the times you have to eat something before your bigger meals.....and if you want to get crazy at night and need to replicate munching on chips n dip in keto fashion.....buy a bag of pork rinds and dip them in cream cheese....im not big on them...but ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes


    dont hesitates to throw some bacon in that ground beef n cheese diner too lol.

  13. Thank you for taking the time to think this out with me...first of all, glad to see the calorie count is right. The weight routine, can I work in pushups/situps/pullups into that instead? We are moving in 60 days and there will be a facility in the neighborhood. I used to have that drive and then a: got married and somewhat lazy but also b: the nj-to ny commute blows. It's been 2 years on that kick and I still can't fully say I'm ok with it. Hopefulyl not much longer though.

    yea absolutely that is fine.....just google some basic military workouts which will include stuff like  pushups, jumping jacks, burpees, situps.....that is more than fine for a new workout program. 


    My pleasure to help...its what I did for many years before joining the corporate world like your in.....keep me updated on your progress and let me know if your having any struggles....i usually have a solution ;) 


    example: size0-army.mil-84285-2010-08-31-100802.j

  14. Perfect.... I will hit Walmart on the way back


    I'm 6'3, 250 right now, I've got a 2300 Calorie plan...73/21/6


    I think my Calories are a little low... thoughts?

    sorry, not sure if i answered this.....yes, 2300 is plenty.  just do your best to stay under 25 carbs a day this first week so you can jumpstart into ketosis....you'll be fine eating between 1700-2700cals a day....as long as the carbs/sugars are under 25ish a day....thats the most important part


    Edit: no tolerance to sugar in ketosis.....less than 5 grams in a whole day at max.....this 25 carbs is not carbs from sugar.  

  15. Light cardio, 30m a day walking to from the train...i commute 90 min, out my door from 6:45 and home at the same time...i'm generally fried, maybe walk the dog at that point. Hoping that better nutrition helps up the energy here.

    Try and find a way to fit in a small weight lifting routine once a week, maybe on the weekend....you will be able to tolerate a few extra carbs and you will have a better looking physique as you shed the fat.  I stay around 2,000 calories +/- 300 a day on a ketogenic diet......mainly bc my appetite stays suppressed from the ketosis and i dont have much of an appetite to fit in more calories.  


    If you dont have a gym membership, no biggy, just buy some dumbbells and i can give you a basic weight lifting routine for 1 day week that you can do in your living room for 30mins......unless you have the knowledge to make a routine yourself...


    I understand the difficulty of working long hours too.....i go to the gym at 9pm at night and home by 10pm.....in bed by 1230am and up at 7am. Work basically from 9am - 6pm.... You gotta fit it in where ya can.....but either way, an exercise routine will only help you get results faster....the ketogenic diet will still be effective even without exercise so no worries if you cant fit in a routine just yet  

  16. Loving this diet more and more. How often are you testing with the stix? Wakeup/ and then after Breakfast/lunch/dinner ?

    I usually test on Tuesday mid day just to make sure Im in ketosis (after a weekend of carbs).....After I'm in ketosis, I will just check only if I ate something that may have kicked me out.


    When I first started doing this type of diet I checked 3 times a day just to ensure myself I was eating the right foods.....I suggest the same to you.  The ketostix are cheap enough to do that with...I think you get 50 in a container.

  17. Just familiar via online research the last few days...isn't it also possible to check levels via a diabetes "finger prick" monitor?

    find your local Walmart and they sell them at the pharmacy counter for 6 bucks.  No need to test blood.  Just pee on the stick and it will let you know if you are in ketosis.  Its also a good test for checking to see if a certain food will knock you out of ketosis.......for example....supposedly you cannot not eat breaded chicken on a ketogenic diet..... but I found these Perdue lightly breaded frozen chicken nuggets and the same kind as chicken strips that will not knock me out of ketosis per the ketostix.....  I'll take 15 of those nuggets, cover them in blue cheese and some wing sauce and boom....buffalo wings

  18. Umm it will work. But not if I eat 250g protein a day

    It 100% works, I trained a lady weighing in at 267lbs follow this diet with just a 2 day a week 30min workout routine (all she had time for).....and she successfully lost 110lbs over 14 months.  She is just one of many success stories I had from when I was a personal trainer 10 years ago.....they all followed this diet program....its money. 

