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  1. His contract makes you hate him.  Just wait, there will be hate.  

    Very good point.  Money can make you hate anyone


    Yeah, but their needs to be someone to hate when the defense gives up plays, and a nickel CB just isn't going to cut it.  I just think he's a good sleeper candidate, too many of the other guys on the D are too young (or talented) to be the targets of Jets fans' fury.

    Good point as well.  I may need more than a wimpy cb to hate when sht hits the fan sunday afternoons and maybe Wilson wont cut it.  Is Bryan Thomas gonna sign back on this year? I can hate him no problem

  2. I'm sure we'll get a nice helping of Idzik hate from those who have already been upset with his every decision.  All it will take is the first injury to a Jets' FA signing before we hear the chorus of "OMG, I KNEW WE SHOULD HAVE INSTEAD SIGNED (insert name of UFA who cost 10x as much here)!!!"


    In addition to a lot of the obvious ones already mention (Holmes being the most sure bet), the Jets are also in need of a new defender or two for people to hate with the likes of Revis, Scott and Smith all gone.  I think a good sleeper prospect for that role could be Harris.  A lot of people have already been less than pleased with his over-bloated contract and his play in recent years has hardly been stellar either.  If Davis comes in and plays well at such a small fraction of the price, it will only turn up the heat on Harris.

    yeaah I dont know about hating Harris...I do agree his play has diminished but the guy has very good character, solid play most of the time, and never runs his mouth... along with being underrated for most of his career. Those kind of players are usually a lot more difficult to hate as opposed to someone like that dipsht Bart.  I nominate to hate Ducasse and Wilson till they are off my team

  3. Ivory is like a bigger more jacked Leon Washington prior to his injury IMO...the quikness, the moves, but just more muscle n size so he has the ability to knock people over when he has to. Very impressed when I saw him step in for Sproles that game last year.   

  4. Bad timing for Timmy, and all that stuff.  The Jets obviously tried to get something (anything) for him before/during the draft, but came up empty.  Only a moron would think their master plan was to wait and just cut him out of maliciousness or spite.  Can't blame the team for the guy's complete lack of trade value.

    Well sorta, the Jets didn't really do anything with him last season to make any other team have interest in him.  If anything, other teams may feel his presence will destruct their current QB like it did to sanchez..  The whole thing was just a crap shoot

  5. Right now I'm thinking he's not a top five pick, and he shouldn't be treated like one. If he can beat out Sanchez and Garrard for the starting job, start him. If during the course of the year he can't beat out Sanchez and Garrard, then they'll need to draft another QB high. 


    I'd rather see him get on the field. Selfishly, it will be more entertaining for me. Selfishly for the Jets, they need to find out as much as they can about Geno -as soon as they can- so they know whether he's really the future or not. 

    I agree....give me something to get pumped up about here and get Geno on the field...or if Sanchez can come out n show some fire bc of the pressure of being replaced by a rookie... then I'll be pumped up about that then...but I need something from one of these quarterbacks or this gonna be a reeeaaaall loooooooooooooong season

  6. Didn't like Tebow prior to the Jets at all.  As he was here I grew to like him and maybe that was in part to how much I started to dislike Mark. I think he has great character and more players should behave like he does in front of the media and fans instead of some that thug-life BS i see.  As a father that kind of stuff is important when I see my son looking up to some of these guys, otherwise I can careless how they wanna act......At the same time, I don't have much sympathy here for the guy bc I would love to be hired by a NFL team and be dckd around at the QB position for a year while I collected a cool million or so....and you would be crazy if at the end of the day you didn't think Tebow didn't realize that.  I do wish him the best and sure hope he isn't scrambling for a touchdown on us in 2013. 

  7. That's a good point and really seems to be the case. No one's talking about their two first rounders, everyone's talking about the QB. I agree, it's a good thing. I hope it continues. 

    Yea, the media can't leave this 6 quarterback situation alone if they wanted to.

  8. Not sure who my favorite is really...but what I do love is how Geno smith is taking away all this media coverage away from Dee and his ability to "replace" Revis. And i predict it will continue that way into training camp so hopefully Dee will have a easier transition.

  9. I was much happier about Wilson starting at CB than about Ducasse starting at LG.

    both want to make me blow my head off...dont get it twisted thou...i do not think Dee will be what Revis was or is...Revis is a gem and his caliber only comes around once a generation...i want Dee to be his own player and a very very good player and I feel he will be in his own way with all the skills he will bring to the table...i mean, the dude is a ball hog..how can you not be a lil souped that we got him


    Now i'm really gonna piss you off lol...i want geno or lacy with our 2nd

  10. Wilson was terrible last year and the Jets still had one of the best  pass D's in the NFL and if you're taking a guard in the 2nd thats yet another pick you aren't using on other positions where they are terrible.

