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  1. Googling news about the Jets I stumble across this old one from last season.  Its actually funny (in a pathetic kind of way) reading this now considering all the hope I would have expected to have by today's end....but obliviously to no avail.  The interesting part is Macs quote at the end: "...We’ve always said, from Day 1, we acknowledge that the real core of this process was going to be done through the draft. That does take time.’’

    His vision must clearly be building this team through multiple drafts and plug in guys from FA as needed.  I have to assume his goal is, and has been, to get his QB in the draft.....he must be confident whether he has to move up in draft or not, that he will get his guy.  

    We shall see.


    Woody Johnson should stay far, far away from Jets

    July 31, 2017 | 7:43pm



    Monday was the third day of Jets training camp and team owner Woody Johnson has not yet been to a practice or even inside the building.

    And maybe it’s best that way, because the further away from his team and the men he hired to make football decisions for him the better.

    Johnson’s only chance at turning around his floundering franchise, which last made the playoffs in 2010, is to let his general manager, Mike Maccagnan, do what he was brought here to do: Build a roster with young talent, primarily through the draft, and allow it to develop.

    An impatient owner — which Johnson has built a reputation for being during his 18-year tenure as owner (excluding his overextended man crush on Rex Ryan) — has no chance of changing the Jets culture.

    Maccagnan was hired because he’d built a reputation as a strong evaluator of talent. So let Maccagnan keep bringing in more talent and see where this goes. Unless Maccagnan’s drafts start looking like John Idzik drafts, he should be left alone to build the team.

    Continuity always has evaded Johnson, who at times has been too swayed by outside influences (see fans and media) and become trigger-happy (see the Eric Mangini firing).


    It shouldn’t matter to Johnson what his team’s record is this season when deciding whether or not to retain Maccagnan and his staff.

    If the Jets finish 6-10, 4-12 or 2-14 it, too, shouldn’t affect whether Maccagnan is given a fourth year to continue building the team. By all indications, it was on Johnson’s stern orders that linebacker David Harris, the heart and soul of the defense, and receiver Eric Decker, a dependable, productive veteran, were suddenly and curiously released in June.

    Those moves made it pretty obvious Johnson’s intentions are to tank this season in order to land the top one or two picks in the 2018 draft, which is projected to be rich with quarterback talent.

    So the Jets owner should be realistic about what he’s left Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles to work with this season, which on paper resembles the football equivalent of Triple-A baseball squad.

    A fair and obvious question about these Jets, in their third year under the leadership of Maccagnan and Bowles, is where exactly they are in the “competitive rebuild’’ process Maccagnan described this as when he was hired before the 2015 season.

    The Jets appear a lot more dialed into the “rebuild” than the “competitive’’ at the moment.

    They appeared all-in two years ago, re-signing Darrelle Revis and signing free agents Brandon Marshall and Decker. They went 10-6, barely missed the playoffs and Maccagnan’s “competitive rebuild’’ words rang brilliant, prescient and true.

    That 2015 season, however, raised false expectations — expectations that were dashed in 2016 to the tune of 5-11, leaving the franchise at its current low, with massive questions at quarterback and talent level in general.

    But maybe this group, predicted by almost everyone to be the worst team in the league, will surprise. There is talent on defense, highlighted by defensive lineman Leonard Williams, a rising star, and safety Jamal Adams, a potential Rookie of the Year candidate.

    “Every team goes into training camp with the idea of trying to make the playoffs,’’ Maccagnan said Monday in a 30-minute sit-down with reporters at the team’s training facility. “We’re no different than any other team out there. I feel this is going to be an exciting season based on what we’ve seen in the offseason.’’

    Asked about the tug-of-war between “competitive’’ and “rebuild,’’ Maccagnan said, “There’s always this idea that you either have to go long [-term] or short [-term] on the whole thing.

    “We have some good, young players that we feel good about. We’re still focused on building this team to the vision that we have for it long-term. We’ve always said, from Day 1, we acknowledge that the real core of this process was going to be done through the draft. That does take time.’’

    For the sake of Jets fans — who’ve been waiting too long for something to cheer about — like, say, a playoff berth — hopefully Johnson gives Maccagnan that time.




  2. 1 hour ago, Bugg said:

    Lots of 3 and outs on offense-EXCITED! YEAH! SAFETIES, MAN!  

    As of today, we have all of 1 player on defense, Williams,who causes opposing OCs some grief. And no pass rush to speak of. If you take out the Bengals game(which the Jets lost) the sack numbers are beyond pitiful. 

    Also, over the last 2 years the Jets lost your Pro Bowl center and LT, and not really replaced them. 

    There is no primo RB.

    The top WR from the last few seasons is now on the other side of the parking lot. 

    The QB slot is a toxic waste site crossed with a nuclear reactor meltdown.



    I honestly think Powell is going to explode this season for us. 

    I wont miss Marshall 

    Gonna be a huge year for Petty, he will surprise all. 

