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  1. If we grab Bryce Petty with the 3rd than Mac getting an A+ so far.
  2. I get that....but Bryce Petty will out play Geno and Fitz in his rookie training camp......best natural passer in this draft. It will be tragic for me if we dont grab him with our 2nd pick because he wont be there for our 3rd.
  3. Incorrect. Bryce Petty will be the best QB to come out of this draft.
  4. Id like to as well, especially for a OLB....but I really want Petty and I don't think he is there in the 3rd
  5. I would like to see Bryce Petty come in with our 2nd pick. We have to have another option at QB besides Fitz and Geno.
  6. I want 1 of 2 scenarios to occur on Thursday: 1. The Jets trade for Rivers 2. The Jets land either Cooper or White and the next day grab Bryce Petty in the 2nd.
  7. Yea I just read a preview on that on Amazon.....very very cool. Going to order....thanks for the heads up on that
  8. that's about as useless and generic of a statement as an apple a day keeps the doctor away. For people who need to lose weight, that recommendation would have a 80-90% fail rate. Why? Because people who are over weight usually have a major inability to control their portions.....and therefore eat more than they need.
  9. Yea thats a spot on diet routine right there. I also do the opposite to get off plateaus by going about 10 days of very high carb and lower fat.....seems to help jump start things again. As long as I pick the right carbs for those 10 days, no additional weight will be put on. Ive never been so ripped in my life from doing those ECA stacks back in the day.....sht was incredible.
  10. I can still remember almost passing out from doing suicides at the end of practice to the 50 yard line.....5 yards at a clip.......one person stops running hard everyone had to start over from the goaline. And same thing with the water, if you even asked the coach for it you were called a p*ssy. I cant imagine that is HS football today still.
  11. Im on a 100 carb a day program currently. Just trying to lean up for the warmer months. This is just M-Sat.....Sunday is an all out carb binge fest. Will cut down to 50-60 carbs/day come May 1st and will follow that routine till September. I find myself working out the least during summer months so i try to keep diet routine as strict as possible, Im right there with you on weights and sprints......Ive been doin 2 days cardio and 3 days weights. The cardio days are sprinting on and off for 2 miles. Trying to build it to 3-4 miles by end of summer. I find sprinting to deliver results faster than long distance jogging.
  12. speaking of uniforms, i would love to see the Jets come out with a different alternate than the Titans one year...possibly the 80's alternate instead.
  13. Feel the same exact way but with Petty being the 2nd round project.
  14. threads like this remind me how bad I miss football season.......but if I had to choose I'd say 98 Jets hands down
  15. Mariano Rivera NOT blowing the two-inning save in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS......And therefore Boston doesn't go on to win the next 3 games and their first world series in like 86 years.
  16. What is OBJ once Revis shuts him down during the annual SnoopyBowl this year?
  17. what a p*ssy for wearing workout gloves thou
  18. Cant wait to see Revis vs Beckham Jr. .....but in the same breath, fck me if Revis gets abused by OBJ with these dckhead Giant fans Im surrounded by.
  19. Agreed.....and surely not taking anything away from them. Was speaking in terms of them outside of a jets cheerleading uniform......in your day to day environments.
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