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  1. According to Forbes....He has endorsement deals with Nike, Alaska Airlines, American Family Insurance, EA Sports and Levi’s. And his jersey was 2nd best seller last year.  I'm sure he is not even aware of how little he is making with his NFL contract right now lol. But he will be making bank soon!



  2. I think you missed my sarcasm. The Jets will look to upgrade the #3 QB. I would make sense to take a project in the mid rounds who needs time to develop and can learn under MM.


    Simms is bad.

    I didnt miss it.  


    I think Simms is the better option than a mid round pick this year so we simply disagree.... its cool. 

  3. I don't know if this is just fun for you or you're serious, but Matt Simms will almost certainly be looking for work by the start of the season if the Jets decide to use one of their storied twelve picks on a QB.

    Mostly serious here Slats...I do feel if Simms was given the same opportunity as Geno last season he would have out performed him by a mile.....maybe even a mile and a half.....I wish I felt different since Geno is our 2nd round pick and all....but i dont.  

    We already know Vick is injury prone and Geno is not proven at all yet so he can easily go in this year and stink it up....if both Vick/geno were on the sideline, I'd rather at the point be looking at using Simms rather than some rookie from the later rounds of this years draft.  jmo. 

  4. I'm shocked mehta didn't go right for the conspiracy angle of why the jets aren't letting simms compete for the "open" job


    whoever prepped geno for his media sessions deserves a beer

    He wont have a choice once Simms out plays Vick and Geno this preseason.

  5. I would be interested in trading down for this 6'5 beaassst if we didnt have to sacrifice too much.  But cant see Idzik doing that....I expect at this point him keeping our pick and going for Beckham/Cooks....





    A little news out of Jets camp this evening. This is courtesy of Manish Mehta:


    Manish Mehta @MMehtaNYDNFollow

    Texas A&M Mike Evans is indeed visiting the Jets tomorrow, as @MikeGarafolo said. No way he makes it No. 18. Will have to trade up. #nyj 10:34 PM - 20 Apr 2014


    So Mike Evans is scheduled to meet with Rex, John, and company. The Jets are looking to add playmakers on offense, and Evans would certainly fit the bill.

    The question is whether or not Evans would be available to the Jets with the 18th pick. The resounding opinion is no, he would not be. If you take a look at the mock drafts and the collective opinions around the league, there is no way Mike Evans would be available.

    So, would the Jets trade up to choose him? Logic says no, thanks to the depth of the WR class. But, it will always be hard to get a read on John Idzik. Maybe he covets Evans that much? We’ll see.

  6. I understand the concern and truthfully - I had similar thoughts initially, but the prospect of having a Steve Smith or DeSean Jackson type receiver (not even counting Welker cause he's too slow to be considered "similar") really overcomes any fear of their height. Plus, we've got plenty of tall receivers to line up next to him (Nelson 6'5", Hill 6'4", Jones 6'3", Salas 6'2", Jones 6'2").

    I'm hopeful to get Cooks - could be huge.

    Good point.


    Beckham measured in at the combine at 5'11.2" and 198 lbs, that's plenty solid enough. I'm sure people are getting tired of me saying this, but he's going to be a larger, faster, more explosive Randall Cobb.  I know Cobb's played exclusively out of the slot in Green Bay, but before he broke his leg they were trying to get him all over the field.  Beckham is gonna be a star.

    I just read recently Beckham was the best all around athlete in the draft so you could be right....my like for him is growing the more I read up on him.


    There aren't many truly dominant #1 WRs in the league. What the a Jets need is simply another playmaker. I'd rather have speed than size. As has been pointed out, the Jets have a lot of size on the roster at the position already. A guy who stretches the field would be an ideal add.

    If you have Decker, a speedy first round pick, Kerley, Cumberland, and CJohnson all on the field on passing downs, all you really need from there is a QB who can make reads.

    That does sound pretty damn good 

  7. Do the Jets invest their first round pick in a WR thats under 6ft? Not sure if that will fill the need of having a dominant #1 WR to play opposite of Decker. I would take Ebron over these two if he was still available. 





    The Jets have added running back Chris Johnson and wide receiver Eric Decker to the team this offseason, but few expect that they’re done addressing the offensive skill positions.

    The Jets will add some fuel to that school of thought next week when they host wide receiversBrandin Cooks and Odell Beckham for pre-draft visits. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that both players will spend timewith the team.

    Cooks has been on the Jets’ radar for some time as offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg checked out his pro day at Oregon State last month. The Jets were thought to be very interested in wide receiver Tavon Austin last season and Cooks, the fastest wideout at the combine, would offer them some of the same skills.

    The same is true of Beckham, who is a bit bigger than Cooks but still under six feet. Beckham was also a standout returner at LSU, which would broaden his potential contributions to the team beyond playing opposite Decker in the team’s offense. Throw in USC’s Marqise Lee and there are three receivers cut from a similar cloth that the Jets will be considering for the next few weeks.


  8. My buddy went to UW and lived out there for the better part of the last decade and I went out every chance that I got. He and his brother along with another friend had a place on Lake Washington that they rented, that place is absolutely beautiful. He was saying in the half-dozen years or so that he was there, rent around that area went up at least 50%. Definitely a really cool and outdoorsy city.

    not to mention its legal to posses pot in Seattle :cool0044:

  9. Not a critical piece...Draft Amaro in 2nd, go Cooksin 1st round.

    Its Ebron or nothing.  If we dont take him at 18, then tight end shouldnt be on Idziks mind till much later in the draft in my opinion. We need to be thinking CB come round two if we went offense with our 18th pick.


    If they dont go after Ebron, given he was available at 18, then Im assuming they will rely on Cumby for the season so why bother giving up a 2nd round pick for a back up tight end ya kno.

