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  1.   Yeah him refusing to go to Oakland and refusing to take a pay cut or renegotiate his contract sounds like humble pie to me.

    bc if he gonna be traded to some sh*thole team like the raiders then why would u do that for a paycut....on the other hand....he comes out and has the ability to make a little less and go where he wants

  2.   The world doesn't work that way.  Revis wasn't happy,  Woody was pissed.    Nothing was ever just patched up.   Idzik has no issue I'm sure as he really had nothing to do with Revis except to trade him and get something for him. 


     But the jets traded Revis because they didnt' want to pay him what he wanted.    Nothings changed.    Revis isnt going to accept a huge pay cut to play for the Jets and the Jets and Woody aren't going to offer him 14-16 million per year.  It's just a fantasy by most fans to think the real world isn't a part of the conversation.

    ahhh times have changed...playing at Tampa could have really humbled him

  3.    Most rumors have him going to the Patriots.     the only reports around the Jets interest is from Rex(a given) and the media, but there haven't been any official reports on Idzik actually wanting him.  And we know Woody doesn't want to deal with Revis.

    not sure of there being reports of Idzik wanting anyone but maybe decker lol

  4. Rex made Revis the player he was.  Like it or not. FACT

    I concur......if he can return to Rex and  not have these dumb contract issues every other year....i am confident he will finish career as one of best corners in history. I guess it could happen if he went to the Browns too but I dont think the big city lights of Cleveland will do him any good 

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  5. I'll take SS all dayy.  He may have lost a step but the dude can catch like the best of them, strong veteran, will smack Geno in the face if need be, and gives some damn attitude to last years pussy-footed team.  For the right price, I am sold. And not to mention he can mentor the likes of Kerley and other young wideouts we bring on.  

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