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  1. Boy did i love Adrian Murrell....a solid back who just did the job.
  2. yes I see your position here, but I am not saying I am more interested in having a hall of famer over a super bowl. But on that same note, I feel this future HOF'er can help us get closer to a super bowl win then the two draft picks we will get for him will....whether those draft picks are botched or not. And I could be wrong and I'm fine with that but I don't think I am..
  3. Maybe we can get Ray Mickens or Aaron Glenn to come out of retirement n play if we lose Revis lol
  4. Yes, I agree. That would sting a lot more if he was to walk out and we were left with nothing next year. Guess its a huge gamble no matter which way it goes from here.
  5. I just don't see us getting anything more than a 1st and 3rd for Revis and I can't comfortably say that the Jets will use those picks correctly. History shows the Jets won't. Why risk a future hall of famer for that? Just makes no sense to me. The priority for Idzik should be negotiating w Revis to find ways so he can be here for the long term rather than finding ways to ditch him.
  6. who the hell wants a shot of putting together some players in exchange for an absolute dominant player? thats all it is, is a shot......you said yourself just above "Jets do not have the pieces in place like the 9ers and Ravens do across the board because they conducted business wrong, primarily with issuing monster deals, not hitting in the draft"...so do you think this new GM is gonna change our history of screwing up? Now were gonna start hitting in the draft? Or we gonna end up with another Terminator? I can see us looking on paper what we let Revis go for in 3 or 4 years from now and kicking ourselves!
  7. I didn't compare Revis to Willis, you did. All I clearly said was if there was other defensive stars like a Reed or Willis on my team maybe I wouldn't miss a Revis as much
  8. If the jets had some of the players on defense like the 9ers and ravens do, I'd probably wouldn't miss revis that much...but when you got Ed reed and Patrick Willis it's a different story....were not comparing apples to apples here
  9. I see your point and it makes sense, I'm just more bitter to the fact the this circus of a front office the jets have even have us in the position of having to trade revis away.
  10. I just don't agree getting rid of revis will better our team....it is going to put a whole in our back field. I mean c'mon already, what other team in the league has a corner who can shutdown every #1WR in the league? That takes away majority of teams main threat and most teams win nowadays bc of the pass so why lose someone who can't put a big dent in a teams game plan every week. He isi a guaranteed lock at his position...all these potential draft picks were getting for him are just hopes of future success
  11. this is exactly what I mean....the way you nitpick at my words....i cant help but say i find that a bit feminine of you...but you obviously know what I mean but if it makes you feel better for getting me on a technicality than more power to ya
  12. Carl enough already bro.....just bc i said they have been garbage for years doesn't mean they couldn't have had a good team here n there...you act like i said every single year for the past 40 years the jets have been garbage......so yea those two title games they had a pretty legit team going there...outside of that and outside of the title game vs broncos years back, my jets have been pretty much garbage, bud
  13. Ohhhh noooooo! Im being attacked! Slats stop him! Yell at him! Dude stop being such a sissy girl and grow some.
  14. And yes slats, I did create a username once upon a time and simply forgot it. And if calling someone here a woman is considering attacking them then I think that individual is lacking a little confidence wouldnt ya say? People need to man up brah... Go jets!
  15. Thanks for vocab correction. Apparently you don't know what it's like to type on a ipad. So c'mon man yourse
  16. yea will see...either way I cant help but turn the friggen game on every week so Woody wins regardless....... Any chance you want to hold hands and frolick?---yes, i thought you would never ask!
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