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  1. Honestly, its more the fact they are a "Jets Cheerleader" that gives most these girls all this appeal. A girl that was on the flight crew 2 years ago goes to my gym.....and truthfully you probably wouldn't give her a second look, and thats both now and then.......but if I pointed out she is/was a Jets cheerleader, now your telling me how bad you wanna fck her. Truth
  2. If Woody was like a big brother to him, I wonder what he thought of Idzik
  3. Rex Ryan might have been fired by the New York Jets, but he holds no ill-will for the franchise that gave him his first head-coaching job. The Bills coach told NFL Media's Judy Battista on Monday that he holds Jets owner Woody Johnson in high regard despite the sour ending to Ryan's roller-coaster tenure in Gotham. "I had a million positive things from that," Ryan said in comments that will air tonight at 7 p.m. ET on NFL Total Access. "Woody Johnson -- to me -- will always be a friend of mine. He's a guy that I respect. The man gave me a job when no one else [would]. "He's almost like
  4. the system is corrupt. Someone like him should have been made example of to all the other potential pills in drinks rapist out there.....but instead, they may look at this as a not so bad of a charge after all.
  5. The moment Marshall is sidelined with a hip problem, which will probably happen at the same time Decker has a hamstring pull, we all of a sudden have no WR depth......again. We need another legit WR in this draft.
  6. This image haunts me everyday
  7. I thought about this glue stick question all day.....all i can come up with is it would be much harder to twist the glue out of any other container that isn't round. Thats all i got though
  8. I think if the Jets changed their colors away from the color green, it would subconsciously allow our minds to cut ties with our Jets fan-hood....you know, for all of us who have been "bleedin green" for so long......and who knows, many of us may now consider the Packers or even the Eagles for our new team to support due to this abrupt color change of the NYJ uniforms....we may be looking for a new green uniform to support. With that said, i welcome a new color change.
  9. Me personally, I think Woody should be leading the chant from now on.
  10. Last time I went to Miami, I got blackout drunk, groped my friend's mom, woke up naked on the patio with all my sh*t covered in gallons of vomit. That gives me less shame than being a Dolphins fan.
  11. Petty in the 3rd and let him sit for a year
  12. Maybe Milliner will move to Free safety
  13. FCKKKKKKKKKKKK YEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FCK THE PATRIOTS!!!! WE GOT OUR BOY BACK!!!!!!!
  14. FA starts after signing Revis. Thats what Mac is doing right now.
  15. still, he gotta know what he gonna pay Revis before he knows what he gonna pay other high profile free agents
  16. He sure is....I was thinking more like 13-14mil/year but 15mil/yr seems realistic too. tbh, I'm just praying I can break my Revis jersey out again next year....like it didnt even miss a beat
  17. Mac is just 100% focused on Revis.
  18. call it what you want.....Suh wont live up to that contract
  19. I know plenty....and....Suh wont live up to that contract
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