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  1. Well lets put it this way, if I hear us draft Geno at #9 I wont be throwing the remote control at the wall like I did when I heard us draft Sanchez at #5. 

    On the same note, if I hear us trade Revis on draft day, the remote is going thru the TV

  2. yea i feel you. Thats a worry of mine too. I think he could be a couple of time pro bowler later in his career but not an automatic guy like brady or the other elite guys. For how important qb play is now I think getting geno (who i think will be solid) at 9 is pretty great. I believe people are comparing him to luck and rg3 which is good for us because he will fall to us. To get an a really great qb its good to have a top 3 pick but this year the best qb in the draft may drop all the way to 9 which is amazing for us

    Well lets put it this way, if I hear us draft Geno at #9 I wont be throwing the remote control at the wall like I did when I heard us draft Sanchez at #5. 

  3. i feel like we could make geno a system qb at its finest.


    Stack the o line give him plenty of time and the RBs giant holes and i think wed be good.Im not thinking saint or GB offense but Of course im counting on the defense being legit too

    Yes I agree.  With the right coaches and players around him he could be a efficient QB for the Jets. Maybe not a great QB but would fill the position nicely.  At the same time, I don't know if I would want to spend my #9 pick on a QB who i didn't confidently feel was going to be a great QB for us. I'm not saying he has to be Aaron Rodgers but at least pro bowl caliber. 

  4. your being lazy by not answering my question. Tell me your plan you seem to me like you think you know what your talking about and for all i know your a scout for some NFL team but your acting like you know more stuff but your not  telling it so im starting to think you have no real opinion of your own just that everyone elses is wrong. Now tell me what is your plan for the fastest way to get to being a contender.


    ps: idk i kinda like geno he had great stats in college and i think he will be pretty good in the nfl


    and stop complaining about revis. It has nothing to do with it i just dont think revis is worth 12m but thats a different argument answer my above question all mighty nfl insider

    I think Geno is a more polished version of Vince Young. He definitely would need the right coaches to develop him for a chance of having a solid career however

  5. Kellen Clemens or BJ Askew. Chances are both picks stink.


    At least with a 1st round pick there's a realistic shot at getting someone good. It's 1st or Bust.


    A first this year is better than a first next year. Because Revis is gonna make that team better and that next year's first is gonna be later than 13. 


    (And if he walks to the AFC who cares, right? because you guys have educated us that Revis isn't ever gonna win a super bowl. Which is why we can trade him. )


  6. i definitely do appreciate the silence around the team for once.  It was fun at first(4-5 years ago) when you would hear the Jets always bringing in a new big free agent signing but that got old and played out quick as it resulted in nothing for the most part.  I hope we can resign revis and bring in some young talent and start rebuilding all around.  

  7. Is it just me or would it make sense that the JETS to sign a CB before they send Revis out on his way.


    There is no way Revis should be traded till the JETS get proper compensation in form of picks and JETS have a POA on what hey will do next. If the plan is to sign a FA than not sure whether we can get a decent FA for the 6.5 mill that Revis is going to be paid this season. And if Revis holds out than it is to the JETS advantage.


    IMO if the JETS are not getting proper compensation they should just stick with Revis for this season and see where they are cap wise (should be a better situation) next season. Maybe and just maybe after the blowup of the Aso signing the market is just not there for a 16 mill a year salary for a CB in a flat cap world and  the JETS are able to sign Revis after next season for a 10-12 mill deal.

    100% agree.  


    Getting rid of Revis now seems like the smart thing to do, but next March it will be obvious it was a foolish idea. 

  8. I'm generally in the "don't trade Revis" camp, but if your GM is scared of draft picks then you need a new GM.  Oh, wait, we have one.  What now?

    what now? watch Revis be traded for useless draft picks as our new GM is prepared to turn our team into a Farm League team....bc he's not scared

  9. 9ers get:  Darrelle Revis


    Jets get:  49ers 1st round pick in 2013

                    Chiefs 2nd round pick in 2013 (from Smith deal)

                    49ers 3rd round pick in 2014

                    Mario Manningham

    this is one of those deals that looks good now but when you look back 5 years from now it was a complete FLOP......as we probably will have drafted another Ducasse, terminator, and some other piece of crap with the picks we get Revis.

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  10. 3 solid predictions for next year and I can assure you I wont be wrong


    1. Revis will be resigned as the Jets are not that dumb to trade him away.

    2. Sanchez will be starting week 1.....and yes...he will have a decent/good bounce back year with no Tebow/Sparano in picture anymore

    3. Jets will make playoffs but wont go far enough into playoffs to save Rex and the Jets will hire Bill Cowher next off season.


    BOOM, Your Welcome

  11. They hadn't stood next to each other all season.  Just never saw the radical drop off in our pass D when Revis was injured and absent.  Though if we do move him 100% agreed we have to look beyond Kyle Wilson. 


    I asked Kyle Wilson the other week(he goes to the same barbershop as me) if he plans on having a big year with the Jets next year with Revis potentially being traded...his response was: "yeaaaaa man.... I don't know, maybe...we wont trade him"


    He seems to carry little confidence in himself as a CB IMO.

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