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  3. What is Mac's plan here though? Was this a planned move? I guess with the idea of having an elite safety tandem for the next 5 years? Or was this just an impulse move possibly because some deal fell though etc? I would have thought offense all day with the 2nd pick so I am baffled.  

  4. 1 hour ago, Warfish said:

    Dear God no.


    It's fine if Petty gets the chance to compete, vs. Hack, and (I hope) vs. another young QB with potential.

    But naming a starter now? WTF would we do that?  Whats gained?  Nothing.

    Because it gives the team direction and a sense of stability.  They can focus on building around him and let him to continue to develop in the off season.  

  5. 14 hours ago, flgreen said:

    Outside of OTA's that is usually difficult. In Petty's case it would be possible.  Robby Anderson lives in Teaneck.  Marshall spends a lot of time in the area because he wants to do the TV thing when he retires. 

    Petty in the off-season might, or might not be,  the penciled in starter.  Think they will bring a vet in.  Will Marshall work out with him?.............Will Marshall  be on the team? (I think so)

    I think the best thing Coach Bowles could do is call Petty the starter for next year at the end of this season.  The kid has done well enough (IMO) to get a full year under center with hopefully lots upgrades in the off season to surround him with. 

    Build around Petty, Powell, and Anderson with some solid veterans and I think this offense would have TONS of potential.

    The defense needs to be gutted all over.  Build around L. Williams and send Revis to safety.

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  6. On 12/18/2016 at 7:57 AM, nico002 said:

    Rocket arm, doesn't panic with chaos around him, accurate on sideline throws, fearless style of play, has obvious chemistry with Anderson, which tells me he can develop that sixth sense connection with WRs with enough practice.

    The wake pick was a rookie mistake, but he did try to pull the throw back, the other was a slightly underthrowb deep ball 

    with more coahing and pratice time I'd rather have this guy out there than fits or geno 

    and really, he probably looks better than any jets qb since farve 

    I'm tentatively optimistic boredering on excited 



    100000% agree

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  7. 20 minutes ago, PatsFanTX said:



    Why is it that every time Revis gets smoked, it's considered a "fluke" play?


    Fluke plays do not occur every single week.

    Lets make Fluke the word of the day now!

    What do you call the Pats winning a superbowl without cheating?

    A fluke!!!

    Have a great day, a$$hole!

  8. 34 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    i don't fault revis being burned by the fastest guy on the field.  i fault the jets for not giving help to anyone covering goodwin.  

    even revis in his prime gets burned by him.  the guy is just too fast.

    Revis said after the game he wasn't aware that he was an Olympic sprinter.  They were also knocking on the jets scouting dept. this morning on the radio for not having scouted this guy and his big play threat and Olympic speed.  By overlooking this guy they basically set Revis up for failure. 

    After that play and for the rest of the game, Revis backed off and respected his speed.  Revis was not going to get beat a 2nd time....and he didnt. If Revis was a sh*tty CB then he would of been abused all game by him and he wasn't. 

    After that fluke play, Revis did his job for the rest of the game IMO. 

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  9. 50 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    I'm a big Fitz supporter, in the context of "he's the best of the bad options we have before us". 

    That being said, I find it absolutely inexcusable to pay a 10-year veteran $12mil, after what was essentially a holdout, then have him put the ball in the air 35 times, and only amass 180-something yards passing. Sorry, I watched Wentz, Garrapolo (a guy I lobbied hard for us to draft), Dak (another guy I wanted us to draft), even Shaun Hill, and Osweiller (a guy I suggested trading for a few years ago, before he even took a snap in 2015), all do more to help their teams. 

    The part of me that just wants to put Petty out there under the premise that his skill set can get us 300+ yards and multiple scores weekly, but he's going to throw 20 interceptions. I'd almost rather have that. I don't believe Geno gives us that, Geno gives you turnovers PLUS will struggle to score. I think Petty can hit big plays, but will make mistakes. I think he has the balls to stand in the pocket and deliver. I think he'd be better than Garapplol was for the Pats last night, and Semian for the Broncos. I'd put him on Bortles year 1 comparison. 

    With a defense like ours, if we hold a team under 24, we should be winning. It's pathetic, when you look at our lineup, that we have to scratch and claw our way into the endzone. 

    If we go 0-4, or 1-5, or some crap like that... then I'm ready to glimpse into the future.

    Could not agree more. 

    I dont think it will be long this season till we see Petty anyways.  The way Fitz throws his body around out there its only a matter of time till he injuries himself...again.

    I know Petty will bring bad and good when he plays...but I think the good he brings will be really good and will be worth continuing on with him. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, detectivekimble said:

    The idea is to let Gailey work with Petty and Hackenberg and hope that one pans out.  Both are smart, tough and have the physical tools.  It's not a bad plan at all.

    When you look at it that way, it makes it sound like a pretty good pick.  I would have to imagine between Petty and Hack one of these guys can be our guy....if not fire everyone involved in drafting either QB.

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