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  1. I see your point, but Im interested less in HOF'ers and more into championships. I would be in the favor of keeping Revis given that I was totally in support of his holdout etc. However the Jets spreaded too much money spread over too little amount of players and much of it is guaranteed and they are in a financial hole that they must dig themselves out of in order to compete for a championship. It doesnt matter what their history of picks are, because the DID draft the future HOF'er Revis right????

    This is about doing whats best for the team and right now Revis must be traded along with Sanchez being gone after the end of this season. My opinion though.

    yes I see your position here, but I am not saying I am more interested in having a hall of famer over a super bowl. But on that same note, I feel this future HOF'er can help us get closer to a super bowl win then the two draft picks we will get for him will....whether those draft picks are botched or not. And I could be wrong and I'm fine with that but I don't think I am..

  2. He should do both. Negotiate with Revis on an extension. But if Revis' demands aren't reasonable, get maximum value back for him in a trade. Worst case scenario, IMHO, is Revis playing out his deal this year and walking. Idzik needs to wrap this up one way of another before the draft.

    Yes, I agree. That would sting a lot more if he was to walk out and we were left with nothing next year. Guess its a huge gamble no matter which way it goes from here.

  3. Yeah, I think this GM has a chance of changing that history. What would be the point of hiring him if they thought that he'd continue down the road of the Tannedoom years?

    Furthermore, what would be the point of keeping everything the way it is as if the team is prepared to make a run when its obvious they're not? Like I said, (and please read) the Jets are going to have to make some hard decisions moving forward if they want to retool this team.

    Of course I want Revis to stay, but that isnt the point. We got locked into this Sanchez deal and cant get out of it and we need to find ways to free up cash for guys that can play different positions. The best spot that we have to change is our secondary because we have enough talent there to do so. Seems like you just like Revis and want him to stay. Thats understandable, but it'll be a stupid move to not make the changes where you can in order to satisfy other holes when we already know that we have 2 #1 CB's on this team a solid Safety core and depth is our problem. You trade him.

    I just don't see us getting anything more than a 1st and 3rd for Revis and I can't comfortably say that the Jets will use those picks correctly. History shows the Jets won't. Why risk a future hall of famer for that? Just makes no sense to me. The priority for Idzik should be negotiating w Revis to find ways so he can be here for the long term rather than finding ways to ditch him.

  4. Laron Landry? Trading Revis will give us an opportunity to actually keep Landry while STILL having a legit #1 CB on our team in Antonio Cromartie. I'd rather have a probowler Landry right now than Reed, especially if that means that I still have a probowl #1 CB and I have an opportunity to free up cap and invest in depth and an offense.

    Revis isnt bigger than the team. He isnt that important. Let Revis get his money somewhere else if that means we have a shot of putting together some players from what looks like a very good offensive coordinator that we just picked up.

    who the hell wants a shot of putting together some players in exchange for an absolute dominant player? thats all it is, is a shot......you said yourself just above "Jets do not have the pieces in place like the 9ers and Ravens do across the board because they conducted business wrong, primarily with issuing monster deals, not hitting in the draft"...so do you think this new GM is gonna change our history of screwing up? Now were gonna start hitting in the draft? Or we gonna end up with another Terminator? I can see us looking on paper what we let Revis go for in 3 or 4 years from now and kicking ourselves!

  5. I didnt understand this statement above, however, I do understand this. Revis is the best CB in the league, and he's better than half the CB's in the league even without an ACL lol. I totally get this.

    What I dont think many Jet fans get is that the Jets do not have the pieces in place like the 9ers and Ravens do across the board because they conducted business wrong, primarily with issuing monster deals, not hitting in the draft, trying to compensate for busts through free agency while giving away draft picks in order to complete trades that didnt turn out well while having coaches and general managers take an extended vacation last offseason. What did the Jets pick up during the offseason last year? I can tell you what the lost. Plaxico Burress, which contributed to the jets being the 2nd best redzone scoring team in league behind megatron and Detriot. I thought that we couldnt to any worse than Schotty and we managed to do so by signing Sparano at our OC when his Miami offense was in the 20's in total offense in the league when he got fired. We signed a back up to Sanchez then a week later traded him off to then pay Denver a couple million and a draft pick to sign Tim Tebow. Not to mention that we had absolutely no depth at any key position on both sides of the ball. Holmes anyone? Keller anyone? Sanchez anyone? OG's anyone? LB's Anyone? We have bigger problems than Darrelle Revis and his "greatness" brother.

    Thats the scenario. I understand it and the Jets need room to get going. In order to do that they must do a few things, some of which will be hard decisions. This is less about fruit comparisons and more about the reality for the Jets.

    Exactly, so why are you even comparing us to the 9ers and Ravens for, brother!

  6. Willis makes about $8-9 Million per year with Base + bonus. If Revis wanted $8-9 Million per year base + bonus against the cap, the jets would be dumb not to go for that. But Revis has always wanted to be paid the highest. And it's almost a guarantee he'll want 15-16 Million per year. So is Revis worth Two Patrick Willis's ? Not even close.

    I didn't compare Revis to Willis, you did. All I clearly said was if there was other defensive stars like a Reed or Willis on my team maybe I wouldn't miss a Revis as much

  7. The 49ers do not have a CB who can shut down every #1 WR in the league. The Baltimore Ravens do not have a #1 CB who can shut don every #1 WR in the league.

