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  1. Walker, Texas Ranger is a Tim Tebow fan.


    Chuck Norris, who played the ultimate tough guy title character from 1993-2001, wrote in an online column that he sees a version of himself on the football field in the now unemployed quarterback.


    Since being released last month by the New York Jets, Tebow has been told he might be suited for a backup role in the Canadian Football League or could fit in arena football. Norris feels Tebow should be in the NFL.


    "Tebow is a player who rises to the occasion and delivers big in critical moments," Norris wrote in a column posted this week for the non-profit conservative website Newsbusters. "He reminds me of myself when I used to compete in martial arts.


    "I would spar with my black belts in class, and sometimes they would outscore me. Yet in the tournaments, I would defeat them. My students used to ask me, 'Why is it that we can contend equally against you in class, but can't beat you in the tournaments?' My answer was always the same: 'When it counts, I rise to the occasion,'" he wrote.


    Norris said that he's followed Tebow since his days as the Florida Gators quarterback, and contends that the Jacksonville Jaguarsshould sign him.


    The Jaguars have repeatedly said they aren't interested in Tebow. He also has an offer to play in the arena league for the Philadelphia Soul.



  2. I'm more than souped on this kid.  His vision coming out of the backfield is just tremendous...the way he can find holes and accelerate through them with such great speed and agility just gets me so damn excited.  If we have a legit passing game this year, Ivory will be a force to be reckoned with. And if Goodson is to be there as a compliment to Ivory we will have a strong running game...and screen pass game. 

  3. If Geno Smith really can't beat out Sanchez - never one to do well in pre-season himself - then he shouldn't be starting week 1.


    As much as I can't stand Sanchez, if he wins the job he wins the job.  The chances of him keeping it are pretty slim anyway.

    And that my friend, is the silver lining.

  4. I do think were gonna see Sanchez to start the season and hopefully that will be the end of him and his headband from there.  I just couldn't imagine the Jets not getting Geno in there once Mark begins to screw up and he is bound to screw up.  Especially bc of the high scrutiny he will be playing under each week. Every single mistake will be magnified a million times more bc of that sh*t show he put together last year for us.   Almost like everyone just sitting around and waiting... and waiting... for that interception so #7 gets the call come in.

    Like i think i saw Slats say before...Geno is a hit or miss thing....we either won the lottery by scooping this guy up in the 2nd or he was just a waste of a pick which was just our 2nd round pick so we won't be scarred for 20 years from it..........so if Geno can't git-r-done either, then off to scoop up our franchise QB next off-season. But ultimately, Geno has to play this year otherwise were not gonna know what the hell to do at QB! And the chances of Mark Sanchez turning it around and winning over Jets fans are highly doubtful...you probably have a better chance meeting T0m Shane before that happeing

  5. Perhaps not, but by the same token, based on what statistic has Revis ever been the best?  That's not even meant as a criticism of Revis, but the truth is there's not many stats to really measure CBs by and Revis has never been much of an interception machine.

    I completely agree..thats why I asked the question...bc I, myself, do not know what statistic you could possibly base that off of...i thought jetsjetsjets possibly knew something I didn't.  


    im not basing it off a statistic im basing it off him coming off a torn acl

    thats why i asked, bruh

  6. what statistic do you want?


    ummmm i can make one up for you? The stastic he wasnt amazing when he held out and had bad hamstring?


    what statistic are you basing he will be best cb in league off of?

    I don't want a statistic...and I never said there was a statistic.  I was simply asking you what statistic IF ANY were you basing him not being the best cb in the league next year.


    NFL networks top 100 players of 2013  :winking0001:

  7. I think he'll become more fluid as he learns the pro game. He came into the league as a very raw prospect, but the talent is there.

    thats what I'm hopeful about..he has the size n speed for sure...he just needs to come into his own...sooner than later i hope

  8. Oh yeah, I'm not expecting to see another CB replicate his 2009 season any time soon.  The point is, neither will Revis.  Revis was great in 2011, but I just didn't see what he did that put him on any level above the league's other top CBs.  As far as 2010, he really gets no sympathy from me given that his injury was his own fault, as he showed up to the team completely out of shape, which caused him to play rather mediocre even before the injury.  I guess my only point is that his 2009 was absolutely amazing, but outside of that year, I don't see much distinction between him and any other of the league's great CBs.  Doesn't mean he's a bad player, far from it, I personally just don't get the pedestal he's been put on.  Given the health issues, I actually trust Cromartie more this season than I would Revis.  Doesn't mean I'll be right about that of course, but just my opinion.

    Well i will credit you this.....your points make me feel a tad bit better with having him gone...although i only agree about 75% of what you say its not worth arguing at this point bc he is a buc.  Cheers!

  9. I never said he wasn't proven.  I never even said he wasn't excellent.  That said, he's still living off the hype of an admittedly amazing 2009 season, in which he still lost out on DPOY to another CB.  In the three seasons since then he has been unable to replicate that season or prove himself to be substantially better than the other top CBs in the league, never mind the GOAT.  Forgetting the money for moment, I think the guy is a fantastic player, but has simply become overrated based on one season from which we are now 4 years removed.  That's not particularly helped by the fact that he's coming off a serious injury and has now missed games due to injury on 3 occasions over the past 3 seasons.

    your points are all valid. But hes not overrated and that DPOY award was all his and the only reason it wasn't was bc of the team he played for and everyone knows it.  He played at an elite level in 2011 as well...in 2010 he was hampered by the hammy injury but still performed exceptionally well.  When all is said and done w Revis career...the only one who can be put next tot him is neon deion. And to be honest...I'm not sure you will see a CB do what he did in 2009 for another 15-20 years if that.

  10. Is it still 2009?

    Your a fool for even making that comment. He is beyond proven.  I will happily eat sht if I'm wrong this year.....and i know your next comment will be well he wanted all this money and cornerbacks dont win superbowls and ra ra ra ra ra ra ra. Revis is elite and your ignorant if you think otherwise.

  11. What irritates me about Hill is he doesn't seem to posses any fluidness.  He is very rigid and uncoordinated and there really isn't anything smooth about him.  Actually, he seems very awkward out there at times.  Maybe its something that will develop for him very fast hopefully.

  12. Buccaneers hatched trade idea for Darrelle Revis soon after injury



    Bucs GM Mark Dominik saw the knee injury as an opportunity to land Darrelle Revis. (USA Today Sports)

    Conor Orr/The Star-Ledger By  Conor Orr/The Star-Ledger  

    on May 21, 2013 at 9:15 AM, updated May 21, 2013 at 9:35 AM







    As with most deals in the NFL, Tampa Bay's interest in Darrelle Revis was hatched long before the papers were signed last month.


    In fact, Bucs GM Mark Dominik said that his team began showing interest soon after Revis endured a season-ending ACL against the Dolphins.


    “Quite frankly, it started when he blew out his knee,” Dominik said on NFL Network yesterday. “I actually went into our director of player personnel Dennis Hickey’s office and I said, ‘That could be a reason why he could leave the Jets.’ Because I knew what his contract situation was, and so when he hurt his knee, I thought, ‘That’s going to be an out possibility’.”


    Reports out of Tampa Bay suggest that Revis will be ready for his Week One return to MetLife Stadium and, about a month after the trade, Dominik still thinks he has the best cornerback in football.


    The Jets, meanwhile, await Dee Milliner's return to the field to see if they can develop a suitable replacement.

    Dominik DOES have the best cornerback in football...possibly in football history

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