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  1. I will be souped out of my mind if Idzik gets Revis back in here next year for less than 10mil.  If Milliner plays next year like he did the last few games PLUS Revis on the other side.......nuts


    not to mention, we basically got Richardson for renting out Revis like a used whore for a season.....

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  2. I have a feeling Denver's gonna beat them

    All depends on how quickly, if at all, the Pats can learn the Broncos play calling signals.....if they can, I am sure the Pats will win......I tell ya, I cant wait to be watching an episode of "The Football Life" on the NFL network or maybe an E:60 on ESPN 10 years from now titled something like: The Patriots, a dynasty built on cheating.

  3. That the same thing as the THC oil? Everybody that I run into from out West says it's everywhere and phenomenal, but gets you pretty f*cked up. I like smoking as much as the next guy and even though I don't smoke enough for it to matter, I personally would rather not be inhaling anything that's been burned, just for health purposes. 

    Well, there is both....and my friend has both.  The vapor pen for the THC oil is pretty bad ass sht......no smell and you are LIT afterwards.......the vapor pen for regular bud is a little bit bulkier but easily fits in your top pocket and nobody gives it a second look which is what my friend has told me.....only downfall is it leaves a little bit of a smell and the pen cost my friend 300.  The pen for the oil only cost my friend 50 bucks.


    Both get the job done though from what my friend has told me....my friend has less access to THC oil bc he doesn't live out West so my friend uses the v.pen for his regular bud more often.  Both are great replacements for burning J's..... or burning anything for that matter.......according to what my friend has told me, of course.



    * I am in no way the person referred to as my friend in the above post*

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  4. I want Ebron in the first round and Golden Tate in free agency. I would be interested in finding another WR a little bit deeper in the draft, maybe 3rd or 4th round.


    Keep Ivory/Powell combo going and bring back Goodson.

  5. I would take Britt at the right price.  Britt we know has the ability to be a big time WR...just needs to get his head on straight.  Not sure if NY is the place he would get his sht together in either but I would be willing to take that chance given his potential...

  6. They took with #9 the player they were most afraid of losing before 13.  That player was Milner.  If they valued Richardson more they would have taken him at 9

    I understand....I am saying that if we had Revis going into this years draft then we would have most likely just drafted Richardson at #9 since there would have been no need for a CB ......so its hard to say that we wouldn't have Richardson if we didn't trade for that 13th pick

  7. Cam's been doing just fine.  Now he gets a must-win against a suspect Saints team, at home.  Stick with Cam.  You'd rather go down with your stud than have Cam go off but have Cousins cost you the title.


    And this coming from a guy who was saying to start Cousins last week.

    Thats the key I think....could I live w myself if I started Cousins and it cost me the game?....I dont think so....Cam I could...

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