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  1. Did i say they did? Or was i just making a point to some bo-bo on here?...yea thanks
  2. Bro, I'm typing from my friggen tablet! sometimes i hit a "e" rather than an "a" or it auto-corrects one word for another, why are such an annoying nitpicker?? You think I dont see the squiggly red line under the misspelled word??Or maybe is it I just dont give a fcuk bc i didn't think I was talking to my 3rd grade teacher. Grow some
  3. Edited by Gastineau Lives, Today, 01:42 PM. >>>>>> Apparently your having trouble with spelling when writing almost 98% of your posts...can you ever not edit your post or is that your mommy comes and does a quick spell check for you and make you correct your grammer? LOL
  4. Uhhhh ooooooh...he got me on a auto correct typo...i am so ashamed of myself..... that must of just made you feel so smart, you get a sticker bo-bo
  5. Umm ok..... I bet you couldn't wait to take that useless stat out of your back pocket...it means nothing
  6. I have seen the decent cb free agents...and that means what? Ok so you want an OG who is a playmaker...good luck with that.....and I would take two defensive players in 1st round before a defensive player and a OG in the 1st... Why do i have to explain why our pass defense was #2 last year? But if I'm gonna answer that useless and pointless question(which falls in sync with most of your posts) I would say - bc nobody had to throw the ball on us!!!! Genius! By the way...thanks for the dumb recommendation to change my screename, how creative of your one track mind ...but since were on topic, why don't you go change yours to cazzo di merda
  7. Why would you want an OG with the 9th pick overall? There are more than enough decent guards in free agency each year and later in the draft as well. You draft play makers in the top 10 or even a cornerstone OT that's gonna dominate right/left side of the line for 10 years!! So gimme a cb or a pass rusher or even a OT for our 9th pick.....BUT NOT A DAMN OFFENSIVE GUARD!!!!!
  8. I remember that and I have been thinking the same thing! like all of a sudden you sweat Revis, francesca???? Oh, bc he's not a Jet anymore
  9. Dude, be happy I'm not sharing my wings and nachos with you on draft day bc your gonna be really pisst if the Jets draft a Guard at #9 and the bowl of nachos you were just enjoying just went the the TV...but hey, at least you got your guard.
  10. I'm aware that there is RB's and tight ends on the field too..thats why we have defensive lineman and linebackers, no? I'm not over here saying a cb has to be responsible for every offensive player...and how do you know what Milliner will make of his career? that kid could easily turn into a Hall of Famer one day but I would never speculate that before his draft day.... and pass rushers and offensive playmakers are what win games???? ummmmm....not really buddy...they play a role just like ever other part of the team does.
  11. Ok, so I guess your gonna be the guy cheering if we take an OG with are 9th pick?
  12. I understand from that stand point. There would be a lot of pressure for him. But I do like the kid a lot.
  13. How can you say a cornerback has little impact on a game???? Revis has shutdown everyone including Megatron. Now by taking Calvin Johnson out of the game or holding him to one measely catch will have little to no impact, right??? Okkkk budddyy you bet...
  14. Lets not forget how his 5 surgeries has caused him to miss a WHOPPING ONE GAME over 3 years too.
  15. I disagree and can careless about his 5 surgeries. I'll take this beast all day with his tibia stress fracture. He's not even close to Revis now? Or when Revis was entering draft? And a billion needs before corner? And are you that confident in Kyle Wilson???? He is equal to some college freshman playing cornerback at Bama
  16. The worst? I think your being a tad extreme there aannnd I would take Dee allllllllllll day at #9. But I guess what your saying is after the Jets traded away the best cb in NFL history (potentially), they should also pass on the best cb prospect coming out of the draft in years...who also has the potential to be a Revis for an friggen OL????? Pffffffffffffftt,
  17. Jones is going to be an absolute monster in the NFL no matter where he goes. I would feel more than fortunate to get him at 13 and pray we end up with Dee dropping to us at 9! I will be souped out of my mind!
  18. good point, slats......i wana hate this trade as much as possible but its getting harder n harder too. We really had no other option it seems
  19. Did we not even make an offer to Revis? I havent heard one thing about us not being able to agree to a contract with him. We could have at least tried to make this guy an offer since he "loves" the Jets so much
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