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  1. I may be the only one who feels this way...but I actually feel that without Tebow in the picture next year and without Sparano and with the new OC, Sanchez will play rather well next year or will at least play well enough to help us into the playoffs if the other pieces are there.  Not at all sayn I feel Sanchez is the long term solution to QB however, just sayn I think he can get the job done as long as we don't run him on/off the field all game.  

  2. Everyone does realize that the new offense is all about throwing the ball to the RB in space right??  Look at the Eagles RB the past 10 years, they all are fast and can catch.  No way we add a plodding up the middle RB.  We are going to add by draft or FA a fast RB that can catch and make poeple miss in the open field. 


    I have never been a big Reggie Bush fan but he looks to be the perfect RB for the new offense.  Just saying.


    1000% agree on bush.  Throw some hot sauce on him and maybe he'll sign for cheap

  3. Their best deep threat was out most of the season so that really isn't a great argument. He's avg'ed 4.6 yards for his whole career too. 


    Who cares what he averaged for his career.  Are these corny stats all your concerned about? Have you watched him play before? He's a slight upgrade to Greene, SLIGHT! Not a game changer, not gonna be leading us to victory either.  Annnd I'm not saying Greene is either or Powell.  But why bring over Giant trash when we have a back like Powell who would do an equally good job as a Bradshaw would next season? 

  4. His metrics are far superior. If you want to argue that he's not better than guys who are top 5 RB's in the NFL than sure but then you're gonna have to show how the Jets can get those guys. They aren't free agents and Bradshaw is.

    I dont have to show anything for starters.  I clearly gave you an example of what a "far superior" player is compared to Greene. Never said we were going to go get a top 5 rb.


    And his metric are better??? how about the main reason he was effective last season avg 4.5 ypc was bc the Giants had great ability on most games to stretch the field so the defense couldn't crowd the line as much....which gave Bradshaw a better shot each run. Put him on the Jets and which him NOT avg more than 3 ypc next season

  5. Because he's a far superior player to greene? And the Jets don't have Andre brown or David Wilson do they?


    Wait a second...your telling me the Jets dont have Brown and Wilson on their team??????? Holy Crap!!!!!! I had no idea!!! 


    and a far superior player than Greene is like a Chris Johnson or maybe a Jamal Charles....Bradshaw is a slightly better player than Greene....your way off bruh...get off Bradshaws jock already

  6. What the heck has Powell ever shown to make anyone think that he could average over 4.5 YPC over a season? He just doesn't have that physical ability.

    he has shown potential, how bout that.  What really makes you think Bradshaw would come here and be more effective than Greene.  Didn't Bradshaw basically have to give up half his workload to Andre Brown?? I wonder why...actually i know why...bc hes not that good and Brown shows more potential...as does David Wilson.  

  7. More or less. It is all all about torque, but since the arm's throwing motion utilizes three distinct lever systems, it's more than just the rotator cuff. You have to take into consideration what's causing the force, the amount it creates and then how it's augmented with a longer lever arm. Ie. why those tall QBs like Glennon have an inherent advantage. Give me a solid arm and quick release any day of the week though.

    yes i agree, and to add...the throwing motion can be broken down into three steps: cocking, accelerating and releasing. And kinda like you said they can be affected by the QB's height, strength, and flexibility But what makes each QB more capable than the next QB, is their ability to coordinate all these qualities into one fluid motion.

    Tebow on one hand has very good arm attributes but fails to coordinate these into any type of fluid motion.


  8. I can't wait to see the tone of everyone here when the Jets are officially without Revis....and were watching kyle wilson chasing every WR into the endzone.....or even better, watching kyle wilson throw his hands in the air when the WR catches the ball behind him.....i understand the whole cap thing, and if he leaves next year then we get nothing like we could now...cross that bridge when it comes imo....as for next year, i want Revis....he is a difference maker on every single play. make it happen idzik

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  9. What is the possibility that we have landry, cro, bell, and revis as our starting backfield again next year?

    IMO....that should be the focus of the defensive...bc at that point all you need is a little more youth/speed at linebacker and a solid replacement for Pace...then this defense would be ELITE.....maybe if anything we trade cro so we can use that cap relief for the linebackers and/or Pace's replacement. If this Idzik guy is a money expert then he can find a way to use little money to bring some youth/speed to this linebacker core.....and the def line seems to be well on its way by next year with Coples and MO....

    I have no solutions or suggestions for the offense...to far gone

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