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  1. Karlos Dansby, once the NFL's highest-paid linebacker, says Jets are interested in him



    Karlos Dansby, a 31-year-old linebacker, says the Jets are interested in his services. (Tim Farrell/The Star-Ledger)

    By Conor Orr/The Star-Ledger

    on May 09, 2013 at 1:10 PM








    Karlos Dansby, once the NFL's highest-paid linebacker, says Jets are interested in him



    Karlos Dansby, the one-time richest inside linebacker in league history, has yet to find a landing spot this offseason but has made the rounds.



    One of the most recent visits was to Arizona, where he started his career. The Bills and Bengals have also brought him in. But the 31-year-old linebacker said there are still other teams clamoring for his services.


    On a radio interview in Phoenix Wednesday, Dansby said the Jets, Texans and Falcons are interested in signing him, too.


    While the Jets have just recently moved away from an aging inside linebacker, Dansby, 31, may fit in line with their competition-first mantra. Cost, like it has been for all the team's potential free agents this offseason, will absolutely be a factor, but having a talented veteran to back up David Harris and Demario Davis couldn't hurt.


    Davis insists he's ready to take on a much larger role and move back inside. He's even looking for ways to become more of a leader.


    Learning from Dansby and David Harris, though, wouldn't hurt.

    * * *


    Jay-Z's RocNation has made their pitch to Geno Smith, according to a report by Pro Football Talk. They are one of a few agencies that are vying for the services of the Jets' rookie quarterback.

    Lost interest when he said "a 31 year old linebacker"  PASS!!!!

  2. Sanchez may very well begin the season as the starter, but if he does, it's because Woody either orders that to be the case, or because Rex has a Woody for Sanchez.  It sure won't be because Sanchez is the best QB or because Garrard has forgotten how to play.  If they go with who plays best and gives the team the best chance to win, the starter will be either Garrard or Smith.


    Unless Smith pans out and is ready to start or they just decide to go with him to see what he can do and let him learn while playing, the Jets don't have their QB of the future on the roster, so it won't really matter who starts from that perspective. Even if Smith proves to be the answer at QB, a strong case can be made for not starting him immediately.  Therefore, I believe that who the future is at QB is completely irrelevant, because we know that barring a miracle of Biblical proportions, that won't be Sanchez..  It won't be Garrard either because of his age and his limitations.  As you say, neither McElroy and Sims are the answer, so the only possibly QB who can be their future is Smith, and if he's not ready to start game 1, then whoever does start will just be a stopgap starter until Smith is ready.


    Since Woody is a clueless doofus, you're probably right that he won't cut Sanchez because of what he owes him. A good owner, one who knows the game, has pride in his team and really wants to win, wouldn't allow that to be a factor.  In fact, he probably wouldn't be in this mess, because he never would have let his GM give Sanchez that big extension.


    I didn't say or imply that you were stupid.  I'm sorry if you thought I did.  You said fans at the stadium without mentioning how you would think/feel about it, and so I rightfully thought you were talking about others, not yourself.  I never even considered including you in that category.  I haven't been around this site very long, but have been around long enough to think that you are a knowledgeable fan.


    The Jets HAVE deserved to be booed a lot.  At the end of last season, I had had it with the Jets and their stupidity.  I had been a fan since 1964 and was done.  I never thought Woody would fire Tanny, and had little reason or hope to think that things would get any better as long as Woody owned the team.  So believe me, I don't have a problem with Jets fans booing the franchise or Woody.  For much of their history, they've deserved being laughed at, ridiculed, scorned and booed.  What does bother me is when the team makes a rare good move and then some knuckleheads boo.


    We all have opinions on what we think the team should do and how they should fix their problems, and that's what makes these Jets' sites interesting.  Many, if not most, ideas have at least some merit and some connection with reality, but not all ideas are equal I've seen and heard a lot of ideas over the years that had NO basic connection with football facts or reality.  Some fans just aren't very knowledgeable.  Again, I'm NOT saying that you're one of those fans

    No apology necessary, my friend..i was just busting your chops a little.... And you make many valid points and we both agree here that Geno is the future... so really anything that happens between now and then is like you said, a stopgap.  I guess we will have to see how it plays out over training camp but ultimately it will be interesting to see how Rex handles this QB situation as the season begins and progresses.  Go jets!

  3. I totally disagree.  Just because he didn't play during the season last year, doesn't mean that he has forgotten how to play football or how to take a snap from center.  That's totally absurd.  Nor will Garrard be booed out of the stadium if he has a bad game in game 1.  Again, that's totally ridiculous!  What's the alternative?  Sanchez?  Roflmao!!!  Smith?  McElroy?  Simms?  Please.  


    You wanna talk about someone getting booed out of the Stadium?  If Sanchez goes out there as the starter in game 1, both he and Rex will get booed out of the stadium.  Sanchez should never see the playing field as a Jet again.  He shouldn't even be on the team coming out of TC.


    If you're right and there are riots and/or Garrard starts and gets booed out of the Stadium, then that just shows how drunk or how stupid (or both) many Jets fans can be.  We ALL know how true that can be.  We've seen it at the Draft when they boo players selected, we've seen it at games, where they leave early, and posting on Jets boards with insane ideas of players, draft picks and moves they want the Jets to make.

    I disagree.  If Garrad had hopes of being our future then i can see them putting him out there week 1, but he doesn't.  He is this years mark brunell and thats it.  He will sub in for sanchez when he blows it and from there he will just be filling the QB spot till Geno is ready... but Garrad aint starting in week 1.  Garrad is not our future and a bad game from a QB who is not our future will not be tolerated by fans/media/Jets. Sanchez, who is also not our future...we don't have much choice with bc so much has been invested in this loser they're gonna try n get their moneys worth before they completely sht can him


    McElroy blows and Sims blows more so help me God if either of them are out there week 1.  


