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  1. don't disagree, just saying the fact that "everyone can't make the team" is not a reason in and of itself to trade picks.

    i disagree. Quantity over quality doesn't always work either ....I would be ok with trading a couple picks to move up on a Marquis Lee or someone else who may find themselves in the very early 2nd round.  

  2. 12 won't make the team but drafting 12 gives you a higher percentage chance of finding quality people. better for 8 of 12 to make it than 4 of 6

    Does it? I kinda like the idea of trading away some picks to get a person Idziks perceives as immediate value over someone trying to just make the team.  Dont get me wrong, not looking to trade away 4 or 5 picks here but I wouldnt mind grabbing 2 guys in the 2nd round.....lots of talent is going to fall into the 2nd round after tonight.

  3. 12 rookies are not making this team...and with that said...the Jets will be using some of these picks to trade up for a person of value.....whether that's in round 1 or round 2 or maybe even for an existing player like we did with Ivory last year....


    Also, another possibility is the Jets drafting defense in round 1 and then making a trade for a Denarius Moore or even a Justin Blackmon since Beckham and Cooks would be gone by their next pick in round 2. This seems less likely but I think its possible.  

  4. So you've RSVP'd to the mods draft party, I see.

    Nah cant make it this year unfortunately, but last years party was a blast I heard.....i think that's you over there in the pink shirt just as we were drafting Geno



  5. The Jets have been linked to Ebron and Beckham. Cooks and Lee are talking about being drafted by the Jets. Are we to believe that John Idzik, the media shunning adult in the room, has a leak in his front office? Or is the ever calculating Idzik actually out there pumping false information? There's been some media speculation about the Jets needing a CB, but no tie-ins back to the Jets. Is that because the Jets aren't interested? Or is it by design?

    And this trading up talk. Reports that the Jets are following the top QBs, and have an interest in trading up into the top ten for Beckham. Did Idzik allow his hopes and dreams to leak out?

    I'm starting to think it's all smoke. That the Jets are throwing out all these links to the WRs and Ebron in hopes that teams will trade ahead of them to take those players and push a CB down to them. And while the Jets are rumored to've spoken to teams about trading up, I find it really hard to believe that the value-oriented Idzik would be interested in trading up for a WR most people thought would easily be there at #18 just a couple weeks ago. I think if he's thinking about moving up, he wants people to think he's after offense, but really has his sights set on an impact difference making pass rusher like Anthony Barr.

    Yeah, that's what I'm starting to think...


  6. You think the Jets would pass on Cooks?

    I think the only way the Jets pass on Cooks or Beckham is for Dennard or Gilbert.  Between Beckham and Cooks themselves, it feels like a complete toss up at this point....and Im sure both will be there at 18 and maybe 1 of the 2 before mentioned CB's as well....it will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

  7. Not a fan of Manziel and it scares me that he's an attention-whore grabbing headline for Woody, but hopefully he's long gone before we can even think about it. Not really loving this corner class that much either, I think the WR crop is much more talented and deeper.

    For the first couple rounds the CB class is pretty good.  And Dennard is an absolute beast.....we would be very fortunate if we land him at 18. 

  8. No way he falls to 2nd.

    I think he'll be best WR in this class

    I actually see him going late first round......that or he will be the next WR to go after Beckham and Cooks....so not sure where that exactly puts him...somewhere between 15th pick- and the end of round one lol.........And if the Jets grabbed a CB at 18, I cant say I would be mad if they traded up a little to grab Lee late round 1


    If we ended day 1 with Dennard/Gilbert/Fuller and Marquise Lee, I would be a very happy man.....assuming we didnt have to give an arm n leg to move up for Lee.

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  9. lol


    fair enough, i'm a morning pooper / email checker... now THAT is a function I'm more willing to have associated with the Jets

    Lol....something about poop/pooping and The Jets does sound right together. 

  10. There's lots of things I like waking up to... the smell of bacon, a blowie, the smell of bacon... but emails from the Jets are not one of them.


    I'm just ready to play outrage ping-pong with the people who will inevitably get way too worked up over the horrible Izdick horribleness.

    Would love to wake up to a blowie then reach over to my phone and read an email of who the Jets drafted....hows that?


    And speaking of swine, I heard The Crusher actually sleeps with bacon.

  11. Enough with the friggen draft talk already....with that said.....I'll take this guy with our 2nd pick permitting our 1st pick was a CB.  Hopefully he falls hard to round 2.






    Marqise Lee was believed to be one of the top two wide receivers in the 2014 NFL draft during the college football season after a sensational 2012 season resulted in him winning the Biletnkoff Award as the nation’s top receiver, but after a disappointing junior season that could have been as a result of injury, Lee has seen his draft stock plummet.

    The former USC star could fall all the way out of the first round, but he’s hoping to land with the New York Jets take him with the No. 18 pick.

    “They’re a great organization,” Lee told Brian Costello of the 
    New York Post
    .  “They made me feel at home and made it feel like a place you want to play.”

    Red Ryan may favor a defensive player like Anthony Barr if the UCLA outside linebacker is available, but if Geno Smith is to realize his potential at quarterback, having a weapon like Lee would go a long way in helping him achieve that.

    When healthy, Lee has the talent to rival Sammy Watkins as the top receiver in the draft class, but will the Jets view the reward outweighs the risk?

    We’ll find out Thursday night during the first round of the NFL draft.

  12. Yeah but I think she makes more and is worth more than he is. Pretty sure she does it to mark hee property. She is just showing the world he is HER bitch.

    Spot on, Crush.  Spot...fckn...on! 

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