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  1. Agree but I feel like we let Tyrod Taylor beat us. We had the tools in place to smoke the bills today but the defense played so soft it was pathetic to even watch
  2. A lot of what seemed like Revis getting beat or abused tonight by Watkins was due to the zone coverage the Jets were playing. Revis was not pressing Watkins at the line and then getting beat. I would have expected Revis to play him with press coverage and have some safety help over the top. It seems thats where Revis is at his best IMO More concerned of the defensive play calling then Revis if anything....I would expect Norman or any other elite CB to have the same success in that defensive scheme today. At the same time, maybe Bowles had no faith today in Revis playing Watkins on the line...idk
  3. A shot of cortisone before the game and he will be off and running full speed, hopefully.
  4. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14462075/chip-kelly-released-philadelphia-eagles
  5. This only works if you can cover Watkins downfield. Which is the exact reason we brought Revis back....put Watkins on the island!
  6. Keeping the Fitz-Marshall-Decker trio together for the next 2 years is an absolute must.
  7. Beckham would abuse Cromartie, unfortunately. But Revis and Marcus Williams can hold him down no problem.
  8. Completely agree that Chan could do better with him
  9. I would sign up for Cutler before Geno again.
  10. His FIRST NFL game. Chill
  11. I feel bad for Cro getting hurt and all but I have about 10 times the faith in Marcus Williams at Cb#2 then I do Cro. Even if Cro ends up with just a tweaked knee or whatever... I hope he doesnt get the starting CB spot back.
  12. I still get the chills even thinking about that game. Id rather watch someone fall off a motorcycle than watch that again.
  13. I just feel so fortunate that I have something like this to entertain me over the off season. Everyday the shame of Brady on NFL network.
  14. Doesn't it suck for you that you even have to defend your all mighty QB and "dynasty"? Here you are with your favorite team having a few superbowl wins, a HOF QB, and Coach, yet for the rest of your life you will have to defend the integrity of all their achievements during the Brady/Bellichek era. There is always gonna be spygate, deflategate, etc.....they're not going away, ever. Your gonna here the same cheating criticisms from Jet fans as you will from a fan of any other NFL team when you try to gloat about your teams "greatness"...and that will be for the rest of your wicked life....it truly blows for you.....almost wanna feel bad for you, but i dont. So go ahead and carry on about your teams innocence instead of just being able to go J-off to to your favorite pic of Brady in peace.
  15. Simms may not be a top 100 NFL player anytime his future....but he definitely would have pulled more wins together last season than Geno did.
  16. here is a better question, when will the Jets have a QB in the top 100? Im gonna say..... Bryce Petty in 2017.
  17. I bet Mac wiped his ass with this report on draft day.
  18. Fckn pisst, I want Bryce petty
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