  19. Haha yeah she was so pissed when I quit that sh*t on day 3. It was this huge scam, you can buy this guy's mix of vitamins and protein if you want etc... But the kicker was that you could have a hard lunch, in other words they suggest you go to chipotle and get the salad bowl. I did this twice and was about ready to kill someone on my train home I was so hangry. The ******* shake plan loads you up on sugar and protein and then tells you to go walk into a fast food place for lunch? Realizing now how carbs create hunger, I understand how crazy that plan is. I was real tight on cash like 8 years ago when I started working... It was pasta for me every night and I still remember how bad I felt.

    Anyway,, I don't drink to begin with, so this a plan I can probably pull off with less stress.. But during football and tailgating.. Meh probably taking a cheat day there

    Not much of a drinker either...which makes this diet much easier.


    It will work....after 3 full (no bullsh*t) days.....you will not need to convince yourself of doing this anymore bc the initial results will already start becoming apparent.


    Are you familiar with ketostix?

  20. Nice post, thanks. It sounds crazy but I already feel better. No bloating, slight tired headache but clearer thinking at the same time.


    Your links have been a grail. I toyed with the calorie counter today but as you know it's not just calories, it's the quality of the food itself. It's just as important to eat good, natural food which you know.


    My wife had me doing the "Clean" plan last year which is shakes with fruits, protein and fats. I couldn't stand it, I was feeling extremely hungry for reasons you state above...feeling much better with this..I know you do 5-6 days but I may drag this out. It's going to be hard to do through Memorial Day weekend but I wanted to give this a shot anyway. I'll do my best


    @ Arsis, I didn't want to say anything but, 250g of carbs a day, doesn't exactly sound like ketosis for reasons quoted here?

    Fckkk, your wife makes you do that kind of sht too?? Lol.....My wife would have me living off of nuts and berries all day if she had it her way. She eats like a friggen squirrel.....but to each their own.


    If you can follow a ketogenic diet 7 days a week...then you will benefit that much more.  I have done it it for 5-6 months at a shot but football season and the holidays always makes me give it up over the weekend.  But let me tell you....come Monday morn, after a weekend of carbs, my body aches and feels inflamed...my stomach feels huge from being so bloated....and I am foggy as all hell until Monday evening.  Its a stiff reminder of how bad carbs are for your body.

  21. I didn't see the blog the first time u posted..but just read it...what a great resource...i threw almond milk in my morning coffee,,, had a weird feeling it was ok ....  did u see this link?  http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/keto.htm


    Ok so here's my lifestyle, i wake up, drive to work, sit for 9 hours, drive home, exhausted...maybe walk dog...5 days a week.


    Today I started ketosis...i didn't carb load because my life has been a carb load, so here's my plan for today:


    • RIght out of bed, coffee with almond milk, and I scooped a tablespoon of pure butter and ate it straight. Washed that down with water. When I go for something, I go all the way. Fiber shake before I left. Can't let plumbing get backed up on this.
    • Breakfast: 4 fried eggs, 3 strips bacon, 2 slices muenster 
    • Lunch: 2 cups mozzarella cheese, 1 cup romaine lettuce
    • Dinner: 4 oz ground beef (87%), 4 slices cheddar cheese

    Net: 2038 Calories, 71% Fat, 27% Protein, 3% carbs


    Feel good, maybe a slight headache after breakfast. Let you know how I feel in a couple hours lol.

    good link....i don't think I've seen this before


    give you credit with that butter.....that would be tough for me.  


    Thats a good meal plan...spot on.  If you had too much protein it will keep you out of ketosis...protein can convert into glucose. Too much protein = too much glucose  = no more ketosis. Ultimately everyone is different though...some people can handle more protein in ketosis than others 


    Here is a link to tons of recipes and meal plans......http://cavemanketo.com/  This website is just as much as a bible as the other link IMO.  


    I find the first 3 days to be the most difficult. When I was trainer in my younger days I had clients who after 3 weeks on this diet and made it into a permanent lifestyle after feeling that much better from not eating carbs.  Other things like reduced body inflammation, increased energy levels, lower blood pressure, clearer thinking, are other benefits when you dramatically reduce carbs from your diet.

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