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  1. Clinton Dix' defense on the 2 point conversion was a worse play IMO



    I even replayed it like 3 times.....dude had perfect opportunity to swat it away....no clue what he was doing there.

  2. what a bunch of pussies. You call yourselves Jets fans?  So what if he's like Gordon. Give me 1000x Gordons. Talent dripping out of  his d*ckhole, and you guys are like "meh, I think i'll draft that toledo kid. He's such a nice guy"... fck. Hire someone like Jones did to watch Dez. Whatever. Figure it out. Guy has Calvin Johnson genes. You figure that sh*t. not the other way around. 

    gangsta ass post, my friend.  

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  3. Wonder if Kay will say the same about Lupica, who has been just as harsh and unfair toward Marrone? 

    I thought I did hear Kay mention Lupica as well.....something to the nature of what is with you, Lupica, and the NYDN with this vendetta or whatever against Marrone. All Mehta could do is give a very uncomfortable chuckle after Kays question.  Not sure if Mehta was expecting this from Kay today.  I sure wasn't.  

  4. But the bigger picture is they gave him yet another platform to spread his BS. So who really wins here? 

    I win because it was extremely joyful for me to hear Mehta tripping over his own words and trying to make himself not seem like the miserable troll he is. Kay and Don did a good job here.  


    Edit: And to add- Noo, he was not given a platform to spread his BS....he was basically being taken out to the woodshed for all of his BS articles of late.....I think I even heard Kay make a jab about his so called sources too.

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  5. Did anybody catch Mehta just on with Michael Kay and Don La Greca? They just did a really good job showing how idiotic he is with his dumb articles killing Marrone for no real reason.  If anybody can post the link to that portion of the show I'm sure a lot of Mehta haters will love it.  They were pretty relentless on him at some points during the conversation....definitely a good listen


    Edit by Max:  Here is a link with the video embedded:  http://www.jetnation.com/2015/01/07/manish-mehta-interview-on-the-michael-kay-show/

  6. Very true.  


    I went 0-4 and won my regular season league for $500 so can't complain.    In my playoff long league I'm 35th out of 43 though so that sucks.

    that fumble knocked me from like 8-9th back to 14th...cost me nothing but I feel your pain as it cost you the 400.  


    Whats worse is I had Herron and Tucker all set to play over Bell and Nugent but for some dumb fckn reason I thought I was a FF guru and made the change 5mins before cutoff .....to the point.....I should be collecting 400 instead of 25.  Im sure many people have a similar story.... so the only way to describe this is as Fantasy Football Hell.

  7. How do they call a PI penalty, not call unsportsmanlike on Dez Bryant for running at the official with his helmet off to protest the PI call that they later rescinded? I cannot believe they cancelled that penalty. I do not believe I have ever seen that in all of my years watching the NFL. Then a 10 yard punt which cost Detroit the game. Granted you blow a 14-0, 17-7 lead you deserve to lose, but that whole sequence made me want to hurl. The Lions remind me of my Jets so much it is scary, always play just well enough to find a way to lose, unreal.



    How bad does the Governor of NJ look celebrating in Jerry Jones' booth on National TV?

    He looks like the fat piece of sht that he is.....coming from a non lib too.

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