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  1. I get ya, but Suh wont live up to that contract.
  2. Its the raw truth. The Jets had a once in a decade CB and they let him go...better yet, traded him. Its on the Jets for not figuring out a way to keep Revis and his island here for the long term.
  3. Joe just out of curiosity, do you ever use phosphates? I think a lot of the guys at these competitions use them.
  4. Initially I was very opposed to having him back....but as of more recently I have been much more open to the idea of him returning. No idea why though
  5. damn when I saw this thread title I was hoping to see a nice ass 50 inch LCD screen being taken out......what a waste of a click
  6. Yeah, but you probably had to pay for dinner. Sapp didnt.
  7. Yea really....What point are you trying to make with Deion and Woodson? Good defensive backs play on a lot of teams? Because obviously your wrong - how many teams did Darrell Green play for? How many teams did Mel Blount play for? And didn't Woodson play like 10 years for the Steelers before he parted ways?
  8. Revis is the best corner the NFL has seen in the past decade....maybe the one of the best, if not the best, corner in Jets franchise history......mgmt traded him like the idiots they are. So why should he care about us? I wish the guy nothing but the best and he has proven he is worth every penny he demands.....the Jets will go 20 years if not longer before they draft another Revis. He is the PM and Luck of cornerbacks. Only the Jets would trade a stud player like that away.......All bc of a little butt hurt from his holdout and contract demands....cry me a fckn river With all of that said, i hope he miserably loses the superbowl and comes back to the Jets next year.
  9. All good points.... I just dont like Foles or Glennon as a Jet. At all There is tons of ideas and scenarios out there, everyday.... out of all them, I see Matt Moore coming to the Jets bc of his brief history with Bowels...i think they went 2-1 together..... It would also be nice to see a 2-3rd round QB in the draft to develop as well.
  10. Foles/Glennon? Id rather eat sht then watch Foles or Glennon be our new QB. If Simms was given the start this season, or last, he would have out performed Geno. Not saying he was bringing us to the playoffs, but he would of outperformed Geno for sure.
  11. Bellichek just officially made himself the NFL's version of a Pete Rose......he should be exiled. This is twice! Like c'mon already!
  12. I cannot wait to see this prick patriot fan at the office tomorrow! can. not. waittt!
  13. man, what a fck you to all the patriot fans from Bellichek. Their whole legacy is completely tainted....their fans are gonna get sh*tted on every time they gloat.
  14. Bellichek has to be suspended for next year.......he shouldnt be treated any different than Sean Payton
  15. I truly see this the beginning of the dismantling of the whole Bellichek/Brady era. No way they are going to survive spy-gate plus a deflate gate.
  16. HA! I love it! DEFLATE-GATE IS LEGIT!!! Their whole reputation is completely tarnished!
  17. Funny that the article didn't mention how the woman was arrested for drunk driving right after she was rescued. IMO, whatever caused her jeep to flip was the hero here.....probably saved innocent lives down the road. Edit: it did mention that between the twitter post...i overlooked it.
  18. QB: Anybody but Geno WR: Dez or Demayrius Thomas ....im perfectly happy with either D: Just give me Revis back.......unless he wins superbowl then fck him....ill be too bitter to want him back
  19. First Spygate and now we have Deflate-Gate......way to go Cheatriots. I cant wait for the ESPN 30 for 30 special 10 years from now about the tarnished and tainted legacy of Belicheat/Brady. Its gonna be a great watch! I wonder what the title of the show will be....maybe "Wicked Cheaters" or "Cheaters Do Actually Win"
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