  10. You guys think MM would want Pryor? Only 24 about to turn 25 and has the mobility of our 1st and 2nd stringers. Probably an upgrade over Simms. Are they looking to bring back Winslow Jr.? Finley may be the guy we get cause in no way should we go into the draft with our TE position being weaker then it was last season.


  11. If we get Ebron on this offense I will be souped out of my damn mind! He will make an immediate impact on this offense and would do wonders drawing attention away from Decker or vice virsa.  I agree the Steelers can be our choke point with Ebron, but also think the Bills are expecting to get him as well so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.  




    I must confess: I was born in New York and when I was five years old I lost my heart to the glory of Namath. Despite all my family could do or say, I grew up as a Jetsfan. The Jets are for me like that girl you fell for at 13; the one who made your liver do backflips every time she smiled, and who's since moved to Atlantic City to be a sometimes-headliner showgirl almost, but not quite good enough to make it in Vegas too. As if that was the big leagues. Meanwhile, you ended up in Pittsburgh and discovered a team actually worthy of your love in the land where Namath was born ... though you never forgot the thrill of that smile.


    The point is, I know what it means to be a Jets fan. Jets Fan has been trained by the lash. Jets Fan was raised in utero on tales of the mighty Wall Street Giants who dominated the 50's. Then that brief flash smile when you were a kid ... followed by the Dolphins and Shula. O.J. Simpson (who we regularly stopped when no one else could, by the way). Then Buffalo, with Kelly and Bruce Smith. Then the damned Giants again, whose only saving grace was the fact that they stuck it to Buffalo. Miami with Marino. Then New England, with Belichick and his crazy defense...and then with Brady...and then Brady and Welker...and then Brady and Welker and Moss...and then Brady and Gronk and Hernandez...and then Brady with Effin' Nobody!

    Jets Fan has been trained by the lash, and above all Jets Fan wants to get back some of his own. And in this mock draft he will, thanks to the Pittsburgh Steelers.




    Now I don't want you to think that Jets Fan is irrational, or lacks a sense of history. Pain makes for an excellent teacher. And you know what Jets Fan has learned from all the pain? Defense wins. Jets Fan remembers '69 Jets and knows that Namath wasn't the key. Broadway Joe was great, and he was my guy, but Johnny Unitas was better and I'm man enough to admit it. The Jets wonSuper Bowl III because we held the greatest offense in football to seven measly points. 16-7. Look it up. The Dolphins succeeded the Jets with the No Name Defense, until they were surpassed by that vicious Raiders D and then the Steel Curtain. Jets Fan hates the Giants and would have scorned Phil Simms, but Lawrence Taylor? The stuff of envy and lust - and the stuff that stuffed Buffalo's vaunted K-Gun. Yes, Brady's been killing us, but even that super-model-marrying [string of expletives deleted] hasn't won a Super Bowl since Belichick's defense fell apart (thanks again Giants!). And it wasn't that long ago that the Jets made it to Championship games ... with defense.

    So don't kid yourself. Jets Fan believes in defense, and if there is a great defensive player on the Board the Jets are going to pick him regardless of what the pundits might say. I did my research over at Gang Green Nation and heard threats of violence if Mosley got passed over. But there hasn't been a worthy defensive player on this particular Board since pick 11 so that hasn't been an issue. Which brings us back to the Steelers.





    The Steelers are the choke point for this year's Jets because we have similar needs. Both teams want a corner. Both teams could use a great ILB. Both teams will never look away from a pass rusher. And both teams want an offensive playmaker. The emphasis is different because the Steelers need defense 2:1 and the Jets need offense in about the same proportion, but the actual positions overlap. So my inner Jets Fan cringed when the Steelers went on the clock ... and broke out in cheers and tears of joy when the name Dennard got announced. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

    There has been a hearty debate over at Gang Green Nation on the Beckham-or-Cooks issue because anyone can see that those are the likely wide receiver options. Should the Jets go for the athletic genius who plays inside and out, or the next Wes Welker who will dominate from the slot? Here's their poll if you want to vote. But the win of all wins - the one that Jets Fan knows will never happen...


    With the 18th pick, the New York Jets select Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina.


    Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

    There are Receivers to be had in Round 2. Lots and lots of them. Jordan Matthews, Donte Moncrief, Allen Robinson, Cody Latimer, Kelvin Benjamin...they aren't Beckham or Cooks, but they're first round talent nonetheless. In any other year, getting one of those in the second would be a dream come true. This year it's realistic.

    At tight end, though, there is no one even close to Eric Ebron. The Jets are so hungry for Ebron that our GM has been spreading anonymous rumors about his supposed shortcomings. (If you didn't realize that "anonymous executive" starts with a capital "I" and ends with a "k," you're the only one. Jets Fan has been laughing hysterically that the media gave that line so much play). Jets Fan believes the same thing as Mike Mayock: that Ebron may be the most athletic tight end in the NFL from the moment he steps on the field - not the best one, but arguably the most athletic and with the potential to be the best. Eric Ebron may even be the #1 player overall on the Jets Board. Jets Fan raced to the podium for Ebron in the SB Nation mock, and Jets Fan will do it again here.

    All hail John Idzik and the power of well placed nasty gossip. P.T. Barnum, the native New Yorker, said it right: there's a sucker born every minute. After years of getting gashed by Gronk, Jets Fan is going to get back some of his own! Eric Ebron, welcome to the team that used to be the most dysfunctional in all of football, but isn't any longer. J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!




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  12. what falls on Rex is the quarterback he chooses this season.  Pick the wrong QB to go with the talent Idzik brought in and I can see Rex taking the blame for a losing season.  I am sure between Geno/Vick/Simms, one of these guys can make it rain out there on the field with a Decker and a CJ2K and hopefully a beast of a round 1 WR or TE.  

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