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  1. There goes Rex again trying to fit square pegs into the round holes.
  2. he looks like a european tennis player with this image, not a NFL QB
  3. at this point, I feel like just get Sanchez and Rex back in there for one more year and then get them both the hell out of here. Not that i have beef w Rex like I do Sanchez but he's guilty by association.
  4. Good info....and tells exactly why it would have been pointless to draft a G at #9 because you can find prospects like this in the 3rd!!
  5. Those two particular scouts should now rethink their career.
  6. He didn't start bc he was in a crowded back field consisting Ingram, P. Thomas, and Sproles. So you take all those running backs + a offense that barely runs as it is = very little playing time. Nothing to do with anyone not thinking enough of him. Ask a Saints fan what they think of He had only those couple games when Sproles was out to come in and really show what he got and he did exactly just that. The guy was beasting it all over the field. Its also the reason why the Saints were able to trade him for a 4th this year.
  7. funny you mention that, I remember thinking like the same thing when I saw Milliners and Richardsons face when they stood with their jersey...it kinda looked like a face you give when you get a shtty gift at xmas but you still have to be polite and smile
  8. He really is being no different than Ray Lewis....maybe just a lil more blunt....and tad too political....but he can still lead us like Ray did the Ravens!
  9. IF he stays healthy...1,000 yards plus and 8 touchdowns next season....you heard it here first.
  10. stopped listening to that douche when the dog left.
  11. If Geno performs well or hell if Sanchez does a 180 from last year and holmes doesn't act like a lil btch this season I will be very into it. More than confident Ivory will be a beast for us so not much concern there. I hope our OL gets it together with the new draft picks and free agent pick up and we can put out a decent OL every week. Defense I feel will do well enough as is to compete every week.
  12. Didn't realized that. Is that bc they retired it or just a coincidence?
  13. Thats why I was curious about what they looked at as far as qualification to get in the ROH. Mickens and B Thomas were solid for us throughout the years but I agree their play may not be worthy of a ROH induction.
  14. And your right NJ mead., it would be very interesting to see if the Jets would honor Chad and or Vinny in the Ring of Honor. Again, not elite at their position but were very helpful to this organization during there time here and are fan favorites til this day for most.
  15. Your right, they seem to be picky which is what made wonder what is the exact criteria they're looking for to make the ROH. Do they have to retire a Jet or just play long enough with us to be recognized as a career jet, or both. And be very good too of course. Loved aaron glenn and victor green and Chrebet. Chrebet had the heart of a lion. Great list all together. Kevin Mawae was the best center in the league for years while he played with us so I would expect him in 100%
  16. After seeing on TV last night that Warren Sapp was inducted into the Bucs Ring of Honor, it made me ponder the question of who will be the next Jet to go in our ROH. I figured Revis was a given but apparently he may not if he goes on and has a long career w the Bucs and continues to perform on the same level. He will probably join Sapp in the Bucs ROH then. I can easily see Mangold and possibly Brick as well but when it comes to defense I am unsure. Did Shaun Ellis have a good enough career to enter our ROH? Bryan Thomas? Ray Mickens? They weren't elite players at their position but they were productive for us over the years and were basically career Jets.... but at the same time, I don't know what the standards are for the ROH. Wayne Chrebet should be there for sure in my opinion.
  17. Correct...maybe he didn't get a fair shot...but what exactly is a fair shot in the NFL...you either get the opportunity and you shine or you dont get it. Could you imagine if Bledsoe never got injured? There goes a future HOF (brady) who may have never seen a full season to shine and become the HOF that he is(Damn Mo Lewis just couldn't back off at the sideline). Tebow did have that opportunity at least and it just wasn't enough to secure him a starting QB role anywhere else after the Broncos.. I wonder how many potentially Bradys were in the NFL at some point and never had that chance to shine. Is that then considered not getting a fair shot?
  18. I just dont understand how the Jets screwed Tebow. Maybe he was given false hope of what his role would be here or was brought in as a dog n pony show so Woody can sell more PSLs....but hey, its the NFL, nothing is promised for anyone. Plus, if he had that much talent as a QB then there would have been teams lined up to take him off waivers which there wasn't. Teams didn't sign him bc the Jets screwed him... but bc he's not that good of a QB and doesn't really even fit the role of a solid back-up. He is an all around great athlete, there is no doubting that...but that worked out better for him in college than it did in the NFL. Sooo even if he was dcked around by the Jets all year in front of a major media venue then so be it.... I'll take that all day for the paycheck he was getting....how bout the guy who gets laid off by his work and was only making 40K a year and has two mouths to feed at home plus a mortgage..I would say that is being screwed by a company you work for....not by being signed by the New York Jets as a back-up QB with limited playing time for a cool couple million... that's a friggen luxury! Now dont get me wrong ..I am a big fan of Tebow and the way he represents himself....I even bought my son his jersey and would love to see the guy start for another NFL team as I feel he has great character and he is a tremendous athlete and could help another team to win....but I'm just not so sure that will be at starting QB....I wish him the best and enjoyed seeing him as a Jet and would have loved to seen him out there more at times.... but by all means...he didn't get screwed.
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