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  1. lol....its all in fun Carl...don't take everything to heart......at the end of the day I just wana see my Jets win like you do....just tired of the dumb front office moves that usually result in crap
  2. and I'm here to tell ya Ive been reading this message board for a loooonnng time, but nothing as prompted me to join in to voice my opinion like this Revis trade rumor has.....so Im aware who knows what there talking about in here, who doesn't who trolls, and who the women are, Carl oh, and I know who T0m is too
  3. Im insulting you? Im sorry dear..... Dude get real.... your picking everything apart LIKE A WOMAN DOES...call it insult or call it the truth.....usually when someone says there being insulted its bc they dont like hearing the truth....it is what it is
  4. "so you've struck out again." ----- i bet you here that all the time in the bedroom, huh buddy...so often you like to use that phrase yourself when talking to other men.
  5. IF you could guarantee me these guys would actually turn out to be good I'd be open to it...but you cant nor can the Jets therefore its a dumb idea
  6. your worst then my wife....stop being such a girl and checking my every word....you might want to improve on how not to act like a woman....wait you are a woman...duh, my bad
  7. and u keep missing my point BRO! Im not sayn revis will make us great....I'm sayn the Jets dont give you much to look forward to over the past 30 years so its nice to have a potential HOF on your team for more than 4 years before we trade him off for a bunch of potentials which has never once got us to a superbowl yet!
  8. ok buddy start hanging on to my every word....we all know the majority of the time the jets have been a garbage - to - mediocre - to a fluke AFC title game......but mostly garbage.
  9. do you watch the jets or just watch them on sportscenter? We had a legit squad in 09 and 10 on both sides of the ball....a legit squad that was good enough to help our loser qb get us to the AFC championship game. Since then all we did is let go of talent bc they weren't contract friendly....and that has got us where now? Exactly...it got us to the point where we gonna let go of revis now and suck for the next 5 years and hope kyle wilson steps up which he wont
  10. i wish the jets put this much attention into dumping the garbage on the team like they do our one n only star. And lets not forget Landry most likely gone next season too and I'm not confident his replacement will be any better than a Eric Smith. So now no Landry and Revis....greaaaaaatttt let me rush to the ticket booth to watch this s!@# show of a defense.
  11. I just cant trust the Jets in the draft anymore....for a period there ya could...but now I dont want to risk 3 draft picks that more than likely turn into mediocre players for an all-pro player
  12. I understand that, truthfully. But I went out last year and bought a Revis jersey for me and my son. Not a Cromartie jersey. My point is simple - the Jets dont give us much to hang our hats on...we lose and lose and lose. Maybe every once in awhile we got to the AFC championship game and choke, but thats it! And its fine, im use to it...but I want one damn thing on this team I can be proud of....like potentially the best CB of all time
  13. yea my point exactly ^^^" try to grow a foundation of better players through the draft and try to be a contender year".......revis is a guaranteed lock at his position....so why let that go so we can TRY to grow a foundation and TRY to be contenders.....look at where that has got us in the past.
  14. dude you dont get it.....they are what makes watching the game fun bro!!! our team has been garbage for years.....we are always friggen rebuilding!! were always letting go legit players for a few picks so we can rebuild, again
  15. They always dump the fan favorites i.e John Abraham, Vilma, Leon Washington....all legit quality players at there position and instead of building on them we dump them
  16. Exactly...get rid of a legit All-Pro for the hopes the Jets don't take the picks they get for him and botch them, like always....I'm good
  17. this whole Revis thing just annoys the hell out of me. Its not to often in my lifetime at least, that the Jets had a top player at a certain position. So to finally have one of these guys and to here of him being traded away just annoys me to no end. I know its a mutual thing that has to be agreed on with both sides to make it work in the long run but ultimately its the Jets responsibility to make sure we have a player like this for at least 90% of his career. Its what gives us Jets fans with no Superbowl win in 40 something years at least a little something to hang our hats on. So now what, I'm suppose to go watch Revis be an All-Pro for some other team for the next 6-7 years as I watch the jets replace him with potential non-All-pro players, screw that! It just pisses me off!
  18. Hill just doesn't seem to have to coordination yet. He has the size and speed but when you look at his coordination and agility in comparasion to a calvin johnson or andre johnson, its clear Hill is just to raw. Hopefully he adapts and progresses but I dont see him turning into much. Not with this qb roster at least
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