    See what I did there? We need an offense, and right about now with our cap situation this team is going to have to make some hard decision and Revis isnt the type to take a paycut. I dont blame him, what im saying is let someone else pay him and let the Jets build this football team before all of the talent from the other young stars that we have that isnt Revis goes to waste.

    If the jets had some of the players on defense like the 9ers and ravens do, I'd probably wouldn't miss revis that much...but when you got Ed reed and Patrick Willis it's a different story....were not comparing apples to apples here

  8. Revis is asking for what, like 16 million a year? Obviously that's a ton of money. But let's say they can get it down to 15 million. Let's also say Cromartie would fetch a day 2 selection, and Revis would get a first round pick and a day 2 seleciton. Then we're looking at one of 3 scenarios:

    1) Keep both corners, who eat up a little over 25 million in cap room between the two of them.

    2) Trade Revis for a first round pick and a day 2 pick.

    3) Trade Cromartie for a day 2 pick.

    So it's basically best corner in the league and another legit #1 corner vs. legit #1 corner, first round pick, second day pick, and approximately 12 million in additional cap room after paying the picks vs. best corner in the league, second day pick, and probably a little under 10 million in additional cap room after paying the pick.

    I know I don't like scenario 1. That cap room can net one really high level player or more likely at least two really solid starters if spent appropriately.

    Scenario 3

  9. I think everyone agrees that he is a dynamic player who any team would LOVE to have. The problem is that the Jets cannot prevent him from becoming a free agent thanks to the stupid deal they made with him. Jets are better off getting something that benefits the team over the long run then watching Revis play for one year and walk with nothing in hand. Coincidentally there are 2 or 3 teams that could be a Revis away from a super bowl. That should help the return we get for him.

    I see your point and it makes sense, I'm just more bitter to the fact the this circus of a front office the jets have even have us in the position of having to trade revis away.

  10. I've gone through all 19 pages and didnt see the one actual reason why Revis should and will be traded. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE! Revis will be traded because the Jets do not have depth at any position on the football field.

    Everyone's concentrating on how Revis got injured and how the jets dropped the ball on the contract so on and so forth. Everyone in the media is concentrating on the bad and have not talked about the good on how Antonio Cromartie just made this trade much easier given his probowl performance. Wilson is a bust based on how high he was picked but bottomline is that he is a good #3 and a slightly decent #2. Nonetheless, if trading Revis means that we can solidify our LB corp or get our OG situation corrected or even adding depth behind starters then this would be great.

    We had a terrible year because we didnt have any depth on the football team. Players and draft picks for Revis is a no brainer. Revis is the greatest Jet I've ever seen play and that says alot because he's been beast for only 3 years, but those were great years. Trade him, and think about the betterment of the football team and the direction you're trying to go into. Not some legacy of one players individual achievement which will mean nothing when the team as a whole isnt progressing with its current "greatest jet".

    I like Revis, but I love my Jets.

    I just don't agree getting rid of revis will better our team....it is going to put a whole in our back field. I mean c'mon already, what other team in the league has a corner who can shutdown every #1WR in the league? That takes away majority of teams main threat and most teams win nowadays bc of the pass so why lose someone who can't put a big dent in a teams game plan every week. He isi a guaranteed lock at his position...all these potential draft picks were getting for him are just hopes of future success

  11. That's not even the argument. You said the Jets have been garbage for years. I said they have been to two AFC Championship games in the last four seasons. You said those were legit teams. So therefore, not garbage. You can't have it both ways bud, unless you like that. Which is totally fine. It's the 90s.

    Carl enough already bro.....just bc i said they have been garbage for years doesn't mean they couldn't have had a good team here n there...you act like i said every single year for the past 40 years the jets have been garbage......so yea those two title games they had a pretty legit team going there...outside of that and outside of the title game vs broncos years back, my jets have been pretty much garbage, bud

  12. I'm not lacking in confidence. I'm full of it. Calling someone a woman means that you lack confidence in your arguments and opinions to where you have to insult instead of support your thoughts, which was apparent from your flip flopping about your own argument within three posts. So why don't you sack up, like a man, and put those two pistachios you call nuts behind what you post? If you actually know what it is you believe.

    And I confidently believe trading revis will not better this team

  13. I'm not lacking in confidence. I'm full of it. Calling someone a woman means that you lack confidence in your arguments and opinions to where you have to insult instead of support your thoughts, which was apparent from your flip flopping about your own argument within three posts. So why don't you sack up, like a man, and put those two pistachios you call nuts behind what you post? If you actually know what it is you believe.

    Ohhhh noooooo! Im being attacked! Slats stop him! Yell at him!

    Dude stop being such a sissy girl and grow some.

  14. You're worse than.

    I know bad grammar is decidedly masculine, but c'mon, man...

    Actually this is at least your second user name here. Don't know if you were banned last time, or if you just forgot your login. I guess we'll eventually figure it out.

    In the meantime, knowing T0m doesn't buy you anything around here nowadays.

    I do see you cooled down the personal attacks. Thanks. :)

    Thanks for vocab correction. Apparently you don't know what it's like to type on a ipad. So c'mon man yourse

  15. I have no problem with having a difference of opinion and I agree about the front office. I hope the new guy is better than Tanny. We'll see.

    Any chance you want to hold hands and frolick?

    yea will see...either way I cant help but turn the friggen game on every week so Woody wins regardless.......

    Any chance you want to hold hands and frolick?---yes, i thought you would never ask!

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