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  1. I bet ya a better deal would have came if we waited till Draft day......maybe other teams would have even got involved if their man was taken off the board early...who knows!
  2. I have no excuses for his holdouts. But he deserved that DPOY in 09 and part of me always felt he didn't get it because he was a Jet. A corner-back hasn't performed that well in a season as far back as I can ever remember.
  3. The DPOY award should have been awarded to Revis rather than Woodson a couple years back.
  4. all sounds hopeful besides kyle wilson stepping up. Although, he just shaved his dreads so maybe that will help him from getting turned around by wide receivers all season long again
  5. Exactly, so they should have thrown him in the deal with the other putrid players on this team
  6. this whole thing is just complete crap in every way. Now I know what it feels like to be a Mets fan.
  7. i want nothing to do with him in the first round, he is second round maybe even third round talent imo.
  8. I think we should have looked at bringing in David Carr rather than Garrad.
  9. I believe he had that one preseason sack in Rex's first year, maybe it was a half sack. At least he was kind enough to restructure his rookie contract bc he knew how bad he was stinking up the place. But I agree, maybe worst bust ever, dude was a flop from day 1....its like he forgot how to play football or was just to busy spending his millions on strippers to care about the NFL.
  10. I agree.... its gonna bother me like hell seeing Revis in another uniform
  11. me too. i'll be pissst as hell if that happens
  12. From a business/mgmt standpoint its more than clear what should be done with Revis. As long as a fair offer was given to him which benefits both him and the Jets and an agreement wasn't met... than its clear you should trade him bc the likely hood of him agreeing to contract with you next year is just as unlikely. Why would any GM/owner risk ending up with nothing next year when they could get picks for him now...i can completely agree to that from a bus/mgmt perspective...but from strictly a fan standpoint, it blows...who want see to the only thing they can currently be proud of with their team be traded away for rookies....rookies that may not amount to be half of what Revis was....i like seeing my team win and compete now so its hard to look ahead w the Revis compensation from just a fan perspective. Its truly a torn situation for me bc I'm looking at both sides here....but ultimately i just want to win a damn Superbowl already so you can put Revis at qb for all i care...
  13. solid move, always thought he was a good safety.
  14. Good point, I agree. I don't want Revis to go at all, but if the Jets at least made a decent attempt to resign him and thru a reasonable offer at him.....then I wont care as much seeing him traded this year.
  15. I completely agree here. Lots of people have mentioned how are pass defense did fine without him last season but our defense wasn't even competing most games so I don't feel its a fair statement to say we did fine without him.
  16. Of course I agree that he may not be worth some obscene contract but I do think he is worth resigning at a fair for both sides type contract. But because both Woody and Revis seem to be as stubborn as they come I doubt their gonna reach an agreement unfortunately.
  17. Yea I was a little bit on the confused side when I saw chad drafted in 1st. What was he like 17th or 18th overall?? Either way, I ended up liking Chad a lot just because of the guys character. If he had a better arm and avoided shoulder injuries the guy could of really been something. If Idzik takes a guard in the first round I'll be shocked. That is no way to make your introduction to the organization by using your first pick ever as our GM to draft a guard. A good quality Guard can be picked up in free agency almost every year and at a decent price too. It will make me even more nervous for the future.....so yeah, I'll be losing it too.
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