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  1. Well we don't really know Hernandez actually destroyed the security tape. 


    Some of these cleaning crews you hire, they just have to clean out everything-the bedrooms, the kitchen, the shelves, the security recording system.....

    There has even been times I've heard they accidentally step on cell phones if left laying around on the ground...leaving them in 3 or 4 pieces.  Somebody should really report these cleaning crews to the BBB.

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  2. Craig Carton is the guy I go to for a migraine, not legitimate sports information, between him and that self important douche Boomer that might be the worst thing on radio.

    Do you know how many arguments I could win around here if I had a cut off button like they do for the people who call in on the show?? Every time a caller as a valid point which opposes their point..CLICK!! And then you get to listen to their final say of course.....between him and francesca I tell ya... I just want to steer my car off the road sometimes if I get caught listening to long... 

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  3. No offense to any of you, as i'm sure you're also disgusted with your pathetic franchise, but Timmy Tebow has left TRASH for CLASS. Timmy has left LOSING for WINNING. I can understand Tebow not playing much for the Pats right now, but for the Jets and their horrid team? That is a travesty. The Pats have once again shown you how to conduct business.


    Tebow will be the successor to the greatest QB of all time and it won't phase him one bit.


  4. Except that was make believe as in "in a movie" Bill Superfoot Wallace retired undefeated, he fought kicking ONLY with his left leg as his right leg was

    useless for kicking from an accident. He had more contacts with his one left leg, than his opponents would with two.


    Undefeated. period.   Wallace>>>>>> Norris

    OK. But.... Bruce Lee>>>>>>>>>wallace, norris, segal combined.

  5. I too don't get the big deal. Great job by him on capitalizing on major opportunity THO. I think he landed Campbells or something...a couple of endorsement deals. 

    That's what one good year and a fancy touchdown dance will do for ya in this league....good luck to him replicating that season again...i think he had almost 500 less yards in 2012 then he did in 2011 and people are still going on about him like he's the next jerry rice.

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