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  1. Someone posted that he wanted at least the money Talib got or something like that.

    Just read this morning that he had turned town 6yr 54mil from Broncos......dammmnn.... I didnt think he was looking for more than 5mil a year

  2. Why do you say that?


    Pettigrew doesn't prevent drafting Ebron if he's there.  Further, it removes gambling the position on other teams NOT drafting him.  Then there's the other thing, which is that Ebron might not be all that once he's playing with the adults (or not for some time anyway).

    I assumed they would go another route with their pick by bringing in Pettigrew now... but you make a good point.

  3. Persona


    I am a seriously distraught Jets fan today. I am livid.


    1)      You have a need a CB

    2)      You have 40M in cap space

    3)      Revis wanted/would to come to NY

    4)      You have NO-ONE on your current roster that you have to pay big money too in the next TWO years besides Mo Wilkerson. Who are you saving the cap space for? We arent the 49ers who have to pay Kap, Crabtree and Company OR the Seahawks with Wilson, Sherman and friends. I don’t understand at all.

    5)      The NFL cap is projected to rise at least a little every year for the foreseeable future.

    6)      This is a business. Revis is a business man. He deserves every cent he can squeeze out. And if Woody killed this deal bc of the past history with Revis, he’s a fukin piece of $hit.


    And to top it all off, Revis is now on the Patriots. There is a tiny piece of me that hopes Revis has a game winning pick 6 in the Super Bowl bc Woody and the Jets deserve that fate...us Jets fans deserve a lot better.

    I agree. This defense needed Revis back in the worst way....bite the fckn bullet Idzik/Woody and bring him back where he started his HOF career instead of now looking for some half ass corner that will be half as effective as Revis would have been. Having Revis, a complete shutdown corner, allows our defense to do so much more.....especially with a beast of a line that we have now. Him going to the Pats is a complete fck up on behalf of the Jets front office. 

  4. Revis Refused because he wanted control of where he wound up. Im pretty sure he knows he not getting 16 mil from anyone, he will be in the 11-12 range and maybe less if he could get guaranteed money up front. If Revis gets some stupid long term deal he will not be finishing out that contract since he will be in his mid 30's and on the decline.


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