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  1. It would be nice if he was Brady all over again... But didn't we think that with McElroy ??

    Simms DOES have a rocket arm. If he can read defenses better and work out accuracy... Dude could be something,think they would start him against Revis with just 1 practice and pre season game against starters if they did think of it ? Think Geno will get all the reps.... **** I want Simms out there though.

    I never once thought of that with McElroy.  


    I dont think he would get the start over Geno..... and Geno will continue to get all the reps like u say.... but if Sanchez is out for a bit....and Geno plays like he did last nite.....Simms will be in sooner than later I would assume. But that would be a huge blow to Geno's ego I'm sure

  2. C'mon people.  We all know the Jets are a blessed franchise. 


    When was the last time they had a run of bad luck?  This is going to be the Tom Brady story all over again.  Starter gets hurt, unknown guy comes in and wins multiple rings.


    Jets won't even have to cheat


    The best part would be that the Giants caused the emergence of this next star jets QB to replace the injured Sanchez...whether Geno or Simms....just the idea of that makes me soil myself.....maybe even the guy on the Giants will end up being Mo Lewis's cousin....great story!

  3. I'd like to see a lot of Simms in the final preseason game before I see his number called for week 1.  I do have to admit, he has a rocket arm which is really making him standout from the rest and he has great energy out there as well....the rest of the QBs are deer in headlights on every play.....and like someone else mentioned before in this thread - his face doesn't piss me off like the rest of them do.  

  4. An on field death is probably the only thing that could change that.  The NFL currently propagates the myth of safety.  There's no such thing in this sport.  Reality is, no one actually cares.  No one.  So, it'll probably take something catastrophic to change that.  But, even that would probably be seen as a one time thing.  Truth is, these people are sent to be destroyed for our entertainment.  No different than the roman gladiators, except they are paid well, as opposed to slaves.  The NFL's myth is that the sport is anything but that.

    There has been a death in Nascar and that did nothing to change the sport....maybe increased safety protocol but it surely didnt bring out the end of Nascar.  I wish it did but not even close.  Just bigger helmets for them as they continuously go about crashing into other cars and walls going 200mph..my point being, death on the field or not, NFL ain't going anywhere....maybe you would need like death a week for some real change to ever happen to the sport...which isn't going to happen so it isn't going to change. 

  5. So I can just smell it now, Mark starts the season, with the competition at his heels and MartyBall 2.0, Sanchez turns this Jets team into the Chargers Brees/Rivers situation. Brees was unspectacular until the Chargers went and drafted Rivers. At that point, a switch clicked in Brees' head and he went on a tear for the Chargers. The Chargers were commited to Rivers with what was basically the 1st overall pick of the draft, they let Brees go. We all know how that ended up for the Chargers and super bowl champ Saints.


    Does anyone NOT see this being a classic Jets dilemma in the making?


    I'm sorry but I cant smell that. All I smell is Sanchez stinking for remainder of his career.  He is in no way whatsoever on the same level as drew brees...not now...not never.

  6. I always enjoy preseason games because I like to see the players out there who have something to prove from last year or the ones who haven't made the team yet to step up and play big...


    Who i expect to standout.... of course...GENO.....I expect to Jaiquawn Jarrett and Ryan Spadola to make names for themselves tonight and over next few weeks too. I also think Winslow will play very well tonight proving he isn't as washed up as everyone may have thought. I'm expecting to see Marty put some good plays out there tonight as well...and hopefully putting us far, farrr away from a predictable offense like the last few years under the old OC's. Guess will see soon.  

  7. Yeah, after those 4 games, we'll finally know for sure that he's not good.

    Well, really like 2 games but I figured giving Sanchez 4 games was more of a fair shot for him.  8 would be ideal, or hell...even the season just so Geno can develop, but unfortunately I don't have the patience to watch Sanchez play another season. 

  8. Sanchez should start for the first four games...at that point, before the season is sht canned, bring in Geno and lets see what he can do....I think Sanchez will set his own fate those first 4 games by severely under performing.... so it will be clear he permanently sucks and at the same time it gives Geno some more time to develop by watching and absorbing from the sideline.......Now if Sanchez comes out and performs well at the beginning of the season then that throws a wrench in everything i just suggested and oh well.

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