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  1. Marcus Davis is a tremendous athlete with a rare combination of size and speed to beat defenders with ease.

    He has a knack for winning in jump ball situations and has the natural size, as well as running strength, to make plays after the catch.

    Davis actually came to Tech as an option quarterback recruit that made the switchover to receiver during his freshman season but hurt his shoulder and was redshirted.

    His four years have seen some ups and downs due basically to his lack of effort blocking during his senior year that caused him to be benched at the later part of his last season.

    Davis was very impressive in practices during the East West Shrine Game and actually displayed a lot of extra effort running plays out, finishing routes and even getting a little physical as a blocker.


    • Freakish height, speed, size prospect; Legit 40 inch vertical at 230+ pounds.
    • Such a fluid mover that makes plays and has moves after the catch.
    • Upside through the roof; could be a great if he embraces coaching.
    • Some of the biggest hands in this receiver class at 10 1/4.


    • While he has a lot of upside, he is still a raw player despite being a senior with three years of experience.
    • Not a hands consistent hands catcher in games and is still catching up on his route running.
    • Motivational concerns; Has a rep of taking plays off and lost his starting job for that.
    • Never really dominated at the collegiate level.


    Davis is a rare athletic specimen that has a place at the next level thanks to his size/speed combination to go along wit his presence as a jumpball threat.

    The former option passer has a mountain of potential at his disposal and while he may not have come close to realizing it, there will be a team that is convinced that they can get him there eventually.



  2. I do think Richardson will have a better rookie year than Milliner will.  Not saying I think Milliner will play really bad this year, I just think Richardson has a better chance to succeed in their rookie years.  I think ultimately Dee will be a great CB for us, but afraid he may get off to a little bit of a bumpy start.  Or at least it will seem that way as he will be in direct comparison to Revis and what Revis would have done on that play etc etc.

  3. Most probably dont care about this, dont blame ya but for those who just follow the league this situation is really hilarious. 


    In Jax, the only places to go out are at the beach, where I live.  My best friend manages the 3 most happening bars in town.  Anytime I'm up there, you can guarantee Justin and MoJo Drew are there getting sh*t faced.  No joke.  Blackmon is the type of dude is ordering a drink with it 3 quarters of the way full. 


    The fact MoJo drew is chiming in when clearly he's a terrible influence on him is the funniest part.  I've seen MoJo in the bar, no sooner than 1 hour after a game, taking shots, watching his fantasy team to the point he cant walk.  Blackmon is no different.  I've got a scout friend in town (interviewed with Jets to cover the South West schools) who said when he was visiting Oklahoma St., that Blackmon has to have a babysitter every where he went so he wouldnt get behind a wheel, drink himself to death or get high.  Pretty sure he's doing all the above with MoJo, which makes this all the more funny reading his comments.  

    speaking of the Jags and fantasy, Cecil Shorts killed it for me last year!

  4. Wilson = C-  been watching him since he played at piscataway high and i feel he had more talent then..but now he is just a mediocre(if that) cb..guess that is worth a C-

    Ducasse = D-  he wont be a Jet next season and hasn't done a thing yet but prevent himself from being cut, which is barely worth a D- but I'll give it to him

    Mcknight = C  because he pretty damn good at kick off returns, C+ if he woulda stepped up n played some defense last year or done a tad more at RB

    Connor= F  because he blows, he would of got a big fat ZERO but he had a pretty cool nickname being the terminator

  5. So let's assume for a moment that I did in fact misinterpret what your "Revis" post was meant to say (which you have still yet to explain what that supposedly was).  I have no problem with that, but then if you don't think Revis deserves to be completely credited with the success of the pass defense, then why are so angry for me saying exactly that?  I plainly stated that I thought Revis was a great player who was certainly a benefit to this defense, but simply wasn't deserving of sole credit for the success of the passing D.  You're somewhat insinuating that you agree with that premise, while at the same time flipping out at me because I said that.  So rather than telling us what you're not saying and why everyone else is wrong about what you meant; how about you just actually tell us what you meant?  You know, actually take a position, stand by it and defend it.


    I'd be more than happy to actually have a clue what it is you're trying to say, but you have yet to actually make that clear, instead choosing to deny agreeing with every possible variation of the opinions that have been mentioned.