    That is the most BS stat there is....I mean can you seriously with a strait face say that you were ok with Wilson being our starting cb all season?????? or hey how bout this one...maybe the cb we woulda scooped in the 5th round was gonna be our starter and maybe our pass def would be #1 next year....apparently there is some guys who get paid a lot more money than you and I combined and are considered professionals at what they do...agree w me and not you...and I have to admit...I'm comfortable with that

  11. When Ducasse is getting whoever the QB is killed and RB"s tackled in the backfield every other play you can be very happy with yourself that the Jets don't have an All Pro guard.

    Yes, just as thrilled you woulda been watching Wilson chase a wide receiver down the field into the endzone all game. So you owe me for saving you that grief ............aaaaaaannnd I'm sure they will find a guard in the 2nd n 3rd round who will blow Ducasse out of the water so i'm not the least bit concerned 

  12. If you bothered to read the post between all your LOL's and "Ridiculous" comments you would have realized that I stated the position of CB did need to be addressed just NOT with the 9th pick in the draft. Buffalo traded out and got a 1st 2nd and 3rd and 5th round pick. Of course the Jets with their heads in the sand were not proactive in calling the Rams and possibly getting that deal. The Bills would have probably drafted Manuel at 8 anyhow so we missed the boat there. I think if the Jets call the Rams they would have been insane not to take all those picks in place of  Austin since we have so many needs. Then we could have addressed both the cornerback position and the plethora of other holes on this football team. If the Jets wanted Austin and were blindsided by the bills/rams trade then it once again proves just how unprepared the Jets are and have historically been for the NFL draft. Why ?? because everyone and their mother knew the Rams were hot for Austin and the Bills knew they could still get Manuel at 16 ( no matter how bad or Good that pick might turn out to be)  


    As for the point you missed its about accumulating picks and filling both the needs we're talking about here.

    LOL and that's ridiculous.  Dee was the best available at #9 to fill one of our needs. Its that simple.... Who knows if the Jets even spoke to the Rams or if the Rams even wanted to trade with us.....WHO KNOWS! But when it comes down to making the pick at #9 we needed cb and who better to fill that role than Dee considering his potential and talent level...not a damn guard! 

  13. Carl Nicks makes 7 million a year and Warmack and Cooper will BOTH probably be better than he is. Again, who would you rather have? Hutch or Carlos Rodgers? It's not even a question mark. You take the all pro caliber, difference making player every day of the week.

    How about,  I wanted Dee instead of Warmack or Cooper allllll dayyyyy.  Not interested in Nicks or Hutch or Rodgers bc there different people on different teams and has no correlation to what the success of Dee will be on the NYJ.  

  14. Considering that two guards went in the top 10 of the draft because they were great prospects, it's very much worth talking about. 

    yea thats what i thought in regards to what qb or rb or fs you were drafting at #9.  And to be honest...i dont care if we draft a guard who is a first ballot HOF one day....bc we will find one in free agency who can get the job done just as well...unfortunately that analogy doesn't work for qb or rb or even fs.

  15. I'M Well aware, but did anyone tell you we currently have a pro bowl corner on the other side ? Also while we did probably need to address the position did we have to use the 9th pick ? Its as if we are in the same position as we were with Revis (player wise) yet with a player we all know will NOT be Revis. All this while the team has virtually NOTHING at OG, Safety, weak over all at the LB position, no pass rusher, and no skill players to speak of on offense.

    Who cares if we have a pro bowler on the other side lol....does that even make any sense considering teams line up more than one wide receiver on almost every play...one good wide receiver and a bad corner(wilson) is enough to shtcan an entire game.  But at least our pro bowler on the other side is locking sht down???? hahahah that is ridiculous!!  We didnt draft him to be darelle revis for starters.....We drafted him to fill the position which we didnt have a legitimate starter at.....I want revis here more than anybody but it is what it is...he's gone so now we move forward with the next best thing which aint wilson by a mile....and we do have to address the other positions as well...im not blind to that...but to let a talent like Dee go by at #9 bc he may not be our #1 need is just foolish

  16. Herm if you look at all this teams needs, DT and CB are the very least of what we need as a team and I think thats fairly undisputable. So why would a team in REBUILDING mode spend 2 first round picks at positions that are probably the most deep on the team ?? We should have traded out of one of the picks but the question is was that trade available so we can debate that till we're blue in the face with no solution.


    This team is lacking in many key areas that have virtually nothing at this stage so Im not sure DT and CB was a good way to spend our top picks. especially since the CB we just drafted has had 5 surgeries and the DT is a bit smaller than both Wilk and Coples. Fact also remains no matter how much fat ass Rex moves his guys around on the line they will still not generate pass rush because when they are in the 3-4 their job is to occupy not beat a guy one on one. In Rex's type of defense he should be concentrating on getting fresh young fast LB's in here like Parcells used to do with the Giants back in the 80's . Cry for passruhers all we want yet we never ever fill that hole.

    Wait nobody told you? We traded Revis and Kyle Wilson was set to be the starter!! If that doesn't scream we need a cb then I dont know what does. 

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