    And you keep forgetting something buddy...the Jets have millions invested in Sanchez, MILLIONS!!!  They're not gonna let him ride the bench this year for Garrad just to release him at the end of the season. Maybe for Geno, but not Garrad.  They are gonna put him out there so they can make 100% sure they really blew there money on a QB before they just let him go.  


    And say Sanchez does go out there and stinks it up week 1 and 2 and maybe 3.. then here comes Garrad till Geno is ready.. which is fine by me.  But there gonna give Sanchez at least the first 2 games whether YOU like it or not.  Possibly from there I can see Garrad taking control until they feel Geno is ready, maybe week 8-10...who knows...depends on how well they're doing with Garrad.


    fyi--I don't drink and I'm far from stupid...when I boo the Jets...99.9% of the time they deserve it

  4. I understand how he could be more "ready" to start than Geno, since Geno is a rookie, has to learn the nuances of playing in an NFL type system, playing under center, adjusting to the speed of the game, the complexities of pro defenses, etc., but just how would he be more ready than Garrard, because Garrard didn't play last year?  Garrard's health?  Sorry, but I don't get that one.  Sanchez is awful, and totally a bad fit for the WCO, perhaps moreso than any other offensive system.


    If he's still on the roster, it's because of his contract, or a miracle of Biblical proportions has occurred and he suddenly has developed real talent and football intelligence.  

    Yes, because he didn't play last year and because he didn't play with the Jets last year so he wont be as familiar with Mangolds sac as Sanchez is.  If Garrad has a bad opening game week 1, he will be boo'd out the stadium by week 2 as being an old washed up QB who has no place on this roster as a starting QB.  If Garrad comes in to replace Sanchez, then anything we get out of Garrad will be sufficient until Geno goes in. So there is a big big difference in starting Garrad week 1 rather than Sanchez. And if we had to bench Garrad....and then we bring in Sanchez over Geno there will be riots in the stadium I guarantee you. So clearly the best option is to let Sanchez go out there week 1...let him fry himself the first few weeks then let Garrad come in till Geno is ready to take over. 

  5. And going into a season with Sanchez as the starter isn't (a recipe for disaster)?  


    Sanchez is the best chance to win games?  In what pinochle?  monopoly?  It certainly isn't football, at least not in this dimension.

    Even if it is a recipe for disaster, he may be the most "ready" to start over Garrad and Geno.  And at this point with Sanchez it will probably play out as a sink or swim kinda thing.  He is either gonna go out there and do well and start to win back the trust of fans and his team..or he is gonna go out there and stink it up again and get benched for the next best guy...probably at that point, Geno.  

  6. we cannot be the Seahawks of this year or better.


    Smith > Wilson & Rex >>>>>> Carrol


    I think we are going to surprise a lot of people this year.

    I think we can be the Seapigeons this year for sure.

  7. Yes, pretty much.

    They extended Sanchez before last season, and did everything in their power to avoid benching him. Including throwing a whole season in the sh*tter.

    Regardless, different decision makers, different circumstances because of the position.

    They threw the whole season in the sh*tter when they brought in Tebow. 

  8. Ivory will be the primary ball carrier.


    I wouldnt be surprised to see Goodson and Powell split back up responsibilities.  


    McKnight will still be on the team as ST's guy.  Kick offs, maybe gunner - things of that nature.  Then maybe they get him involved on offense with a few carries, some looks in the slot, multiple back sets, and maybe Rex gets jiggy with it and puts him in on D.  However, I doubt he's heavily involved in the offense.  I could be wrong but he's just a liability out there that I dont see MM putting a lot of faith in him carrying the ball.

    Yes to everything you say....I can see MM however using him in the slot like you say or even on screen options a lot too bc McKnight can MOVE if he catches a little day light.  That can't be ignored

  9. McKnight puts his blunt in a Bud Light can that he's turned into and ashtray, sips his Courvoisier McFlurry and stares at the TV. His eyes widen. "Yo, they traded Shonn?" It is May 8th, and McKnight's life has changed forever. He stands up quickly and a pickle slice tumbles off of his chest. "I'm the MAN, now." From another room, Hayden Panetierre, newly awaken, says "what, baby?"

    "Yo, I'm the MAN now. THE MAN."

    "You know it, baby," the actress says.

    "I'M THE MAN."


  10. Chris Ivory is our new starting RB. 


    The competition is for the #2 spot. There is a small handful of teams that uses one RB, hell even the Texans who have one of the best RBs in football rely heavily on a 2 back system. We'll do the same. 


    It's going to come down to McKnight and Powell. 


    Ivory and Goodson are set in their roles. 


    McKnight should be moved to safety.

    I do agree that Ivory should be our #1 and and that he will be our #1.  I just don't think the Jets are anywhere from making that official until they put all these guys on the field. ...for all we know, maybe McKnight was on the sauce all off season and now he is set to have a breakout year..Crazier sht has happened. 

  11. No wonder last years offense was such a disgrace.  How does the OC ignore the O's most explosive player? 


    Mark deserves the mulligan he's getting.

    Because Sporano was a complete dipsht thats how.  I like Mcknight and thought he did have potential with us but he is truly gonna have a hell of a time getting any time in front of Ivory....that is if Ivory performs like he did when he got the ball last year. Plus you still got Goodson and Powell who are gonna be hungry as well.  But hell, I'll keep him for kick offs and some screen passes here n there.

  12. I know what your saying but the media will just love it if we sign him. More Jets Circus story lines.

    i hear ya....I think there will be enough attention on Geno however... and BE would probably go unnoticed on this roster....at least with the main stream media he will.

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