    Ok, here's your clue: My position is that Revis played a HUGE roll in us having a top pass defense in the previous years.  I made a one word statement, not a theory.  Instead of assuming you could have asked me to explain and I would have. Or am I not aloud to make a one word statement? 


    And I am not by all means "flipping out" or "so angry"... don't give yourself so much credit ..you were putting words in my mouth and I was disagreeing with it.  That to me is annoying.  Its not like I'm over here trashing my office bc of your useless message board comments.

  6. Which is probably why you failed again.  You credited Revis as the reason the Jets had a top 5 pass defense every year.  Revis hardly played last year and the Jets still had the #2 pass D, so it would seem you are wrong.  That's not to mention the Jets had the 29th ranked pass D in Mangini's last year, even with Revis.  None of this is to say Revis wasn't a great player and didn't play a part in the success of the pass D in his time here, but there is literally nothing to support the concept that he was the cause of it's success, which is what you alluded to, even though you're desperately trying to backpedal now.

    Desperately trying to back pedal? I think not. Failed again? Sorry, I only win.   I mentioned one word, "Revis," and you started in with your assumptions of me giving him 100% credit for the Jets pass defense success.  Your just the typical Revis hater here who loves to make an argument wherever you see his name like some Anti-Revis Diva.....get lost bruh, you annoy me

  7. Huh?  Crediting one player for the success of an entire defense is absurd enough on it's own, but when one of the years in question is one in which that player hardly played, that doesn't do much to support your theory.  In fact, it pretty successfully disproves it.  You say you didn't even have to try, but you might want to give trying a shot, because you're not making any sense.

    Huh? I never stated a theory for starters. In fact, all I did was mention the name "Revis" when one mentioned having a top 5 pass defense year in and year out.  If you feel Revis didn't play a huge role in that then your a fool. I don't recall saying "Revis" plus giving him all the credit for the entire defense having success, I simply just stated the name Revis.  So there you have it again, I still didn't have to try 

  8. Joe Webb

    Kyle Orton

    Brady Quinn

    Luke McCown

    Matt Leinart

    Byron Leftwich

    Graham Harrell

    Charlie Whitehurst

    Tyler Thigpen

    Dan Orlovsky

    Bruce Gradkowski

    David Carr

    Derek Anderson


    He's better than all of them. This is not even the list of third stringers, these are backups. Say he's not better than these guys, go ahead, say you'd rather have any one of those guys leading your team instead of Tebow (as bad as he is) so you can reveal yourself to be either a liar or a fool. Or are you going to just drool 46% all day? I'd have to say pretty brave of you taking a position you know you'll never have to defend. I'd also say it was pretty funny how quiet you were last year after Sanchez fell on his ass. Tebow deserves no chance while Sanchez has had four ******* years or worse quarterbacking/leadership. Right.


    This is not me saying Tebow is great or it's a conspiracy against Christians. I could give a **** for Christians - and Tim Tebow's football career for that matter. I just hate when logic is twisted to fit someone's agenda while they spout sh*t that they know they will never be disproven on.

    I'd rather Carr or Orton play QB for my team rather than Tebow. Maybe even derek anderson

  9. Revis didn't play for over 14 weeks last season and our pass defense was still superb.  Try again.

    You said "a top 5 pass defense year in and year out" bruh, not the last 14 weeks of the season. So there, I didn't even have to try 



  10. Yeah, I'm so tired of having a top pass defense year in and year out.  Whatever "games" he plays on the defensive side of the ball, it works.  So I'll defer to him, particularly when it comes to DL guys.

    meanwhile....we haven't had real pressure on the QB since 2009. 

  11. Rex has treated Coples weird since he got here. From pulling him out of camp walkthroughs to burying him on the bench at times last season, you really have to wonder if Rex is just playing games with the dude, or if Coples is really that much of a headcase behind the scenes.

    rex is weird and i'm getting tired of his shtty games

  12. I'm hopeful that this was a a result of poor play design and coaching. MM should be able to design a better offense and actually implement it better than Tony S. last season. He couldn't do ANY worse.

    Exactly, we should be able to go up from here with the offense with MM because TS was the friggen pitts. I feel last year was kinda our "rock bottom"

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