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  1. Mutumbo wag---thats the best comparison i heard yet!! Lmao! We all had the high hopes with Wilson...but he just ain't cutting it..lets be real
  2. I've read them. He is a solid player and my only concern is him trying to escape the Darelle Revis comparison the next couple years. You cant fault the Jets for taking Milliner here. He was the best cb in the draft, he is from a championship program that knows how to play ball and he wasn't brought here to replace Revis, he was brought in to fill the void. Lets face it, if you were planning on Wilson filling that void this year you were living in a fantasy world bc he really is just a back-up cb at best.
  3. I agree a lot here. I really wanted to keep Revis and would be much happier if we had him and were able to use that #9 somewhere else. And after watching media coverage last nite, I didn't really see any talk besides the Revis comparison and putting him on the spot with the question - "can you replace Revis"? I wish the media didn't do its job and left the kid alone bc if this Bama boy cant handle pressure he is going to crumble fast.
  4. I feel we should be going OL the next two picks but I cant deny how tempted I am to grab Geno or Lacy or Allen if still available.
  5. yea, he's gonna blow a fuse on this one Schein just depresses me more.
  6. It will be interesting to hear the sny guys take on this at 12. Maybe they can provide more insight on #13 i hope that douch ray lucas isn't on
  7. I never understood that. Does he not see how dckd he gets by wide receivers and to start acting like he did something just friggen baffles the hell out of me.....it permantely put him in my shtbox.
  8. Maybe Idzik on a 2 year plan here....putting some finishing touches on the defense this year since its way closer to being a good squad than the offense is....and between the later rounds this year and free agency and draft next year we start stacking the offense. Along the way, we find our franchise qb somewhere. Sucks bc ya wanna win now but maybe Idzik is looking further ahead.
  9. Coming 2nd and 3rd round the OL picks...........................I think
  10. Is someone gonna post a link to an article about Richardson describing how he's this beast we never knew about.....please
  11. Just when I started thinking to myself that maybe this Idzik guy does know what he's doing. In the trash!!!!
  12. Take that any day over a guard. Any friggen day! Just afraid he will always be compared to Revis like Slats said
  13. Yes, very. Unless that sends Adrian Peterson or Aaron Rodgers to the Jets plus a second rounder.
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