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  1. this is a throw away idea but i like it. every team gets one "fan" draft pick. call it the 8th round if you want. 

    yea I'm sure for more reasons than I can count why it wouldn't work, but hell...i probably would follow college football a lot more...and imagine the tv ratings the last round of the draft would pull in

  2. The NFL should do something cool for once and let the fans vote in the 7th rounder instead of wasting my mental mind space by telling me your moving the draft back one more month like I give a sht.  Legit fans thou, maybe you have to own season tickets or something or have 10,000K post on Jetnation to be in this pool of fans that get to pick the 7th.


    I'm sure I would have chose Brady years back...sure of it

  3. Apparently today, he told Mike Garafalo of the AP that regarding Goodson, the Jets are interested in Truth, Justice and the American Way. Kinda the same motto of Superman.

    The American Way? WTF does that mean

  4. Why didn't Allen have a car? Did he not make enough with his rookie contract to buy a damn car?!?!? And why is it: "And, of course, Bush had a car. Allen did not"........is that statement bc Bush was a 6th rounder and Allen was a 7th? 7th rounders don't get to bring there car to mini camp? Kinda like a freshman away at college? Does he have a car for this off-season? These are my concerns

  5. BUT Woody will take attention anyway he can get it, and if Sanchez trots out on the field week 1 the Jets will get more attention (all negative) then the top teams in the NFL, throw in a pick 6 to Revis, and Sanchez (also the boo's will be aimed at the whole organization if this happens) booed louder than any other player in NY history, the media will be all over this, and the Jets will again be the talk of the league for all the wrong reasons!

    Revis is definitely gonna make us eat sht week 1... one way or the other  

  6. I disagree.  It comes down to the HC, NOT the QB.  It's part of the HC's job to keep players playing hard and busting their butts even when the team or a key player or players (even the QB) aren't playing well.  It's harder, but ultimately, the HC is responsible, NOT the QB. 

    I understand that's part of the Head Coach job description, but unfortunately it rarely plays out like that.

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  7. I totally disagree.  Part of it has been Sanchez, but it's been just as much Rex losing touch with the players, not being in control of the locker room, and no accountability when players don't play well.  Sanchez isn't the only player who has stunk on the field and not been benched.  Rex has made more than his share of mistakes and he is more responsible for losing the team than Sanchez imo.

    At the end of the day...it always comes down to the QB. Always.  Other players and coaches may have a hand in things...but it always falls back onto the QB when all is said and done.

  8. Jets RB Mike Goodson arrested, charged with possession of gun, drugs



    Mike Goodson, who was born in Irvington, was arrested on gun and drug charges Thursday night. (MCT)

    Conor Orr/The Star-Ledger By  Conor Orr/The Star-Ledger  

    on May 17, 2013 at 11:31 AM, updated May 17, 2013 at 12:17 PM






    Jets running back Mike Goodson was arrested and charged with possession of a handgun, hollow-point rounds, marijuana and drug paraphernalia after a 3:15 a.m. arrest last night in Denville, State Police officials confirmed.


    The Jets running back was in the passenger side of a vehicle that was stopped dead in the middle of the left lane on Route 80 West. A tow truck came up behind the vehicle and called 911 upon seeing the vehicle, police said.


    Goodson, who was born in Irvington, was taken to the hospital to be evaluated before being transferred to the police barracks to be arrested. The police are still unsure why the vehicle was stopped in the middle of the highway.


    The driver, a 31-year-old Roselle native named Garant Evans was also charged with a DWI. Goodson did not undergo a drug test because he was not behind the steering wheel, but the police did say that both appeared intoxicated -- Goodson enough to be transferred to the hospital.


    Evans had a prior felony offense, police said.


    The gun found in Goodson's possession was loaded with hollow-point bullets, police said.


    When reached for comment, a Jets spokesman said: "We are aware of the report and are gathering information."


    Goodson, 25, was signed by the Jets this offseason on a three-year, $6.9 million contract and added to a competition that included incumbents Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell as well as former Saints running back Chris Ivory.


    Ohhhhh, he is from Irvington, NJ...now this makes perfect sense! 

  9. If geno doesn't start then he isn't the guy that's all !! Nfl isn't built to develop you either can or can't right now

    not really... Aaron Rodgers had the opportunity to watch before starting and I'd say he turned out OK   Eli as well.  Sometimes I actually feel by having them start right away is more detrimental to them if anything.  Now, every QB is different, Luck, Rg3, Cam...all did well starting right away in their first season but unfortunately that doesn't always work for rookie QBs w high potential coming out of the draft....I personally feel if Geno had the luxury of coming in mid to late season he would do better than throwing him out there week 1.  I just don't think it will benefit him much.   

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