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  1. Do you really trust him to do what we want? I mean, he did let your boytoy Spadola walk.

    ah man, u had to mention Spadola on me....I just finished therapy over that whole sitution.....that was our Decker right there!  All I'm left to dream about now is Simms throwing darts to hopefully DJack all over the field next year.....c'monnnn Idzik


    But to answer your question, no....i dont trust him to do what we want....this guy wants to build a team through the draft and plug holes as needed along the way....not sure he gives a sht what the fans think in the meantime.  

  2. How would you guys feel if Sanchez wasn't cut next week, comes to training camp, and out plays all qbs on roster including Geno?


    Do we still all want Sanchez gone?

    Do we still keep faith in Geno regardless of Sanchez's play?

    Or do you hop on the Sanchise train one more time? 


    I say, stick w Geno bc Sanchez will suck ass sooner or later(again) and by that time Geno"s self esteem is broken.

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