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  1. Yeah, there are 3 huge bbq events like that, Memphis in May, the American Royal, and the Jack Daniels Invitational.

    Joe just out of curiosity, do you ever use phosphates? I think a lot of the guys at these competitions use them.

  2. I never played in the NFL, but have never in my life had to pay for pussy. A former NFL player should have women lined up for a shagging.

    Yeah, but you probably had to pay for dinner. Sapp didnt. 

  3. Really?? Then how come Deion Sanders 5 teams and Rod Woodson 4 were on that many?? The Buc's had enough of Revis after 1 year that cost them a 1st and 4th pick and cut him..

    Yea really....What point are you trying to make with Deion and Woodson? Good defensive backs play on a lot of teams? Because obviously your wrong - how many teams did Darrell Green play for? How many teams did Mel Blount play for?  And didn't Woodson play like 10 years for the Steelers before he parted ways? 

  4. Revis is the best corner the NFL has seen in the past decade....maybe the one of the best, if not the best, corner in Jets franchise history......mgmt traded him like the idiots they are.  So why should he care about us?


    I wish the guy nothing but the best and he has proven he is worth every penny he demands.....the Jets will go 20 years if not longer before they draft another Revis.  He is the PM and Luck of cornerbacks.  


    Only the Jets would trade a stud player like that away.......All bc of a little butt hurt from his holdout and contract demands....cry me a fckn river


    With all of that said, i hope he miserably loses the superbowl and comes back to the Jets next year.  B)

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  5. I'm trying to be realistic. I'm not sold on Marriota personally, and I think Winston is Laurence Phillips in waiting.

    I don't like the idea of selling any future for Cutler (who would not do well with NY media). Hes not getting cut either...nkt this year anyway. I don't think the Rapist in Western PA will be available.

    As for Simms; yeah he did OK a few times....against the other teams #3s. His regular season numbers, albeit a small sample size, aren't that great.

    So why not get a 2 maybe 3 year stopgap in there? Again just how I would approach it.

    And if it isn't clear yet, I'm done with Geno.

    All good points.... I just dont like Foles or Glennon as a Jet. At all

    There is tons of ideas and scenarios out there, everyday.... out of all them, I see Matt Moore coming to the Jets bc of his brief history with Bowels...i think they went 2-1 together..... It would also be nice to see a 2-3rd round QB in the draft to develop as well. 

  6. I'm willing to go Foles/Glennon, Draft Pick, Geno. 


    Buh-bye Simms. I wanted you to shine but you just don't have it. 

    Foles/Glennon? Id rather eat sht then watch Foles or Glennon be our new QB.


    If Simms was given the start this season, or last, he would have out performed Geno.  Not saying he was bringing us to the playoffs, but he would of outperformed Geno for sure.  

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