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  1. That does not necessarily mean that he is worth a 3rd.

    I get that....but Bryce Petty will out play Geno and Fitz in his rookie training camp......best natural passer in this draft.  It will be tragic for me if we dont grab him with our 2nd pick because he wont be there for our 3rd.

  2. it's an old book, but it recommends a diet similiar to what you are doing.. weekdays lo carb.. friday depletion workout (every body part to completely empty muscles of glycogen stores ) the Friday night / sat carb load like mad.. theory being the body will divert it all to the muscles and you won't gain fat

    interesting read for sure.. I did it for a few months but the depletion workout was just too time consuming ..

    Yea I just read a preview on that on Amazon.....very very cool.  Going to order....thanks for the heads up on that

  3. The best fat burner is not eating more than you need and doing cardio twice a week.

    that's about as useless and generic of a statement as an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 


    For people who need to lose weight, that recommendation would have a 80-90% fail rate.  Why? Because people who are over weight usually have a major inability to control their portions.....and therefore eat more than they need. 

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  4. I cycle  low carb and have been getting good results switching it up.. Normally eat meats/nuts/veggies/fruits.. lower carb but mainly avoid processed foods, then every month or so I do a 2 weeks super low carb, high fat diet and it's helped me get through plateau's

    Yea thats a spot on diet routine right there.  I also do the opposite to get off plateaus by going about 10 days of very high carb and lower fat.....seems to help jump start things again.  As long as I pick the right carbs for those 10 days, no additional weight will be put on.



    eca stack is still the best fat burner i've tried

    Ive never been so ripped in my life from doing those ECA stacks back in the day.....sht was incredible.

  5. The sh*t we pulled in high school practice I'm amazed no one died. 2 a days in 100 degree weather with pads on with NO WATER.

    The water break was 10 minutes 50 dudes line up to get a water fountain in a hall way. We wouldn't just practice football we would run snake drills, bear crawls, spider-mans across the field 100 yards each way with helmet and pads and no water. In the Army we would do crazy stuff too but we always had water.

    I can still remember almost passing out from doing suicides at the end of practice to the 50 yard line.....5 yards at a clip.......one person stops running hard everyone had to start over from the goaline.  And same thing with the water, if you even asked the coach for it you were called a p*ssy.  I cant imagine that is HS football today still.

  6. Where are the updates, fatties?  I am just about to begin my assault on the world.  I am way fatter than usual at this point and have to cut.  My weight isn't so bad - maybe 190-194, but I am not carrying as much muscle.  Traditionally, I was an endurance guy, so I have been working on weights and sprints.  I have been doing that so long that endurance is becoming my weakness.  I used to play a sh*tload of basketball, but stopped when I moved down here and now that I am not playing football anymore I am just getting soft.  It is much harder to do this sh*t at 48 than 28.  Just surviving practice was an awesome workout.  Maybe I will coach so I can run with the kids some more.

    Im on a 100 carb a day program currently.  Just trying to lean up for the warmer months. This is just M-Sat.....Sunday is an all out carb binge fest. Will cut down to 50-60 carbs/day come May 1st and will follow that routine till September. I find myself working out the least during summer months so i try to keep diet routine as strict as possible,    


    Im right there with you on weights and sprints......Ive been doin 2 days cardio and 3 days weights. The cardio days are sprinting on and off for 2 miles. Trying to build it to 3-4 miles by end of summer.  I find sprinting to deliver results faster than long distance jogging.

  7. Good point, but it's not only that. At a typical game you're surrounded by thousands of dudes and the occasional hot chick (usually covered in an oversized jersey or cold-weather gear). Not to mention all the dudes running around in tights on the field.

    Now for a fanbase like the Giants, I believe this is a welcomed sight for most of them. The more sausage the merrier.

    However for us Jet fans, having attractive women "cheer" at a game is almost a necessity. Even if they're not all super models. Everything is relative. Compared to Jim, Bob, JimBob, Frank n Joe sitting around me, the sight of any cheerleader is a plus.

    Besides, every one of them is at least darn attractive even if not exactly your type.

    Agreed.....and surely not taking anything away from them.  Was speaking in terms of them outside of a jets cheerleading uniform......in your day to day environments.

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